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Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot: Arcanum 11

Arcanum 11

The study of the Eleventh Arcanum of the Tarot corresponds to this lecture. The hieroglyphic of this Arcanum is a beautiful woman crowned with the sacred sign of infinity and who very gently (with Olympic serenity) shuts the jaw of a furious lion with her own hands.

tarot 11

Divine kings’ thrones were adorned with lions made out of massive amounts of gold. The gold signifies the sacred fire of Kundalini; this reminds us of Horus, oro (Spanish for gold). We need to transmute the lead of the personality into the gold of the Spirit and only in the alchemist’s laboratorium is it possible to perform this work.


When the alchemist fledgling is crowned, he is transformed into a God of fire; it is then that he opens the terrible jaw of the furious lion with his own hands. The potable gold of alchemy is the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit. To bind the Cross-Man within the Triangle-Spirit would be impossible without the potable gold.

The Number 11

The number 11 is formed by two unities that Heinrich Kunrath translated in these two words, “Coagula Solve.” We need to accumulate the sacred fire, and then learn to project it. The clue to this is in the connection of the membrum virile with the genitalia murielis, quietude of the membrum virile and the genitalia murielis, and the use of a very gentle movement occasionally. Thus, we transmute the animal instincts into willpower, the sexual passion into love, lustful thoughts into comprehension, and vocalize the secret mantras.

The number eleven is Kabbalistically disarranged as follows: 1 plus 1 equals 2. Number 1 is masculine and number 2 is feminine.

The Pairs of Opposites of Holy Alchemy
  • Positive = Negative
  • Active = Passive
  • Osiris = Isis
  • Baal – Bel = Astarte – Ishtar
  • Shiva = Parvati
  • Husband = Wife
  • Father = Mother
  • Sun = Moon
  • Fire = Water
  • Heat = Cold
  • Volatile = Fixed
  • Sulfur = Mercury

Chinese Alchemy

Heaven is masculine, Yang, and its element is fire. The earth is feminine, Ying, and its element is water. In the Taoist doctrine, we find White Tantra. The Ying-Yang, the Dragon, and the Tiger are the axis of Taoism. According to Taoist interpretation, the Ying-Yang is the outcome of T’ai Chi, the Prima Matter of the universe and creation emerges from the sexual union of this pair of opposites. Maithuna (Sexual Magic) exists within the White Tantra of India and Tibet.

Buddhist White Tantra, Chinese Taoism, and the legitimate Tibetan Yogas practice the Arcanum A.Z.F. Only the infrasexual pseudo-yogis and yoginis (that are so abundant in America and Asia) hate the Arcanum A.Z.F. Chinese Alchemy is the foundation of the authentic schools of Yoga. The Yellow Lodges are schools of regeneration. Infrasexual people mortally hate the schools of regeneration.

Schools of Regeneration

To regenerate oneself means to generate oneself anew, in other words, to recreate oneself, to recreate oneself anew. This matter about being born anew is an absolutely sexual problem. Neptune governs schools of regeneration; this planet has a cycle of 165 years. Such a cycle controls the periods of public and secret activities of these schools. The esotericism of the schools of regeneration is the Arcanum A.Z.F. The masters of these schools teach their disciples the science that allows them to dissolve their ego. It is necessary that the Being (which is not the ego) be born within us. Something old must die within the human being and something new must be born within. Regeneration signifies the creation of a new cosmos within us. This type of creation is possible only by working with the Lion of Fire. Uranus controls the chakras of the sexual glands, yet the schools of regeneration are Neptunian.

Eminent astrologers affirm that Neptune influences the pineal gland; the potency of the pineal gland depends on the sexual potency. Great schools of regeneration have existed through the course of history (it is enough for us to remember the Rosicrucian Alchemical school that became secret in the year 1620). Likewise, it comes into our memory the schools of Aryavarta Ashrama of Tibet, as well as the sect of the Manicheans of Persian origin, and the famous Sufis with their sacred dances, the Templars, etc. All of these were schools of regeneration; the “coitus reservatus” is practiced in all of them. The schools of regeneration constitute the Golden Chain of the White Lodge.

Fire Projection

The Kundalini can be aimed or projected to any chakra or to any distant place. Within the cervical vertebrae, the Kundalini use to take the shape of a Quetzal (the bird of Minerva). In the supreme moment of the sacred copulation, we can send this fiery bird to each one of the seven chakras in order to awake them totally. The two Quetzals (one from the man and one from the woman) are nourished with water (the Ens Seminis) of the well (sex). Man and woman can command the Quetzal and the fiery bird will obey. The powerful mantra Jao Ri is the secret clue that grants us the power of commanding the Quetzal. This miraculous bird can transform our face or make us invisible if we are in very grave danger, it can also awaken within us any chakra of the Astral Body or heal any distant ill person, etc.


There exist two types of imagination: mechanical imagination (fantasies) and cognizant imagination (clairvoyance).

Gnostic students must learn how to use their cognizant imagination.


1. The disciple must quiet his mind and emotions while seated in a comfortable chair or while lying down (face up, in a reclining position).

2. Now, imagine the marvelous Quetzal floating above your head.

3. Mentally vocalize the mantra of power Proweoa. The Quetzal’s divine image (splendid bird of beautifully intense emerald feathers, golden green plume with a red belly and long green feathers yet with a white undertail) will come to your imagination with this mantra. The disciple must become familiar with this bird and learn how to handle it. You can awaken your internal powers with this fiery bird.

4. The mantra Proweoa (utilized often by the schools of the Great Chain) allow us to bring into our cognizant imagination any image from the Superior Worlds; this is how we can clairvoyantly see. The alchemist must utilize this mantra during the trance-state of Sexual Magic in order to see the Quetzal.