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Aztec Christic Magic: The Sephirah Hod

The Sephirah Hod

Now, we are going to study the Sephirah Hod, whose regent is Raphael. Let us see, we already studied the Arcanum Thirteen, Death. Indeed, the Goddess of Death is an adorable Mother. Jesus met her when he rose to Jordan in the solitude of the desert. She governs all the Angels of death. Let us reflect on the Arcanum Twenty, which represents the Resurrection. Let us study also the Arcanum of Job, the famous Arcanum Eight. This Arcanum signifies, as a fact, ordeals and grieving. No one is worthy of receiving the Crown of Life without having passed through the ordeals of the Arcanum Eight.

The Sephirah Hod of the Hebraic Kabbalah receives a force of a Mercurial type within the radiant manifestations of the Astral Plane. This force within the Astral Body is absolutely Mercurial. This is why the messages that descend from the world of the pure Spirit become symbolic in the Astral Plane. These symbols are interpreted based on the Law of Philosophical Analogies, Analogies of the Contraries, and in the Law of Correspondences and Numerology. Study the book of Daniel and the biblical passages of the Patriarch Joseph, son of Jacob, so that you can learn how to interpret your own astral experiences.

The Astral Plane is really the plane of practical magic. In the oriental valleys of the South American country of Colombia, the natives know how to enter into the Astral Plane at will. They mix the ashes of a tree called Guarumo with very well ground leaves of coca. Afterwards, they ritualistically chew such a vegetal mixture while being in a squatting position (this is the Peruvian Huacas’ position).

The vegetal substances of these two plants have the power of producing ecstasy in these indigenous natives.


Inebriated by the ecstasy (samadhi), these indigenous people place themselves in an orderly form. They establish two circles, the internal and the external; the first circle is made with men and the second with women.

The ritualistic steps are very interesting. In a rhythmic way, men and women give a step forward and another backward. They dance and sing exotic chants, ineffable songs from the profound jungle. This liturgy from the mysterious vortex jungle endures for many hours. The soul feels transported to an ineffable paradise, to the times of ancient Arcadia, when the ineffable Gods of fire, air, water, and earth were worshipped. The chants of the jungle are merged with the sympathetic sound of the rattles that hang as flowers from the batons the natives use during their liturgy. Those natural sounds from vegetal rattles are similar to the sharp chirping of the cricket in the forest or to the typical sound that the rattlesnake produces. This reminds us of the “subtle voice,” the Lost Word with which any magician learns how to instantaneously depart in the Astral Body.

The feast is intense and the liturgy very solemn. The hours pass and finally the natives lie down on their “chinchorros” (hammocks) that serve them as beds. In those solemn moments, they go out from their physical bodies at will; they astrally project themselves; they transport themselves in their Astral Bodies to wherever they wish.

In Mexico, the Aztecs used the buttons of peyote to astrally depart. Such a cactus is very abundant in Chihuahua; unfortunately, the peyote that is known in the valley of Mexico does not serve for this purpose. Whosoever wants to obtain the true peyote has to search for it among the native Tarahumaras in the mountain range of Chihuahua; moreover, they have to learn how to dose it. Those native Indians are the only ones who can teach how to administer that cactus. Many people have wasted their time with the peyote of the valley of Mexico; the people who have obtained this cactus in the north of Mexico did not achieve anything, because they do not know how to use it. This is the difficult problem of peyote.

There exists an Aztec chain of immense power for the magician. Let us study this chain: if you study the illustration of chapter eighteen, you will see nine women forming a half-moon chain and three men in the center forming a triangle. The men are found seated in the Oriental posture (legs crossed). This chain represents the Ninth Sphere (sex).

This chain is completely sexual. The nine women attract lunar forces. The three men attract solar forces. The Moon is of a feminine nature. The Sun is of a masculine nature. When the solar and lunar atoms make contact with the coccygeal bone, close to the Triveni, then the spiritual fires awaken and the development, evolution, and progress of the Kundalini begins. The nine women constitute the Ninth Sphere (sex). The men represent the three aspects of the Logos or the human being in his three aspects of body, soul, and Spirit. Each of the three men of the triangle has a reed in his right hand. This reed represents the spinal medulla. Let us remember that the Holy Jerusalem is measured with a reed. The three men of the triangle will charge themselves with the strength of the chain. The Christic energy rises through the medullar canal, vivifying fires and awakening the chakras of the Astral Body.

The sanctuary must be carefully arranged in accordance with the laws of occultism. The Aztecs had a well of pure water inside the sanctuary so that it would attract lunar forces. There was never absent from this well the lunar animal that is known as the frog. The frog and the water attract lunar forces. The liturgical system to attract solar forces is also very easy and simple. They would paint on the ground a circle, eight palms in diameter. In the center of the circle they would light the fire. Any Gnostic student today can arrange his sanctuary in a similar manner. This is easy.


The Aztec mantras of this chain are the following:


The “U” must be made to resound. Such mantras are chanted by prolonging each syllable. It is necessary to remind the Gnostic students that each of these words is accented on the last syllable.

With this chain, which can be done in all the Gnostic Sanctuaries, the men receive a great benefit. It is clear that the men in the center charge themselves with all the strength of this magical chain. In the times of ancient Mexico, when these men came out of the rite, they would go through the streets curing the sick. It was enough to put their hands on the ill for them to be cured immediately. A man charged with the forces of such a marvellous chain can make marvels and prodigies, such as the ones performed by the Apostles of the great Master Jesus, the Christ.

The women charged with the forces of this chain can also carry out many marvels. Really, the chain of the Ninth Sphere is marvellous. Every Gnostic Sanctuary can work with the chain of the Ninth Sphere.

It is remarkable to clairvoyantly contemplate how the sexual forces rise in this ritual, sublimating themselves until they reach the heart. The initiates must be in profound internal meditation, adoring their internal God. The magical words must be pronounced with much devotion. The whole environment must be filled with purity and true prayer. The Gnostic Sanctuaries must work in order to develop the internal powers of the human being with this chain.

The meditation must last one hour. The mantras must be pronounced with true mystic fervour, with supreme adoration. The mind must be directed towards the internal God.

Let us remember that our Gnostic Sanctuaries are centers of internal meditation. Men and women can organize these chains in all the sanctuaries with the goal of awakening superior faculties.

It is necessary to combine meditation with slumber. We have to remember that meditation without slumber damages the mind and damages the internal powers. We must learn how to provoke slumber at will. This is how we attain internal illumination.

Many people when searching for wisdom travel to India; it is necessary to know that all the treasures of ancient wisdom are hidden in Mexico.