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Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology: The Mentally Obsessed One, the Client, the Succubus

The Mentally Obsessed One, the Client, the Succubus

Many cases of witchcraft are frequently presented before the tribunals.

Regarding witchcraft cases, the authorities laugh about them. They concretely judge common crimes. They completely exclude stories regarding warlocks, santeros, sorcerers, or whatever they want to call them.

The warlocks or black magicians, etc. already know that the authorities do not believe in their tenebrous science. When the mentally obsessed one, the client, the sorcerer, etc. have to answer in front of the authorities, they prefer to talk concretely about the exterior aspect of the crime, since they know by their own experience that the authorities do not believe in witchcraft, sorcery, etc., etc.

Internally, the warlocks consider the authorities as people who know very much. Yet, the warlocks know that regarding witchcraft or matters of sorcery, the authorities are absolutely ignorant.

This is the concept that the honest sorcerers have about the authorities, sorcerers who sincerely believe in their religion and in the power and efficacy of their rites.

False sorcerers also exist who only live from extortion; they exploit their neighbors’ credulity. These false sorcerers are extortionists.

We are going to study the honest sorcerers.

We do not deny that the mentalist, the one who performs the obsession, the godfather, the incubus, etc. are ignorant people. It is logical that ignorance is the mother of all crimes. Yet, this problem cannot be resolved with corrective pedagogic treatments that are based on strictly conventional culture. Neither are these problems resolved with privation of liberty, nor with forced labor.

The sorcerer continues to be a sorcerer in jail or in exile, with conventional culture or without it. The sorcerer states, “These people know a lot, yet regarding my science, they do not know anything about it. My science is superior.”

To that end, the instructive and corrective conventional systems, as well as the systems of penalization, are useless in order to reform sorcerers. Those ignorant people can only be reformed with a superior spiritual culture. Those cases can only be treated with corrective pedagogic treatments based on Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, yogic philosophy, etc., etc. Professors on these matters should be available with special reformatories in order to treat these cases.

Witchcraft is behind thirty percent of common crimes. However, the delinquents keep silence, because they know that the judges are skeptical and totally ignorant about matters of witchcraft.

Indeed, the judges have a conventional intellectual culture. Yet, they do not know anything about the science of sorcerers.

Only the study of Gnosis, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, yogic philosophy, etc. can change the skepticism of the judges. This way, they will move more towards the populace’s soul.

Forensic psychiatry can tremendously expand with these studies in order to explore profoundly the causa causorum of any crime.

The criminal responsibility before the tribunals has extremely deep roots, so deep that not even the psychoanalysis of Freud suspects it.

We must leave aside mental laziness and those prejudices that make us utter phrases like, “Oh but, what would people say if I study this?” or “What would people say, if I educate myself in this?” We must study Gnosis, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, yogic philosophy, etc.

Occult wisdom is the fundamental depth of any science.

The great German doctor Arnold Krumm-Heller narrates in his Rosicrucian Novel the case of a warlock who was performing sorcery on a wretched woman. He was performing his sorcery through the medium of a used piece of cloth from his victim. The unhappy woman became deranged or better said, the warlock made her insane.

When Dr. Krumm-Heller denounced the former case to the authorities, they mocked him. Of course, this is why, based on this type of authoritative skepticism, the delinquents from sorcery can commit the most horrible crimes. The human law does not affect the warlocks, since they always shelter themselves under the skepticism of the judges.

Warlocks are pleased with the skepticism of the judges, since their skepticism is convenient for them. Yet, woe to them if the judges were to know about witchcraft.

A Russian scientist invented an electronic brain that is capable of registering the mental force of a human being. If someone gives a command to such an electronic device, then the apparatus collects his cerebral radiations. Then, such a device places in movement other different machines through its very complicated and difficult mechanism. This is how the reality of the force of thought has already been demonstrated.

Once, the scientists were laughing when listening to statements on mental force; yet now, in Russia, in order to move machines, instead of pressing automatic buttons, they are starting to utilize the mental force.

We do not deny that the mentalist, the one who obsesses, the obsessed one, the client, and the succubus are of an oligophrenic type. They are ignorant fanatics who, while in their state of delirium, commit horrendous crimes. Yet, the reality is that such people are utilizing the mental force that is already demonstrated by that scientific Russian device.

Mental waves travel throughout space. Shortly, the scientists will invent antennas that will be capable of capturing mental waves using apparatuses similar to the radio that will translate mental waves into sound. At that time, no one will conceal his thoughts anymore.

Nevertheless, in this day and age, apparatuses capable of measuring mental waves already exist. Scientists measure mental waves based on micro-voltage.

Therefore, the hour in which the judges have to stop laughing and must start studying has arrived.

Victor Hugo said: “The one who laughs at what he does not know is an ignoramus who walks the path of idiocy.”

Let us look at hypnotism, for instance. Until a relatively short time ago, hypnotism seemed to us to be related with sorcerers and skulls amidst foggy nights.

