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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Demon Hai

The Demon Hai

A long time ago, within an old palace, I found a dungeon. A venerable Elder was inside of it… His aureole beard had thirteen clusters of hair, his white head had thirty-one long curls of hair.

He was the Ancient of Days, Goodness of the Goodness, Concealed of the Concealed, Mercy of Mercies.

His neck was like a tower of ivory, his eyes like the fish-pools in Heshbon by the gate of Bath-rabbim, his nose was as the tower of Lebanon which looks towards Damascus…

Then, I fell on my knees biting the dust of the earth! And while holding a dagger in my hand, I shouted with anguish… I exclaimed with all the strength of my soul, “I killed him! I killed him!”

Strange vision… The years passed by; the days of my wild youth were gone. Then, finally, I understood.

It is written with fiery letters within the book of the law that the fallen Bodhisattvas enter into the cycle of the terrible necessity accused of three crimes:

  1. First: To have assassinated their Buddha.
  2. Second: To have dishonored the Gods.
  3. Third: Many other different, common and current crimes.

I was a fallen Bodhisattva. Yes! Yes! Yes! It is unquestionable that if I had not repented, I would have entered into the submerged devolution of the mineral kingdom…

Have you ever heard of the Count Zanoni? Like him, I also had an immortal, physical body.

In the ancient continent Mu, after the departure from Eden, I, with my heart contrite, re-entered into the Mysteries.

I swallowed soil…! Yes! Yes! Yes! My body was entombed, the Gods know this…

The Initiatic Resurrection came after three days. I utilized the fourth dimension in order to escape from the sepulchre…

The Holy Women treated my Lemurian body with many medicines and aromatic ointments…

During the course of more than ten thousand years of incessant earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, that ancient continent Mu was submerging itself within the boisterous waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Nevertheless, I continued to exist with my immortal body on the Atlantean continent. I led many mystical peregrinations that went sometimes towards Yucatan or to Tehotihuacan.

To achieve the immortality of the human organism would seem more than impossible for the people who are not versed in revolutionary Gnosticism. Present sages particularly want to achieve this, but it is obvious that they do not know our formulae.

I confess that in that epoch, I especially liked very much to abide in a precious valley now covered by the stormy waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Fourth Root Race or Atlantean Race notably evolved until reaching its objective. Then subsequently, it precipitated itself through the devolving, descending path. It is obvious that a descent always occurs after every ascent; an ascension is always followed by a descent.

When the continent that was known with the name of Atlantis was submerged within the Atlantic ocean, some survivors continued to exist in present lands, as the studies of palaeontology have already started to suspect.

I want to emphatically refer to two types of people.

The first ones were the famous troglodytes, who were Atlanteans in a decisively devolving state. Obviously, they were submerged within the most frightful barbarian state, such as the occidental science has discovered when finding their unmistakable remains within the profound caverns of the earth.

The second ones were Atlanteans in an evolving state. These historic Pelasgians were very educated people who, from the first igneous manifestations of the second Transapalnian catastrophe, initiated their return towards the oriental regions that were their place of origin.

This is the origin of the universal tradition of the Exodus of IO from the Garden of Hesperides (Poseidon), throughout all meridional Europe and through Bosphorus, towards Colchis and Armenia where, in accordance with tradition, the Ark of Noah was docked or where the Holy Initiatic Cult of Ar-ar-at or Cult of the Arian mountains where the Tigris and Euphrates and other rivers are born, was established.

A wise esotericist author stated:

“These Pelasgians or Occidental Ario-Atlanteans received a different name in each one of the regions of the world where they were spread out.

“They were called Cyclops because they had the eye of intuition still opened, since they were more or less depositaries of the Initiatic Truths. The gigantic constructions that they built were labelled Cyclopean constructions.

“It is clear that from the North American Pennsylvania until the Oxus and the Aral throughout Europe and Africa still such astonishing constructions in ruin are shown.

“They were called Tyrians and Titans because of the God It or Ti, or Hercules who was commanding them. Regarding Hercules, there exists a more abundant amount of data than what is believed to exist.

“They were called Kalcas or Chaldeans or Chalcidians because of their ante-Atlantean origin from the Kalcas country, which they used to return to, also because of knowing the Copper (Calcas) and because of developing themselves in an age of frank decadency.

