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Aztec Christic Magic: Chac-Mool in the Aztec and Egyptian Cultures

Chac-Mool in the Aztec and Egyptian Cultures

In the Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City there exists a stone figure of a man who is partially lying down in a dorsal decubitus position. The soles of his feet rest on his bed; thus his knees are elevated. The backs of his thighs are pressed up against the backs of his calves because his legs are bent. His upper body is arched as if he may get up at his first impulse; his face is towards the left and his sight is fixed on the horizon. At the height of his solar plexus his hands hold a container.


Archeologists know this man carved out of stone; his name is Chac-Mool, and this figure is one amongst the very few symbols from the Aztec pantheon that were rescued from the destruction of the conquest.

The mystical Aztecs, Mayans, Tarascos, etc. carved the Chac-Mool in order to perpetuate the wisdom that they received as a secret inheritance from their forefathers.

The name of this Aztec sculpture is FARAON, a name whose syllables are divided as follows: fa-ra-on. When properly vocalized, they are a mantra that makes the Astral Body (of the one who pronounces them) separate from the physical body and soar within space towards the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

To travel within the Astral Body is not dangerous. During our state of slumber, all of us human beings wander within the internal worlds with our consciousness asleep. Every soul abandons its physical body during the state of slumber. During this process, the Ethereal Body has the opportunity to repair the physical body. We awaken from this normal process of sleeping when the soul returns into the physical body.

While in the internal worlds, the souls occupy themselves in the same daily chores that they perform on Earth during the vigil state; they buy, sell, work in their office, in the shop, in the factory, in the fields, etc. The incarnated and disincarnated souls live together during the sleepy state. Everything is the same in the internal worlds: the sun, the clouds, the cities, all things. It is enough to assist a Spiritist’s (medium’s, channeler’s) session to become aware of the fact that the dead do not accept that they are dead, and to comprehend why the souls of the living love, suffer, fight, and work during the sleepy state. We must learn to preserve the lucidity of the consciousness during the state of slumber.

To achieve the former statement, we recommend that every time you come across other people, events, or unusual things that call your attention, discern and ask yourself, “Am I within my physical body or within my Astral Body?” Then perform a little jump in order to see if you can float; if you can float, it is because you are in the Astral Body; if you do not float, it is because you are in the physical body. Within the internal worlds, we act as if we are in the body of bones and flesh, as if we were physically awakened. There is no difference between these two worlds, between the physical and the Astral. (Read The Thousand and One Phantoms by Alexandre Dumas).

What we usually perform during the vigil state we also perform during the slumber state. Therefore, if during the day you practice the former key, that is, to perform a little jump in order to be sure in which of your bodies you are wandering, then during the night when you leave your bed within your Astral Body, you will also jump, but you will remain floating within space, while your physical body remains asleep in your bed. Thus, you will attend beautiful rituals and classes taught by the great Masters within the Gnostic temples that exist within the Jinn state in various parts of this country and the world.

Unarguably, the secret teachings of the Nahuas are common to all people from the most remote antiquity. Amongst the Hungarian legends there is mention of “monolithic people” whose indescribable characters are similar to those that exist on a gigantic bolder lost in a remote valley of Yucatan, Mexico.

Do not forget the clue: take advantage of the somnolent state that exists between vigil and sleep, so that with willpower, you may project from within yourself your Astral Body, your discernment, and your memory. By your own will, you will know the great mysteries of life and death within this triangle.

In order to interpret your dreams, read the book of Daniel in the Bible.


Stand up in a steady position with your sight towards the East. Raise your arms above your head and place the palms of your hands together, then move your extended arms down towards your sides to form a cross with your body (your arms out to either side, the rest of your body standing straight); then after, cross your arms over your chest and lie down dorsal decubitus (on your back). When you feel you are falling asleep, with a sincere prayer ask your God and the Masters to take you to the great pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Immediately after finishing your prayer, vocalize the following syllables:

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Onnnnnnnnnnn

Each one of the sounds of these syllables has a slight variation; they correspond to the natural “fa” of the musical scale that resounds in all of nature. The syllable “on,” changing the “n” with the “m,” is vocalized by the Yogis before and after their meditations.

Every morning at sunrise, with your face towards the East, perform vocalization practices with all of the syllables that we have taught in this book, start with the first syllable until you finish (during many successive mornings) with the last three syllables of this chapter.

If you faithfully practice each one of the exercises that we have taught in order, for at least six consecutive days, you will soon project yourself within your Astral Body, this is if you are a respectable person, that you neither abuse of liquors nor tobacco, that you do not propagate gossip, that you do not enjoy making fun of your neighbors, that you love and respect every living being.

Remember that God offers even the head of the evil one when he wants to offer the best to a good person.