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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Beautiful Selene

The Beautiful Selene

The latest alarming news stresses the idea that “Tyrians” as well as “Trojans” shall opportunely settle upon the moon.

A certain very intelligent writer stated, “When the human being arrives to the moon, he must dispossess himself of countries and flags, of destructive weapons and imperialistic ambitions. Instead, he will carry the conscience of his own ‘humanity’ and his best scientific devices in order to investigate the truth about that which might be inside the ‘circles’, seas and elevated mountains of Selene. This would be with the aim of providing the Earth with metals and resources in general, which could be extracted from the lunar surface. It would be iniquitous and criminal to exploit such resources for war purposes, to valorise ‘the rights of conquest’ and to pretend that the occupation of the lunar surface is only for one or two countries, thus establishing small Americas or small Russias. We must not carry to the moon our pretentious racial prejudices, neither the predomination of strong nations over weak ones. And if Selenite colonies are established, these would not be slave prisons nor penitentiaries, but communities where co-operation, fraternity and mutual sacrifice would be the condition for a precarious survival that may be painful in its beginnings.”

Beautiful words, magnificent intentions, sublime vows! Unfortunately, the crude reality of life is different: such phrases are suitable for Angels, but we are perverse demons.

May God bless the sublime longings of that author! We would certainly like for all people to think like him! Yet, to our disgrace, the reality is very different.

The evilness of this subject matter starts precisely with the “Tower of Babel,” in other words, with the absurd system of cosmic rockets, which is the vital outcome of ignorance.

Extraterrestrial ships led by a crew from other worlds should be the solution. However, this demands a major effort and it is obvious that the terrestrial people mortally hate the upright path.

To reduce the psychological “I” to dust, to receive merits, to eliminate wars, to abolish frontiers, etc., is an abomination for the evil ones. Nevertheless, it is obvious that these are the fundamental conditions for cosmic navigation.

Any given planetary humanity who accomplishes with these requisites receives the cosmic ships (the Flying Saucers).

The system of rockets is a violation of the law. Very ancient traditions state that the Atlanteans (Titans) wanted to assault the heavens. Therefore, they were fulminated by the terrible lightning of Cosmic Justice.

We, the terrestrial people from this century, are now at the end of a new crossroad. The personal encounter with the “Genii” is inevitable. Such an event could be performed on Selene or Mars. In any case, the facts will speak for themselves alone.

The moment in which we have to listen to rules and regulations will arrive. We are now before the philosophical question of “To be or not to be?”

All prophecies, such as they are written, must be fulfilled in one way or the other: either the Kingdom of Heaven is established on the Earth, or the annihilation of all its inhabitants will be the inevitable outcome.

The choice lies in the human being himself. Nevertheless, the initial responsibility lies upon the shoulders of the spiritual leaders of the whole world.

These present affirmations given in this Christmas message of 1969-1970 would have caused laughter in other times. Nonetheless, now everything is different, for “Tyrians” and “Trojans” shall opportunely settle on the Moon.

It is obvious that successively more powerful cosmic rockets will be invented, and that in future decades many people will travel to the Moon.

It is unquestionable that the great whore (this present humanity) will export to the Moon all of its abominations.

It is obvious, clear, and evident that on our neighborly satellite, the terrestrial people will establish hotels, all type of residences, cabarets, gambling houses, brothels, etc., etc., etc.

The lunar night that endures about fourteen consecutive days will evidently give a marvellous spectacle to the tourists.

The lunar atmosphere, which is emphatically denied by the astronomers, certainly exists, although in a very rarefied form.

Indeed, it is indubitable that the non-existence of a lunar atmosphere similar to our terrestrial one is not an obstacle in order for our neighborly satellite to possess a certain “ionosphere.”

It is obvious that the ionospheric lunar field possesses a small density, although it permits the production of certain luminous phenomena of a thermoelectric nature. These alone can explain the apparition of variable spots, as well as places of great luminosity or brightness, which are observable during the nights of the full moon.

