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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Sacred Order of Tibet

The Sacred Order of Tibet

Papus stated in his Elemental Treatise of Occult Science that the true Initiates from the East are the ones who are initiated into the secret sanctuaries of Brahmanism. This is because they are the only ones capable of teaching to us the royal key of the Arcanum A.Z.F., thanks to their knowledge of the primeval Atlantean language, “Watan,” which is the fundamental root of Sanskrit, Hebrew and Chinese.

The Sacred Order of very ancient Tibet is, indeed, the genuine depository of the royal treasury of Aryavarta.

Ancient archaic traditions, which are lost within the terrifying night of all ages, state that this venerated institution is formed by 201 members. Its major rank is formed by 72 Brahmans.

It is written in the depths of time and with fiery characters that Bhagavan Aklaiva is the great Maha-Rishi, the secret regent of this mysterious order.

By means of the Holy Eight, the sacred sign of infinity, any chela (neophyte) can put himself in contact with this secret organization, with the condition of having upright behavior.

The Holy Eight horizontally traced is without a doubt a living clepsydra.

If the extraordinary formation of this marvellous sign is intimately considered, it then shows, by all means, the continuity of a single trace. The first stroke encloses a double circuit, while the second stroke only encloses one circuit, which deviates itself in the other circuit after having crossed the sign in the very point of its central crossing, in order to be projected towards the outside.

One circuit is closing and the other is opening. Therefore, this key is what is required in order to open all doors and cut all the currents formed by the atomic energy, from the one (current) which we have imagined and deposited within the depth of our consciousness, until the one which is the originator of all currents and that circulates in the same form (Holy Eight) within the vital center of the Ninth Sphere.

Now then, to evade the usual risks of every astral experience and to attain an inner, conscious, and fast astral projection through these methods, is, among others, more than enough cause for the Sacred Order of Tibet to emphasise its motto:

Nothing can resist our power.

In accordance with the former description, the following exercise is advisable:

1.     Enter into mental quietude and silence.

2.     Vividly imagine the Holy Eight.

3.     Profoundly meditate on the Sacred Order of Tibet.

4.     That sign joins or separates all the rigid elements by the atomic energy, if this sign is traced over the surface of our cardiac plexus with the thumb, middle and index fingers of our right hand.

You must love the Holy Eight, venerate it, and concentrate deeply upon it. Thus, such a number becomes a clear emblem of the Philosophical Mercury, the true incarnation of Hermes, with which the Initiate must work within the Magisterium of Fire.

Meditate on the sacred sign of infinity, the perfect representation of the living nexus, which wisely links the two worlds (Divine and material) that respectively emanate from the waters above and from the waters below, from that space which is produced in the second phase of creation. In the end, these are united as a vehicle, a channel, and a way of expression of one into the other, within the central, interior focus of the individual consciousness.

Concentrate profoundly on this holy symbol, this ineffable eight, the double current of fire and water that is wisely intercrossed in the Ninth Sphere, within the living bowels of the earth.

Remember the noble alchemical figure of Basil Valentine, a resplendent variation of the Caduceus, the very sacred symbol of the Mercury of the Wise, within which the active properties of the sulfur are united with the marvellous fecundity of the Salt, in order to wisely perform the mystical connubial of two luminaries in three worlds.

Let there be profundity in your concentration. Meditate on the Sacred Order of Tibet.

Evoke those eight Kabirs or Kabirim [Editor: Cabeiri] of the sign of infinity, those eight brethren, ineffable Semitic divinities whose cult and mysteries were passed afterwards to the Greeks and Romans. Their special center was found in Samothrace.

These holy Gods were considered to be children of Hephaestus or Vulcan and the beautiful daughter of Proteus. Thus, they appear as being born from the sacred fire that is developed and unfolded within the interior of the earth.

Therefore, these eight brethren are the rectors of Nature, the generators of the vital phenomena, the regulators of all the fundamental activities of this planetary organism upon which we live.

Meditate and pray, remain alert and vigilant as the watchman in the time of war, and do not fall into temptation.

May the ineffable and terribly divine Holy Eight submerge as a precious balm within your tormented heart, and may the eight Kabirs guide your steps towards the Sacred Order of Tibet.

I tell you: be integral, uni-total, and receptive. Thus, one given night, it does not matter which one, you will be called to the temple of the Himalaya.

Ask and it shall be granted unto thee.

Knock and it shall be opened unto thee.

Oh, lanoo, tell me: Are you willing to tolerate the ordeals? The old wise men of the East state that seven are the basic, fundamental and indispensable ordeals for the initiatic admit-tance within the Sacred Order of Tibet.

Of these ordeals, the Master Luxemil already spoke of the last one. Is it perhaps very pleasant to experience the terror of death? Nonetheless, only in such a way can we come to comprehend that the price of the Self-realization of the Being is paid with life itself.

A lugubrious fate suits me, that is: to contemplate an igneous trail of that which was! I was in struggles; I knew the ordeals. As did others, I knocked on the doors of the temple.

The seducing beauty of the oriental temple laid a flash of life into my suffering soul, like the lightning that, as coloring, paints into the weeping cloud the enrapturing rainbow.