In this day and age, hypnotism is already officially accepted by medical science in order to heal the sick. Clinics with scientific devices for hypnotism exist. Sorcerers who utilize hypnotism in order to perform their criminal deeds also exist. This is already established in the penal code of many countries.

A sorcerer can give a person a mental suggestion during a hypnotic trance. The sorcerer can mentally suggest to a passive person and command him to execute a crime. Later on, that person, without knowing where or why, goes and executes the command given by the sorcerer. This is how horrendous and frightful crimes have been committed.

The sorcerers also use distinct “embos” that they place at the doors of their victims. When the authorities get their hands on one of those famous “embos,” then the proverbial skeptical laugh of the judges is provoked. The people already know the skepticism of the judges. This is why the accused ones prefer to hide such famous “embos.” The “embos” can be made with special powders, water, toasted corn, feathers, dolls, pieces of cloth with menstrual blood, etc., etc.

The force of thought lies in the depth of these famous “embos.” The imagination of the sorcerer is exalted with the “embos.” This is how he projects cerebral waves that are capable of damaging and killing his hated victims.

It so happens that many of those victims of witchcraft and “embos” fall into delirium of persecution; they feel threatened by the paranormal forces of the sorcerer. If the victim is hysteric and impulsive, he can then commit a hysterical homicide, an act of hysteria.

Many times, these types of criminals (who in their depth are victims) suffer “hysterical-epileptic” attacks.

Huxley, the materialistic scientist, accepted that many types of living beings populate the Ether (the Ultra).

The dialectic materialists reject the Ether; they state that only the electromagnetic energies exist; however, this is only a new name that is given onto the Ether.

Millions of microbes exist within a drop of water; this drop is infinite for them.

Beasts and monsters that the human being cannot perceive exist within the “Ultra-special.” They cannot perceive them due to the distinct modifications of matter. Metaphysics and dialectical materialism know nothing about it.

The clairvoyant can perceive these types and forms of life (even if the materialists laugh about it). The ultra-micrometer can register up to the ten thousandth part of a millimeter.

An English doctor invented a lens with which the aura, the irradiation of the Astral Body, can be seen.

Soon, lenses with which the fourth dimension will be seen will exist. Then scholastic metaphysics and dialectic materialism will become ludicrous before the solemn verdict of the public consciousness.

At that time, we will see through those lenses the monsters and the larvae which obsess the minds of delinquents.

If the judges will laugh about it, then they will also have to laugh about microbes and renounce the microscope and vaccinations.

Logic invites us to think that if physical microbes that damage the physical body exist, mental microbes: larvae, incubae, succubae, basilisks, dragons, etc. that damage the mind must also exist.

These types of mental microbes will be visible for the whole world in a short time. Yesterday, the microscope was invented in order to see the physical microbes. Tomorrow, the Ultra-microscope will be invented in order to see the microbes from the Ultra-world.

If physical epidemics exist, moral epidemics, that is to say, immoral waves of suicide, thievery, violence, etc., etc., also exist. This can be confirmed in the cities.

Microbes are the agents of those epidemics, in both cases. Logic is logic.

The demon-possessed ones from Jatibonico, in which a whole family suffered the most strange and diverse mental disturbances, and the case of “Mama Coleta” mentioned in chapter sixteen of this book, are concrete cases of psychic obsession. These are cases of moral epidemics.

The active agents of those epidemics are from the Ultra, namely: trolls, larvae, incubae, evil spirits, etc., etc. These types of names awaken resistance in the skeptical materialist.

Let us not argue about terminology. If you like, baptize these lives from the Ultra with the name of Ultra-sensible microbes. I think this name will satisfy the skeptical materialist. Most of the time, we human beings argue over terminology. So let us agree with the former terms, and thereafter, let us continue analyzing the subject matter.

A trauma is what the skeptical materialists have in their psychological depth. The cause of that trauma is Roman Catholic dogmatism. They became disappointed by the Roman sect; thus, the outcome of their disappointment was a psychological trauma. They are the enemies of Hegel.

Now, anything that smells as spirituality, unconsciously seems, for these skeptical materialists, as being from the Roman Catholic Church. This is their psychological trauma.

So, you, skeptical materialists, let us inform you (in order for you to listen to us, aside from your traumatic and sick “I”) that we are neither Catholics nor materialists.

Yes, listen, we are neither Catholics nor materialists; we are Gnostics. Gnosis signifies knowledge, wisdom.

Let us study then the Ultra-sensible microbes.

The sorcerer Barrueta mentally obsessed the unhappy clairvoyant medium woman from chapter sixteen. What? Does the term “sorcerer” bother you? Are you afraid to believe in sorcerers? Well then, be afraid also of microbes. What if we named the sorcerers microbes and the microbes sorcerers? It is just a matter of terminology, right? Then, why do we have to argue?

Let us analyze without pre-concepts. The medium and the whole family of the “Mama Coleta” case were obsessed by evil spirits, trolls, sorcerers, etc. (Ultra-sensible microbes that within a short time, when optics advance towards the Ultra, will become visible).

