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Beyond Death: Mystical Phenomena

Mystical Phenomena

1. On a certain occasion in the countryside when I was performing an exercise of meditation, I felt as if I was vibrating while leaving the body. Then, suddenly I felt that I was flying at a great speed and arriving at Egypt in a couple of seconds. I landed close to the Sphinx and felt the heat of the sand in the soles of my feet. I was able to touch the enormous decayed stones of that gigantic monument. It was a great surprise for me to see that open panorama and vivid perception of the sky, as well as a tenuous breeze from the Nile river that was blowing and moving some large, thin palms.

After a brief rest, I felt myself driven by a special attraction that lifted me from the ground. Thus, floating, I soared approximately to the height of the nose of the Sphinx. In the nose I found a small opening. I entered through it and went down a set of steps that descended in very narrow manner ending at a chamber guarded by a brown-skinned guardian. He wore an apron and golden sandals. On his head he had a hairstyle with a golden diadem that resembled a cobra in the attitude of attack. In his right hand was a lance that hindered my passage. His very penetrating eyes were bluish-green. He did not say a single word. He only examined me and performed a greeting pass which I answered. He smiled, raised the lance, and with an amiable reverence allowed me to pass. I then entered a great chamber where I heard very soft songs from a choir chanting prayers in the form of delectable hymns.

In the environment there was a pink-colored smoke from incense that smelled like an extract of red roses and that made my body vibrate from head to toe. There were also many Egyptian symbols on the walls, which—in spite of not understanding them—were very familiar to me. So, after observing the rich decoration of that chamber, which undoubtedly must be a very special temple, a gong sounded and three masters appeared who had calm and venerable faces, yet very penetrating sight. Two of them came dressed with yellow tunics and one with a very white tunic. After saluting me they welcomed me with a very fraternal hug.

Thereafter, they celebrated a Mass on an altar that was between two enormous columns and that had a great golden scarab that shone in the midst of the incense smoke. Then a crystalline water fountain, that I did not notice before, became illuminated. They guided me towards it, and in it I began to see my face as black and horribly bearded, like the face of an orangutan. Then I saw many passages of my present life where I committed all types of sin. So, I ended up moaning and crying.

Later they admonished me and gave me advice in a symbolic manner. They gave me a scarab of solid gold. They put it on my right hand and closed it while pronouncing some words that I did not understand. Then they told me to keep it and to become worthy of always having it by my side. Then, they blessed me and I returned to my body. Very impressed, I woke up instantaneously, without forgetting any detail to the present day. Could you tell me what happened to me and what all of this signifies for me?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer your question. Certainly, a rapturous projection of the soul clearly stands out with completely dazzling clarity. While you were meditating and praying, your body was left asleep and you as soul left the body and went to Egypt, the sacred land of the Pharaohs.

I want you to comprehend that you spiritually entered into the mysterious Temple of the Sphinx. It pleases me very much the fact that you discovered a secret door in the very nose of the Sphinx. It is obvious that it is not a physical, material door, it is rather a door invisible to the physical senses, but perfectly visible to the intelligence and the heart.

It is also obvious that the Temple of the Sphinx is not found in this physical world, since this is a temple invisible to the eyes of the flesh, but totally visible to the eyes of the Spirit.

What happened to you is something very similar to that experience of the Apostle Paul, who, as it is known, was taken to heaven and saw and heard ineffable things, which people do not comprehend.

There is no doubt that in a previous existence you were initiated in the Egyptian mysteries, and due to this you were called to that temple. For that reason, for the call that they performed when you were in meditation, you went precisely there.

You spiritually attended an Egyptian ritual. You saw and heard the priests of the temple. You listened to sublime hymns and saw in the water your sinning “I” and all of those crimes that you have committed. There is no doubt that you saw yourself very ugly; this is how, because of sins, one becomes very horrendous.

They gave you a sacred scarab of pure gold. This is a wonderful symbol of the sanctified soul; that is all.

Sir, I hope that you comprehended me. Now, it is indispensable for you to resolve to follow the path of sanctity, to repent all of your errors.

2. On another occasion—together with a spiritual friend of much wisdom, whom I love like a father—I was performing exercises of meditation in a forest of the vicinities of the town of Cuernavaca, Mexico, and I had the following experience.

We both sat in that yogic asana well-known as “the lotus flower” [padmasana] and did some breathing exercises.Thereafter, we entered into silence and meditation. Then, immediately I felt transported to the Himalayan Mountains, to the area of Tibet. There was a tremendous cold in that place where the acute howl of winds was heard. I also saw some armed Chinese soldiers walking around those inhospitable places. I arrived at a somewhat cloudy plain where a majestic walled construction was little by little exposed, which had an enormous wooden gate held by iron nails forged centuries ago. However, its entrance was guarded by two Tibetan soldiers, who when approaching indicated for me to stop, and told me to wait for a while in order to verify if I had the right to pass.

Moments later, they received a message, then the squeaking noise of the hinges of the enormous gate was heard; thus, they allowed me to pass. At first glance, the city seemed to me simultaneously heavenly and spectacular, since the whiteness of its marble shone together with its delectable gardens, with flowers of an indescribable beauty and shrubs of green and yellow tonalities never seen on Earth. I walked by broad stairs that had handrails with columns turned in beautiful marble figures and which led me to a small square that had a crystalline and vaporous water fountain; it was small and it had a beautifully sculptured boy in the center who poured from a pitcher water that never ended. Then, I turned towards the right and walked towards the vestibule of an horizontally extended building that had seven beautifully decorated marble columns. When I was observing the corridor, I began to hear angelical choirs whose sound manifested a luminous figure who inspired awe: this was no less than the figure of the Master Jesus, the Christ, and I, when seeing him, felt faint. Yet, he fixed his gaze upon me, and a smile of love and fraternity was visible on his face. Thereafter he immediately approached me and put his right hand on my forehead while pronouncing the following words, “Go and teach to all nations that I will be with all of you.”

Later, we walked by other corridors and we met other great masters, amongst which I recognized the Master Samael Aun Weor, to whom the Christ called in a loud voice in order to recommend that he watch and instruct my humble person. Thereafter, the Christ called other students and masters dressed in white who were close to us. Then with special prayers and mantras he blessed all of us. He personally dismissed the Master Samael and me, while seeing how that very magnificent place was disappearing from our sight.

When I returned to my body, I opened my eyes and saw that my friend was not awake yet, but a minute later he awoke and we commented upon the lived experiences.

How is it that a humble Gnostic student without any type of merits had so wonderful an experience, and had entrusted him with this very delicate mission?

Samael Aun Weor: With great pleasure I will answer your question. Now you can see what meditation and prayer is. If a person of good will delivers himself to prayer and meditation, he can have the joy of reaching ecstasy. Then the soul leaves the body—as we have already explained many times—and travels to any remote place of the Earth or the infinite.

In this concrete case of yours, it is clear that you went to Tibet, and entered a secret temple where you could see the masters of humanity and our Lord the Christ. Do not forget that the soul in prayer, in ecstasy, can see the Christ. You experienced this bliss and there is no doubt that the Lord entrusted you to teach the Gnostic doctrine to all your fellowmen.

It is obvious that I must give you the Gnostic teachings. This is why you saw and heard that the Lord commanded me to instruct you.