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Christ's Will: The Thirty-second Chamber

The Thirty-second Chamber


1. Your sacred fire has entered the thirty-second chamber of your spinal column.

2. This is the Thirty-second Arcanum of the Tarot: Magnificence.

3. You have become victorious in all the ordeals.

4. Wealth, pleasures, fornication, earthly magnificence were offered to you, yet you energetically rejected them.

5. This arcanum belongs to the degree of lion of the law.

6. You are indifferent before praise or slander, before wealth or poverty, before triumph or defeat.

7. You have learned how to know the good from the bad, and the bad from the good.

8. You have learned how to handle the sword of cosmic justice.

9. In all ordeals you have become victorious.

10. You have learned how to recognize righteousness.

11. Justice is beyond good and evil.

12. The gods are beyond good and evil.

13. Justice grants our consciousness absolute equilibrium and perfect uprightness.

14. Justice is the supreme pity and the supreme pitilessness of the law.

15. The great hierarchs of karma have heads of jackals with wolves ears.

16. Those great lords of karma who raise and sink continents and who punish humans dwell in the constellation of the Great Dragon that shines in the septentrion.

17. The seven Pleiades govern the karma of nations.

18. Those who found races, who govern the destiny of human races, dwell in the northern polar star.

19. All these Beings are beyond good and evil.

20. You have rejected all the magnificence of the Earth, all the pleasures of your race, thus now you are a lion of the law.

21. Enter the temple, sibling of mine, with the oil lamp in your hand.

22. Receive your festivity with joy.

23. The oil lamp always burns in front of the cloth of Veronica.

24. Your human will is being transformed into Christ's will.