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Buddha Neklace: The Sun Child

The Sun Child

Most beloved Gnostic brothers and sisters,

On this night in which we jubilantly celebrate the Christmas Eve of 1966, it is essential to very thoroughly study the mysteries of Christ.

At the dawning of the great cosmic day, the First Logos, the Father, said to the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit, "Go, fertilize my spouse, the chaotic matter, the Great Mother, so that life can arise; look into it." Thus, this is how the Father spoke, and the Third Logos reverently bowed, at the dawning of the aurora of creation.


Buddha Neklace: The Milky Way

The Milky Way

Christmas is a solar festivity, an ineffable cosmic festivity, whose origin is found within the profound night of time.

The three dimensional physical sun is only a vehicle of action of the spiritual sun. Beyond the physical sun, the mystic finds the Sun of Midnight, the Star of Bethlehem, the Cosmic Christ.

All the archaic religions always rendered cult to the Sun, thus even the Vatican is built in such a manner so that its doors are open towards the East, towards where the Sun rises.

Buddha Neklace: The Solar System Ors

The Solar System Ors

In Nirvana, the significance of family, tribe, clan, has disappeared, since all the beings there consider themselves equal members of a great family. Variety is unity. Nevertheless, all of us, the brothers and sisters, have been able to verify by means of observation and experience that there is a sort of family in each one of the groups of Elohim or Prajapatis who govern the different solar systems of this galaxy in which we live. The sense of cosmic association amongst each group of Elohim makes of them something like ineffable, divine, sublime families.

Buddha Neklace: Atomic Science

Atomic Science

Deep down, the solar system Ors in which we live, move, and have our Being is like a great molecule that develops and unfolds within the spiral organism of the vibrant Milky Way.

The different scientific concepts about atoms are in their depth exclusively provisional. Splitting the atom by no means signifies absolute knowledge of the structure of the atom, or about the complex intimate mechanisms of molecules, sub-atomic corpuscles, and electrons. The Saturnian concept of atomic structure is very empirical; any scientific or supra-scientific opinion is very relative and unstable.

Buddha Neklace: The Ninth Sphere

The Ninth Sphere

The Earth is a wonderful organism filled with an intense cosmic vitality. Formidable rocks (inhabited by joyful gnomes), earth, and sand are on the surface of the Earth. The interior of the planetary organism is unknown to official science; indeed, scientists know very little about the interior of our world. It is stated that the temperature of its interior increases progressively in accordance with the increasing depth, in proportion to 12°C. 

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