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Basis of Endocrinology and Criminology: The Prostate

The Prostate

This very important gland, the prostrate, is very small. Every man and male of the mammal species has one.

Examining very carefully, we can see that this wonderful gland is situated exactly at the neck of the bladder.

Modern science still does not totally know all the functions of the prostate.

The prostate secretes a white and viscous liquid.

The sages of medicine know that in women, the urethra measures only 35 millimeters and is very dilatable. In man, it has been proven to be 20 to 27 centimeters in length.

The wizard-doctors from Egypt, Greece, Samothrace, Troy, India, etc., always gave a lot of importance to the prostate.

Swami Sivananda, great yogi doctor of India, states that the lotus of the prostate has six petals.

Many beings live in the ultra of nature, in the fourth dimension, with their solar astral bodies. The Asian sages state that they have cognizance of those beings thanks to their prostatic or uterine chakra. These great Hindustani sages concentrate daily on their prostatic chakra. They imagine that their chakra rotates from left to right, like a magnetic wheel, while vocalizing the letter “M” with the lips closed. The letter “M” sounds as if imitating the bellowing of a bull, but without that deepness of voice. This is a profound and vibrating sound. This practice will awaken the prostatic / uterine chakra if it is practiced daily through many years.

When the prostatic / uterine chakra enters into activity, it grants us the power to leave the physical body, to move in the astral body. This is how we are able to move in the astral body independent of physical matter. In the astral body, the human being can investigate for himself the great mysteries of life and death. The prostatic / uterine chakra grants us the power of astrally projecting the personality.

The peyote is a Mexican cactus that produces the projection of the human personality. With the peyote, any human being can project himself in the astral body consciously.  This cactus plant does not have thorns but flowers of a whitish, pink color, and its fruits of a light pink color. The ancient Aztecs worshipped the peyote as a sacred plant. The epidermis of this cactus is very smooth and it has from five to twelve sides that separate among themselves by beautiful lines of fine hairs. The technical name of peyote is anhalonium williamsil. The peyote that is useful for the projection of the personality is not found in the capital of Mexico nor in the whole state of Mexico. Whosoever wants to find legitimate peyote would have to look for it in Chihuahua among the Taumara Indians or in San Luis Potosi in Northern Mexico. The plant must be chewed. This plant must be ripe and fresh. It is useless if it is dried. In the moment of chewing the cactus, the disciple must be concentrated on his Innermost, that is to say, on his own internal Being. One must, in this moment, assume a mystical attitude. Let us remember that our internal Being is God himself. In those moments, while chewing the peyote, we must fall asleep concentrating on our internal God. The exact outcome will be astral projection. Then we will travel in the astral body. This is how we will be able to see, hear, and touch the things of the ultra of nature. The things seen by the peyote are not hallucinations, as ignorant people believe. The intellectuals know that there is a fourth dimension. Any educated person knows this. [The author later wrote: “We do not recommend the use of this marvelous cactus, which makes the astral body separate itself from the physical body and preserves the lucidity of consciousness while acting in the astral world. Indeed, what we recommend is practice, much practice [of other techniques of astral projection], and soon you will act and travel within the astral body.” —Samael Aun Weor, Aztec Christic Magic]

Science has demonstrated that the perception of our five senses is very limited. Beneath the color red is found the gamma of the infrared; above the color violet is found the gamma of the ultraviolet. Science does not ignore this.

The loss of elasticity in the crystalline (lens of the eye) prevents the image from forming in the retina. This is what is called bad focusing. In reality, no one perceives the object in itself, but merely the image of the object. Short-sightedness prevents us from seeing the image of a faraway object. There is also Daltonism. The inflammation of the retina causes Daltonism; this is the confusion of colors. In conclusion, the human eye only perceives sensory images. That is all.

However, there are ultra-sensory images in the ultra, and senses conditioned to receive those images. Those senses enter into activity with the peyote. This is how we can perceive the images of the ultra.