“They were called Akkadians because of their navigating knowledge and because of having passed through the sea with their redeemers, their leaders.

“They were called Arkkadians, which was a deviation from Akkadians, or it was a reference to the Ark or symbolic boat that recalled them.

“They were called Colchidians or Colchians as a deviation of the word calchis (knowledge of numeration, or the Hieratic-hieroglyphic and symbolic writing, Kabbalah, etc.).

“They were called Aramaeans or Arian men, Druids because of their Initiated Priests and because of their fire cult, that is to say, their cult to the Sun, to Purity, to the Truth buried in the catastrophe.

“They were called Janos because of their Inca-Conductor or King Priest (IAO, TAO, IANUS etc.). They were called Bretons or Brittanys from Brig (Bright), the Arian radical sign from that which shines, which glows, in other words, always and forever the Sun.

“They were called Menfires or Menhirs because they were occidental people, or more commonly because of their fire cult. Thus, they named themselves and even the stones of their sepulchres Men-Hirs.

“They were called Nahoas, Nahuales in Mexico and in certain parts of Arabia, Syria, etc., and Nebo, the Initiatic Wisdom.

“They were called Tuathas of Danand, for the same or similar reasons, already explained in another part.

“They were called Sumerians (from Suria the sun), in Babylon and Nineveh, and Ti Huan Ascos or Ti Huanacos in Peru.

“They were called Thessalian primitives, maybe because of the expressed retrocession of their peregrinations.

“They were called Myneans, because of their colo-nization in the Island of Crete, and Mycenaeans because of other islands similar in Asia minor and Greece.

“They were called Germanos because of the God Hermes, Toth or Odin, Ercinians from ‘ERDA’ the Mother Earth.

“They were called Sabaeans, because of their Wisdom in heavenly and terrestrial things.

“They were called Hemiarits or Homerits because of their double Aryan and Atlantean character (origin), from their epoch and country of colonisation.

“They were called Camits because of their instructor Cam, Jan or Janos, Hyperboreans because of the regions where the Greeks knew them and because of the White Island beyond the Boreas and because of their most excellent Initiatic traditions from the First Root Race.

“They were called Axinos or inaccessible ones in the Jinn concept: Phrygians from the Scandinavian Goddess Phrygia, Juno or Diana-Lunus.

“They were called Missios or ‘Envoys’ in order to save the Troglodyte humanity from its definitive physical and moral ruin.

“They were called Taurines because of their Mythraic cult, which gave the name unto the celebrated Armenian mountain range.

“They were called Phallegeans as eternal, peregrines or errant human comets, Curetes and Quiretes because of their quiritarian (Kyries, Lance, Sun-Beam) acts and because of their Caurias or Curias, Aenians or Aeonians because of their Aeneas, Enos, Enoch, Janos or Noah.”

It was precisely in the Oriental World, during that brilliant Ario-Atlantean epoch, when I committed an error similar to that one committed by the count Zanoni.

He fell in love with a beautiful artist from Naples. Thus, the outcome was frightful because he died under the guillotine during the French Revolution.

Count Zanoni was an immortal Chaldaean. He received the Elixir of Long Life in ancient times and it is clear to comprehend that sex was forbidden to him.

My case was similar; I was an ancient Lemurian with an immortal body. I also fell in the arms of Kundry, that Eve from Hebraic mythology, the woman of antonomasia. Hence, the outcome was the fatal loss of my precious Lemurian vehicle.

It is written with characters of fire in the book of life that any Resurrected Master must not return to sex.

This is known by the divine and humans. The violation of this great law signifies death.

It is evident that my capital error was that I accepted the gift of Cupid at the height of my youth.

Therefore, I tell human beings and Gods that they should always avoid immortalizing a young physical body.

When the civilization of the First Aryan Subrace flourished in the central plateau of Asia, I intended to re-emerge. Then, I entered with much humbleness into the Sacred Order of Tibet. This is how I became an authentic Lama.

I had to build the Solar Bodies again by means of the Sahaja Maithuna.

It is written in the Akashic records of Nature that I then re-conquered the Second Birth.

Unfortunately, I committed certain extremely grave mistakes when I wanted to help the Queen of my country with the sacred IT Clue.

I was expelled from this Venerated Order due to this mistake. I then continued in Samsara.

