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Aztec Christic Magic: Meditation


  • Meditation

After passing through the ordeals to which they were submitted, the candidates (of the ancient schools of Aztec mysteries) could directly work with the feathered serpent. However, we are not stating that you have already victoriously passed these ordeals; further on, we will see this point. Meanwhile, let us continue working with meditation.

Meditation is the daily bread of the wise. When the wise one meditates, he searches for God, he searches for information, or he searches for power. There are five clues for meditation:

  1. Comfortable position
  2. Blank mind
  3. Concentration
  4. Introversion
  5. Ecstasy

Seat yourself in the most comfortable position, then concentrate on your physical body. After you have attentively examined it and have come to the realization that you are not such a marvelous vehicle, discard it from your mind and say, “I am not my physical body.”

Concentrate now on your Ethereal Body; identify it, and once you have attentively observed its marvelous luminosity (which protrudes from the physical body, forming a multicolor aura) realize that this second body of yours is not what you are, and discard it from your mind saying, “I am not my Ethereal Body.”

Introvert yourself more, and concentrate, first on your Astral Body, and then on your Mental Body. The Astral and Mental Bodies are the two columns of the Masonic temples (Jakin and Boaz), which have their foundation in the cubic stone of Yesod, the Ethereal Body. Concentrate well upon these two bodies, and after you realize that you are neither one of these two bodies, then realize that they are just two more vehicles of expression that you have, thus, discard them from your mind, saying, “I am not my Astral Body. I am not my Mental Body.”

Discard your four bodies of sin from within yourself when you arrive at this stage of your meditation, and pass through the two columns (white and black) of the temple (which is your living body), upon which are written (with characters of fire) the “password” INRI. Disarrange this word into two syllables and chant one immediately after the other, as follows:

Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Thereafter, without your four material bodies, go and wander around the world of the mist of fire.

Return into your body so that you may keep working on your meditation, and concentrate again on the Astral Body, the black column of your living temple. Try to hear the sharp sound of the cricket (of which we spoke in chapter four). This sharp sound is the essence of the lost word INRI. Thus, without missing a moment of listening to this sharp sound (that is now emerging from within the cells of your brain), concentrate on the white column, your Mental Body.

Do not stop; keep meditating. Now, concentrate on your body of willpower [Causal Body] until you attain cognizance of it; thus, when you have realized that you are not that body either, discard it from your mind saying, “I am not my body of willpower either.”

Now take another step ahead in your meditation. Concentrate on your body of consciousness [Buddhic Body]; identify it and realize that you are not this body, that it is only another of your marvelous vehicles of expression, and discard it by saying, “I am not my body of consciousness either.”

Then you will ask yourself, “Who am I?” A sweet and affable voice will answer you, “You are me, the Innermost, the reflection of the inner Christ; you and I are one.” In those moments, try to identify yourself with your inner Christ, feel that you are Him, and say, “I am He... I am He... I am He...”

When reaching this state of consciousness, mentally pronounce the mantra PANDER. Disarrange this mantra into two syllables, and pronounce one immediately after the other, prolonging the sound of each syllable. This mantra will help you to recognize yourself within your inner Christ.

With this daily introversion, you will awaken your consciousness to such a degree that while your physical body sleeps, you (within your Astral Body) will act in the same spontaneous and lucid way as when you were within your physical body. During your ecstasies (based on your sincerity and devotion), you will be allowed to visit the nuclei upon which the universe is based (speaking allegorically, these nuclei look like holes) you will then be able to contemplate the divine majesty of the Absolute.

Internal meditation accelerates the development of the feathered serpent, whose ascension liberates the initiate from the wheel of births. However, it is necessary to help its ascension by meditating first on Ida and then on Pingala (which are the currents of fire); the one on the left is negative, and the one on the right is positive. They ascend upward (on each side of the spinal medulla) up to the pituitary chakra. The ascension of these fires precedes the ascension of the sacred fire of Quetzalcoatl.

During sleep, all of us move within the Astral Body, yet unconsciously; this happens so that the Ethereal Body can have the opportunity to repair the weakened physical body. However, you must learn how to consciously travel within the Astral Body at will and as frequently as you wish. We will submit you to ordeals within the Astral Plane so that we can get to know your qualities and defects. Nevertheless, if in spite of all the exercises that we have given you, you cannot travel within your Astral Body at will, then we recommend that you practice internal meditation tenaciously. This is how you will recuperate the natural power of controlling your Astral Body, a power that you have lost for now.


Before falling asleep, lay down on your bed and perform the following for no less than thirty minutes each day for at least seven days: feel that the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit is penetrating your body through the pineal chakra. Thus during its descent, your pituitary, laryngeal, cardiac, and solar chakras will be put into motion accordingly; keep descending towards your prostatic (uterine) chakra, making it spin from left to right (clockwise), thus making it shine with a beautiful resplendence of a lotus of fire in movement.

Every morning, after you wash, stand facing the east (as we recommended in the former chapter) and vocalize the mantras INRI and PANDER until you become familiarized with them. Likewise, early in all mornings chant one of the syllables which we have taught in the former chapters. As an exercise of this chapter, vocalize the syllable AN as follows: