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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: Green Fireballs

Green Fireballs

In these moments of worldly crisis, the modern scientists are confronting an enigma from space. I want to emphatically refer to the mystery of the green fireballs.

The green fireballs shine, sparkle, flare, then afterwards, as if they were turned off by a remote control switch, they vanish without leaving a single trace.

It has been stated to us that the residents of Albuquerque, NM are accustomed to these types of mysteries for the obvious reason of living next to the Los Alamos plant of atomic secrets.

Travellers know very well that the military forces from Sandia Base are at the edge of the city. This is the place where, for the disgrace of this afflicted world, the terrible Atomic Bomb is armed. It is evident that the famous White Sands Laboratory, specialized manufacturer of controlled remote projectiles, is located in the same state.

Nevertheless, in spite of all this secrecy, the inhabitants from that place felt bewildered; they became astonished and overwhelmed when they saw a brilliant ball of green fire silently passing through the infinite space.

“Many years ago, on a Sunday night of the past month of November, in some place of the desert which crosses through New Mexico, a mysterious event took place.

“On a clear night the stars were shining in the sky. Along the road, a Jeep was running at 25 miles per hour. This Jeep was occupied by three students from the University of New Mexico: Ted Chamberlain, student of geology, his friends Gus Armstrong, who was the owner of the jeep, and Tom Bebooy.

“It was close to nine o’clock at night. These young men were coming back from a hunting trip in San Agustin, close to Magdalena. They were carrying their hunted carcass on the back of the Jeep.

“Suddenly, the three of them became dazzled for a second. There, far away in the north-east of the sky, a gigantic ball of fire was burning while swiftly crossing the firmament.

“Its tail was off-white, yet the ball was of a radiant green color as if it was a light of a neon tube, or as Chamberlain stated, ‘It was like copper when burning inside the furnace of a laboratory.’

“‘Look!’ Armstrong shouted at the same time that he was losing control of his jeep, which he deviated from its route. As a result, his Jeep tumbled and hurled all the occupants onto the sands of the desert.

“The ball of fire silently vanished over their heads. Minutes later, the three confused young men returned into the Jeep and went towards Albuquerque.

“Something similar happened two nights before. Lertes Miller and his wife from Palo Alto, California, were driving on road 60, close to Glove, Arizona. Then, a little before nightfall, they saw a bluish green ball which was burning up above their heads.

“Mr. Miller stated: ‘It was so intense that I almost veered from the road, because I became dazzled for a few seconds.’”

A wise author stated, “This was not a common and current meteor. Observers have seen this green fire ball in the sky for many miles, from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Vista, California.”

It is unquestionable and by all means it stands out that the green fire balls are absolutely different from common and current meteors.

It is evident, and observers know very well, that these balls are bigger and more luminous than the beautiful Selene (the Moon). It is obvious that not a single meteor is like that.

Their frightful and delicate silence overwhelms. It is obvious that any meteor of that size will fall with a great noise.

All of the witnesses agree that such balls move themselves in a straight line when inside of our atmosphere.

It is clear that any big or small meteor falls in a concave curve when entering into our environment.

Now, infinite conjectures exist about the mystery of these green fireballs.

“Some inhabitants from the west blame the ball for collapsing the water tower from Tucumari, New Mexico, that killed four people. This is because the investigations revealed that the fire ball passed through in the precise moments when the collapse was occurring, due to a short circuit in the lines.”

Therefore, we are before a tremendous enigma and frankly we have no other choice but to return again to the Panspermia of Arrhenius (Read chapter thirteen).

“This great green fireball spectacle, which crosses the sky as lightning, is an unforgettable experience. The witnesses, as well as all of those thousands of Americans who have seen these balls in the south-east, question themselves, ‘What is this?’”

The International Gnostic Movement answers this formidable question, when stating:

Electric whirlwinds, vortexes of force, escape from all planets, carrying germs of life within their bosom.

Electric whirlwinds arrive to planets carrying germs of life within their bosom.

It is obvious that now, our solar system, including our afflicted world, has arrived to a certain corner of the cosmos where these electric vortexes, carriers of vital germs, have made themselves visible.

Thus, our solar system, in its eternal journey throughout the unalterable infinite, has arrived to a corner of the universe where never expected cosmic events may occur.