I returned into Egypt during the dynasty of the Pharaoh Kephren. I achieved a lot then, but not everything.

Presently, after having suffered a lot, I have returned onto the straight path. Now, I am standing (on my feet) anew.

I know in depth the path of the Revolution of the Consciousness. Therefore, this is why I am the Avatar of the New Aquarian Age.

All the intellectual homunculi, mistakenly called human beings, solely wish to liberate themselves from death. However, they do not know how to liberate themselves from life.

Blessed be the ones who are dignified by the glacial beauty of the blessed Goddess Mother Death.

Blessed be the ones who destroyed the illusory wall of their vain existence, those who dissolved the “I,” and who were within all of the abysses.

Death! That which was our whole yesterday, today is just our nothingness…! Eternity! Sepulchral beauty..!

I wept a lot, I descended into the forge of the Cyclops, I shouted with the whole strength of my soul: “Hear my imploring voice, oh Isis! Tear thy cowl… and thy unknowable star…! Have pity on me, make me a sign of light…”

“Eternity: return to me what thou tookest from me: my purple tunic, my wedding garments…!

“Abyss from a profound mystery: reimburse me that which thy deepness absorbed! Sphinx from the desert of Egypt: Open thine ear…! Have pity now, oh obscure night…”

What seas without shores, what an infinite night, what profound wells, what Stygian beasts I found within the interior of myself…!

Thus, I returned to the Second Birth dressed with the Wedding Garment of the soul. Thus, I learned how to die within myself.

Now, I am a defunct one who can tranquilly study The Book of the Dead.

I am alive, nonetheless, I am dead…

Ah…! If people could understand all of this…

Hence, that night on which I returned into the Sacred Order of Tibet, I was happy. I left the cadaver of the terrible demon Apopi within the deepest abysses.

Lord! Lord! How much I suffer when I see these mistaken, wretched people! They think that they already possess the Astral Body. However, they truly only possess the body of desires, the abominable demon Apopi…

Beautiful work from my Mother Kundalini…! She reduced the frightful Demon of Desire into dust…

But what about the mind…? Woe! Woe! Woe!… Alas! How terribly proud I was with my mental demon, with the frightful devil Hai… I also believed that this was the authentic intellectual vehicle…

Oh, God of mine! The causa causarum of my lunar mental vehicle was lust… This is how I comprehended it…

If I would have known it before… Yes! Yes! Yes! I knew it, but I forgot.

I open the Egyptian Book of the Occult Abode and I study chapter XL, which literally states:

Get thee hence oh Demon Hai! (Demon of the Mind) horror of Osiris. Thine head (the mental lunar vehicle) has been cut by Thoth (Buddha, the Innermost). The cruelties (the work on mental disintegration) that I have exercised on thyself, has been commanded unto me by the Hierarchies of heaven.

Get thee hence, then, oh demon Hai, thou unto whom Osiris feels horror! Get away from my boat (my life’s own ship) blown by propitious winds.

Gods from heaven who have demolished the enemies of Osiris (those entities or devil “I”s that constitute the ego), watch!

The Gods from the vast land are subjugated. Away from me demon AM-AAU, (Hai), the God, Lord of the region of the Dead (Initiates) detest thee!

I know thee! I know thee! I know thee! Away from me, demon (of the animal mind), do not attack me, since I am pure and I accommodate myself unto the cosmic rhythms.

Do not approach me (do not tempt me), thou who comest without being invited! Thou dost not know me, demon (who thinks that he knows everything) who ignores that I conserve the dominion over the enchantments of thy mouth (which speaks grandeur, but does not know anything)!

Therefore, know this! Although, it seems that I am at the shelter of thy claws. In regards to thee, oh demon HAS-AS! (the same demon of the mind), behold Horus (the divine Spirit of each person) who cuts thy claw (the time).

Verily he has been destroyed in Pe and in Dep (the worlds of desire and of the mind) with his legions of demons (devil-”I”s) in the battlefield array.

It has been the eye of Horus (clairvoyance) who by studying thee and seeing thee has defeated thee, (but with the help of Isis).

I reject thee demon, in accordance with thy advances! I have defeated thee by means of the breath of my mouth (the Word), I have defeated thee who tortures the sinners and who devours them (perverse mind).