Therefore, if those images of the ultra were hallucinations, as the ignorant people say, then the sensory images that form in the retina would also be hallucinations.

We need to let go of eighteenth century materialism. We need to be more analytic, less dogmatic, and more didactic.

Matter is condensed energy. Energy condenses into different states. Factually, there are masses whose grade of energetic vibration is so fast that their sensory images escape the perception of our five senses. Likewise, there are masses whose grade of vibration is so slow that they submerge beneath the limits of our sensory perception. There are physical masses that the human being is normally incapable of perceiving above and below the limits of our external sensory perception.

Only with the powers of our astral body can we perceive other dimensions of the universe and life. The peyote has the power to put into activity, even if it is momentary, those wonderful faculties that allow us to investigate the fourth dimension of nature.

Many people might state that they do not believe. However, this is not a subject matter to believe or not to believe. These are scientific matters that need logical analysis and scientific investigation, free of prejudices and fanaticism. It needs experimentation.

One must profoundly explore all the recondite parts of the human being. We must not confine ourselves inside intransigent scientific dogmas. We need to be more liberal in our analysis. Materialism has already failed in Soviet Russia. The failure of materialism is proven by the fact that there are fifteen million Muslims in Russia.

The perceptions of the ultra are as natural as the perceptions of the five ordinary senses. They are not hallucinated deliriums, as ignorant people believe. This is not about convulsive pathologic suggestions from ignorant, fanatic, hallucinated people. We need more study and less pride. The perceptions of the ultra exist and must be studied.

The uncivilized natives in the Republic of Haiti who practice voodoo can be criticized because of their practices of black magic and because of their lack of intellectual culture. Yet indeed, we do not have the scientific basis of any kind to judge, with all logical preciseness, their hypersensory perceptions.

We do not deny that in many psychics there are psychic paroxysms accompanied by convulsions, pythonism with all its manifestations etc., etc. The pythonic crisis, the so-called crisis of Loa of the Haitians, the ecstatic-convulsive crises during which they have super-sensory perception, are in depth absolutely unknown to science and forensic psychiatry.

If we put aside our intellectual pride, we will arrive at the conclusion that we can analyze sensory phenomena, objective states of the human organism. However, conventional science still has no authority in order to judge, in a total form, the perceptions of the ultra.

With no doubt, fanaticism is the worst enemy of reasoning and logic. However, people from universities also fall into fanaticism. When people from universities laugh at clairvoyants and at convulsive-ecstatic crises, when we believe that all the visions seen during one of those crises are hallucinations, madness, etc., by dint of pride, we fall into the state of fanaticism and ignorance. Our fanaticism is hallucinated by the theories that we have read and by the intellectual principles with which we mold our intellect.

If we believe that others are ignorant, likewise they may categorize us as ignorant, even if we believe that we are very cultured.

We are not the masters of knowledge. Therefore, convulsive and pathologic intellectual suggestion can convert an intellectual into an intolerable fanatic.

Many natives of Haiti who practice voodoo perceive with their clairvoyance tremendous realities of the ultra of nature. In order to discuss something, it is necessary to know about it. Therefore, the opinion of a critic has no value whatsoever if he has not a complete knowledge of the subject matter. People from universities do not practice voodoo; they do not know it. Therefore, they do not have a complete knowledge of the subject matter.

People from universities see the natives of Haiti in their pythonismic crisis. Yet, they do not know anything about the things those natives see in their trances, because people from universities have not gone through those famous pythonic crises. The only thing they can do is to launch opinions without basis, because they have no complete knowledge of the case.

The prostatic / uterine chakra grants every human being the power to project himself into the astral body consciously. The important thing is to develop this chakra.

We repeat, this is not a subject matter to believe or not to believe. The important thing is to study, analyze, and experience.

When any intellectual person states, “I do not believe in that,” they are demonstrating that they are superstitious. A cultured, studious, and investigative person states, “I will study it. I will experience it. I will analyze it.”