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Book of the Dead: Death


During the course of existence, different types of energies flow through the human organism.

Each type of energy has its own system of action. Each type of energy manifests itself in its own time.

The motor and muscular force manifests itself four and a half months after conception; this is related to the birth of the respiratory and pulmonary function. At ten and a half months growth occurs with all its marvellous metabolisms and conjunctive tissues. When the child is between two and three years old, the fontanel of the newly born closes and the cerebro-spinal system is completely formed.


Book of the Dead: The Tribunals of Karma

The Tribunals of Karma

The Tibetan “Book of the Dead” (Bardo Thodol) says:

You have been unconscious for the last three and a half days. As soon as you recover you will have consciousness...

What happened? Well, at this moment all Samsara (the phenomenal universe) is in revolution. Admission to the Electronic and Molecular Worlds at the moment of death is a tremendous test for man’s consciousness. The Tibetan “Book of the Dead” states that at the moment of death all men fall into a faint that lasts three and a half days. Max Heindel, Rudolf Steiner, and many other authors sustain that in these three and a half days the disincarnate ego sees its whole life pass in the form of images, in retrospective order. The said authors state that these memories are contained in the vital body. This is true, but it is only a part of the truth. The images and memories contained in the vital body and its retrospective vision is only an automatic repetition of something similar in the Electronic World.

Book of the Dead: The Angels of Death

The Angels of Death

Contemporary positivist philosophy is based on the existence of matter (materialism) and energy. There have been many arguments about force and matter, but these latter continue in spite of all speculations of “x, y, and unknown.” The revolutionary followers of positivist philosophy are always trying to define one through the other; it is ridiculous—extremely ridiculous—to define the unknown through the unknown. Materialist philosophy says, “Matter is that through which changes called movements are effected, and movements are those changes which are effected in matter.” This is the identity of the unknown: x = y; y = x. In total: ignorance, a vicious, absurd circle.

Book of the Dead: The Four Circles

The Four Circles

Our solar system is a complete body with four complete circles. The circumference of the each of the circles has its respective time pattern.

The circle of the mineral region called Hell or Avitchi etc. has a time scale that goes from 80,000,000 to 80 years; a terribly slow time, very appropriate for all the mineral processes which take place within the earthly crust in that kingdom called Hell or Avitchi.

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