As a leper has his body invaded by the bacterium of Hansen, and a person with tuberculosis has his lungs invaded by the bacterium of Kock; likewise, the Ultra-sensible microbes can obsess the mind and direct a human being to commit a crime.

Two types of epidemics exist and two types of sicknesses exist, namely, the physical and the psychic.

Everything is reduced to the atom. The atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness. We need to investigate how the atomic intelligences behave.

If no one accepted the microbes in the epoch of Pasteur, if they laughed at that sage because he was disinfecting the instruments of surgery, why is it so strange then that they laugh about us, the Gnostics, because we accept the existence of Ultra-sensible microbes?

These are just things of this epoch! Yet, when the science of optics advances, then they will be our best defenders. This is how the course of history has always been.

The famous “embos” from sorcerers are contaminated poisonous substances.

Those substances are true Ultra-microbe-carriers that can sensibly infect the organism of their victims and can lead them towards dementia and death. Even if the medical science of this century ignores this, later it will know it.

The sorcerers’ “embos” are very dangerous, bacterium-carrier substances.

A psychic epidemic was the causa causorum of the “Mama Coleta” case.

Jails are filled with delinquents who are mentally sick. The Ultra-sensible microbes make the mind sick and conduce the human being to crime.

Millions of delinquents feel themselves to be innocent, and a mental prophylactic still does not exist for them, or offices for mental health, either. In this day and age, people speak abundantly about physical culture; yet, institutes for psychic culture are more necessary now than ever. We admit to the existence of air currents that are truly carriers of infectious bacteria. Yet, we ignore the existence of mental currents that are transmitters of Ultra-sensible microbes, capable of damaging, causing illness, and even killing their victims.

The “Mama Coleta” case is related with a mental infection that was transmitted by the mental currents of a sorcerer. His victims fell into jail and death; yet, he, the secret assassin, remained immune. He was not caught; he saved himself by hiding behind the skepticism of the judges.

The cases of psychic obsession must be studied by forensic psychiatry.

Jails are filled with mentally sick people. There is no doctor for those wretched ones. Thousand of delinquents are innocent.

Forensic psychiatry needs to be expanded.

A specific antidote exists for each sickness.

Sorcerers are not reformed with external culture. No sick person is cured with an incompatible remedy. We cannot cure typhus with remedies for measles. Each sickness needs its special antidote.

Sorcerers are reformed with their special antidote. That antidote for sorcerers is the occult wisdom, namely: Gnosis, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, yogic philosophy, etc.

It is obvious that when a delinquent is condemned, the evidence of the “corpus delicti” is required. To justify the “corpus delicti,” in accordance with all the legal forms that are established by the codex of penal processes, is also necessary.

A human being cannot be condemned for the crime of black magic if the evidence of the “corpus delicti” is not known. Neither can he be condemned if the “corpus delicti” has not been justified in accordance with all the legal forms that are established by the codex of penal processes.

When a citizen is accused of the crime of black magic, when a citizen is accused as being a black magician, the “corpus delicti” must exist and that “corpus delicti,” must have been rightly justified in accordance with the penal processes.

When a citizen is accused, when a citizen is designated a black magician without the “corpus delicti,” without criminal antecedents, without judicial evidences, then the accuser falls into the crime of calumny and defamation of character.

People who dedicate themselves to the studies of occultism, Theosophy, Rosicrucianism, Gnosis, yogic philosophy, etc., etc., constantly fall into the crimes of calumny, public slander, defamation of character, etc., etc.

Those people must take care of their tongue, because frequently they fall into the crimes of calumny, public slander, defamation of character, etc., etc.

To asseverate that such a fellow or such a lady is a black magician is a crime of calumny, public slander, and defamation of character. The spiritual brethren should learn how to control their tongues.

“For by their fruits you will know them.” Each person is known through his deeds. A citizen cannot be a black magician without criminal antecedents.

A lady and a gentleman who accomplish their duties as mother or father and pay their debts, have never killed, stolen, slandered, etc. cannot be black magicians.

The skeptics of materialism laugh about all of these things. Therefore, leaving aside the fanaticism of the materialistic sect, we, the Gnostics, say the following: “The one who laughs at what he does not know is an ignoramus who walks the path of idiocy.”

Therefore, when a scientist mocks Asian yoga and esoteric Buddhism, he becomes an ignoramus who walks the path of idiocy.

Thanks to the practical science of the Occident, technical advancement has been achieved as well as a revolution in forensic psychiatry.

The practical, experimental, and demonstrative science of the Occident allows us to place physical matter at our service.

The practical, experimental, and demonstrative science of Oriental yoga allows us to awaken the senses of internal perception. We can see, hear, touch, and feel the fourth dimension.

When a human being expands his senses of perception, he then receives new scientific information that increases his wisdom. The esoteric science is the fundamental basis of nature.

When the occidental and oriental science are completely joined, then the human being will reach a new integral and total culture, free of fanatical sectarianism.

In this day and age, the science of criminology is found stagnant because of the superstitions of the fanatic materialistic sect.