Therefore, give back unto me my writing tablet with all of the accusations which it contains (blasphemous and accusing mind). I have not committed sins against the Gods, therefore do not attack me.

Take just what I, myself grant thee (the death which thou deserves: the abyss).

Do not take me with thee. Do not devour me! Since I am the Lord of Life, Sovereign of the Horizon (an already Christified Being).

So, this is how, by intensely working and by supplicating Isis, my Divine Mother Kundalini, I finally achieved the disintegration, the reduction of the terrible demon Hai of the Egyptian Mysteries into cosmic dust.

Such a perverse demon is the very same mental body that many authors wrote about, namely: Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Max Heindel, Arthur Power, etc. Frankly, I do not blame those authors, since they did what they could. Wretched ones… They suffered a lot… … …

Nevertheless, we, the brethren of the Gnostic Movement, have to delve into the root of all these things, and this is not a crime.

Jesus the great Kabir stated:

Suffer little children and forbid them not, to come unto me; for of such is the kingdom of heaven. - Matthew 19:14

It is urgent to re-conquer the infancy in the mind, in the heart, and in the sex. To intend such a re-conquest without previously eliminating the lunar mental body (demon Hai) would be an absurdity.

Such an intellectual, animal vehicle is a granulated Luciferian fire. It is obvious that the origin of the animal mind was lust.

The most tremendous ordeal was also the decisive one. One given night, my own Innermost God, by placing a crucible filled with Liquid Mercury on the floor, intended to verify an alchemical transmutation, but because there was no fire under the crucible, it is obvious that he failed in his intent.

Then, he made me to understand that he needed to perform such an alchemical operation with the purpose of crystallizing a new, extremely subtle organism. I believed that maybe it was related with the creation of the famous Sambogakaya, that in accordance with some high Initiates, it is stated that it has three more perfections than the ineffable vehicle of the Nirmanakayas.

Well… I am a Nirmanakaya, and it is clear that by having the possibility of possessing the precious vehicle of the Sambogakayas was something extremely tempting for me.

“I have failed in this operation because of the lack of fire,” said my real Being unto me. Then, he added “Give me a match” (spark, ember or flame). I understood that I should perform a work of Sexual Magic.

This left me perplexed, confused, astonished… Yes…

But, is it perhaps licit for a Twice Born one to return into the flaming forge of Vulcan? What is this? What? What?

It is clear that I did not fail in this ordeal… That night other Adepts were submitted to the same ordeal. Some of them failed, others did not fail…

The fact that the very Innermost God submits oneself to ordeals is certainly rare and astonishing.

By all means it stands out that the Beloved One wants to be sure of that which he possesses. He needs a Diamond Soul (Vajrasattva).

The reception in the temple was formidable. The venerable Ancient of Days (my Monad) and I, wretched suffering soul, grasped with our right hands: He the Sceptre and I the Cross…

Both of us entered into the sanctuary revested with our sacred vestures…

I knew that I had assassinated this Elder but He had resuscitated within me: “The King is dead, long live the King…”

Nevertheless, I was not the one, wretched soul in pain, who had assassinated the Ancient of Days…

The three traitors, Judas, Pilate, and Caiaphas killed him… Yes… Yes… Yes…

However, it is obvious that Pilate always washes his hands. How horrible is Hai, the Demon of the Mind!

Thus, inside the temple and in front of the altar, the Elder of all ages and I were praying…

The Elder placed very close a Buddhic bowl filled with coins… These coins in themselves are capital of good deeds…

It is clear that my good deeds were enough in order to pay the old and to acquire forgiveness.

The final festivity was marvellous, portentous. This was performed in a splendid hall.

The host was a glorious Master of the White Brotherhood… Some trees within that precious hall were crowned with laurels… Those small bushes were looking very beautiful in their pots; they were standing out within that hall.

All the guests arrived with funeral attire and with very much respect, since they had to celebrate the defunct’s festivity…

The horrible demon Hai had died. Therefore, this deserved a festivity… Soon that hall was filled with people…

I greeted many guests… The Host-Master welcomed many others…

The delightful music and the tables filled with people gave to the place a very special note of cosmic happiness.

I felt joyful when conversing with the great Hierophant…

Now, I do not have Lunar Mind. Nevertheless, I can think; I use my Solar Mind, the one that I built in the forge of the Cyclops (sex).