The decomposition of electrons and ions into “positrons” and “negatrons” or “anti-positrons” evidently advances us to the intimate knowledge of those marvellous electromagnetic zones with great electrical conductivity.

The very tenuous or fine lunar atmosphere could be artificially improved upon with appropriate scientific methods and procedures.

This celestial body (the Moon), which has been a source of fascination for humanity, aroused this first impression from Lovell: “It looks like chalk or sand from a greyish colored beach.”

The image of the Moon, just as it was picked up by Apollo 8 and sent back to the Earth, was described by the North American astronauts as vast, desolated, and impenetrable, something like a gigantic pumice stone.

It is obvious and clear that the Moon is a dead world, a cosmic cadaver.

Therefore, that absurd affirmation which states that the Moon is a world in the process of birth is frightfully ludicrous.

It is also an absurdity to affirm that the Moon is a piece of the Earth hurled into space.

It is evident that in some very remote places from the lunar crust, very sparse residues of vegetal and animal life still exist.

It is unquestionable that under the lunar subsoil, possibilities of water exist in some places.

Eventually, the explorers of the Selenite soil could observe the reality of that bridge mentioned by Keyhoe, whose observation he credited to John J. O’Neill, science editor of the Herald Tribune newspaper.

It is evident that such a bridge was installed by intelligent creatures. Therefore, it is not a simple natural phenomenon.

The Moon is the satellite of the Earth, exclusively from the viewpoint of celestial mechanics.

When this matter is considered with a more philosophical viewpoint, we can and must even emphasise the idea that the Earth becomes the satellite of the Moon.

As astonishing as this unusual declaration might appear, the scientific knowledge is not ceasing to confirm it until satiation. The evidence in favor of this fact is found in the tides, in the changing cycles of the many forms of sicknesses which coincide with the lunar phases, in what we can observe within the development of plants, and in the very marked influence within the phenomena of conception and human gestation.

The Moon, as any world from the infinite space, was born, it grew, it aged, and died.

The Moon was a living planet in the past great Cosmic Day. Hence, it had a very rich mineral, vegetal, animal, and human life.

The Moon is the mother of the Earth and incessantly rotates around its daughter (the Earth), as if, indeed, it were a satellite...

Therefore, the Moon represents the principal and most important role in the formation of the Earth itself, as well as in the population of it with human beings.

It is indubitable that the Mother-Moon, when exhaling its last breath, transferred all of its vital powers into its daughter (the Earth).

Therefore, the archaeologists can discover under the lunar subsoil ruins of gigantic cities that existed in a fore time, in the past Mahamanvantara.

It is evident that the Moon can be utilized as a cosmic platform for future voyages to other inhabited worlds.

Any Jivanmukta or Mahatma can verify for himself that previous manifestations on the lunar world existed.

It is obvious that the Moon was in other times the abode of the Selenites. It is not difficult to comprehend that seven human Root Races evolved and devolved on the lunar crust.

In accordance with the wise Law of Recurrence, which is always processed in all of the worlds, it is obvious that the first Selenite human Root Race was a generation of giants.

Based on this cited law, we can comprehend without much difficulty that the last families of Selene were lilliputians, extremely small in stature.

The devolving regression of this Selenite humanity until its primeval, elemental, germinal state is unquestionable.

The repose of these elemental germs during the great Pralaya, is, as a fact, an axiom from ancient wisdom.

The Law of the Eternal Return made possible the new development of these elemental germs of life.

The Law of Recurrence is being repeated here on the planet Earth, with the whole evolving and devolving processes of such lunar germs (let us not forget that our world is a child of Selene).

If everything is repeated, then it is indubitable that the whole history of this terrestrial humanity is just a repetition, through time, of the annals from Selene.

In a remote future, this terrestrial humanity will return to its primeval, elemental, germinal state. Then, this Earth will become a new moon.