The sacred image of the temple, pleasant and radiant, like a wandering star or a fast meteor, was the lightning that opened an ardent furrow of gold in my night.

This ineffable sanctuary of Tibet is the lamp and the torch. It is the breath that creates and the squall that riots. It is the calm of the spirit who recreates and the storm that lashes.

Fathomless mystery, sweet and powerful harmony, severe and grave, God grant me the ability to have thee as a funeral lyric, a bloody honor, a flower of the abyss, grief, and glory of death.

Across this black river of profane existence, beyond the terrible boisterous sounds of its waves, the austere and grave truth gleams as the silence of the stars.

So, I was submitted to unutterable ordeals, inside, in the ancestral patio of the temple behind those sacred walls. How many remembrances...!

Let the evening fold its golden wing into the void! Let those esoteric reminiscences come into my mind for the good of my readers! Let the stars twinkle! Let those nocturnal birds tell me many things in secret!

Thus, within that patio of mysteries, an Adept-Lady (after many, too many, ordeals, which were exceedingly frightful and terrible) sinisterly showed me the bare and horrible bone figure of death: a skeletal skull between two crossed long bones.

Allow me to live a little more… I am working for the sake of this suffering humanity… I will pay everything I owe by sacrificing myself for the great orphan. Have mercy on me.

“If thou wouldst have been prepared, thou wouldst have died before this figure.” This was the answer. Then, a terrifying silence pervaded.

I, vile slug from the mud of the earth, standing abreast of one of these solemn, unconquered columns of that sanctuary… Woe is me! Woe! Woe!… Tremendous memories come into my mind… I was inside, within the Sacred Order of Tibet. However, this was nothing new for me, I remembered that in other times, I had been there, inside that same place, and standing abreast of the same venerated column.

On that patio, around the sacred table, a group of Nirmanakayas were seated… Those ineffable Beings were distilling happiness.

Oh God! What beautiful tunics, vestures of paradise! What divine countenances! It is obvious that among them some Sambogakayas were not missing, who, as it is known, have three more perfections than the Nirmanakayas.

Lords, allow me to speak some words… The reminiscence from other times are coming now into my memory. Long ago, many centuries before, I was standing here, in this very same place and abreast of this same column.

A venerable elder answered me, “If thou wouldst not have been here before, thou wouldst not have knocked again on the doors of this temple.”

Then, while withdrawing myself from that column, I advanced some steps, in order to reverently prostrate myself in front of the table of those saints. The elder who had taken the floor in the name of all those elected ones, stood up in order to pronounce against me some just recriminations.

What a majestic countenance! He looked like a living Christ! Many cosmic days and cosmic nights were reflected within his eyes! His sacred beard was a living representation of the universal Word of life and his immaculate hair falling upon his ineffable shoulders reminded me of the Ancient of Days of the Hebraic Kabbalah!

He spoke and said terrible things. He mentioned a woman whom I had known after the submersion of the old Atlantean continent. “Do you remember such a lady?”

“Yes, I do, venerable Master, I do remember her.” It is evident that in those ancient times, I had failed because of her.

“Do you remember this other lady?”

“Yes I do, venerable Master, I do remember her.” Then, the living remembrance of a Tibetan queen came into my mind.

So, long ago, about one million years in the past, in the center of Asia, in the very heart of the Himalayas, on the side of Tibet, a marvellous kingdom existed. The inhabitants of that ancient country were the outcome of an Aryan-Atlantean mixture.

Every esotericist knows very well that the First Subrace from our present Fifth Root Race flourished in the center of Asia.

I lived in that old country and knew its cited queen, that lady whom the Master was reminding me of in a recriminating way. She came to me when I was a priest from the Sacred Order of Tibet. The unhappy one was suffering. Thus, she told me her tragedies.

The monarch, her husband, was in love with another woman, and it is obvious that the disgraced queen had fallen into desperation. I wanted to help her; I did what I could for her, however, I committed many errors.

To assault the privacy of the mind is a crime, thus to deny my own errors would be an absurdity: I used my psychic powers in an evidently negative way and I even committed the error of receiving some money in payment for it. So, the royal treasury paid me a sum of money on account of the expenses of the queen.

Her husband abandoned his concubine. Thus, king and queen were reconciled for the good of the country.

Apparently, I did a good deed; however, let us remember the words of Master Morya.

Crime is also hidden within the rhyme of poetry.

It is clearly comprehensible, by all means, that I fell into absurdity, that I committed stupidities. Thus, for such cause, in spite of being a Twice Born, I was severely punished.

So, the elder was there, reminding me of all these things. It is clear that my moral pain was exceedingly frightful.

“Didst thou become enrolled in the Order of the Jarretera?”

“Yes I did, venerable master, I was enrolled in it.” That was my answer. How could I deny it? The sight of him, most sacred elder, was trespassing my heart. It was impossible to hide myself in front of that divinity.

Afterwards, I remembered that ancient personality that I had in ancient Rome. At that time, the mission to establish a strong scenario for the Fourth Subrace from this Fifth Root Race was entrusted to me. Hence, I utilized the human personality of Julius Caesar.

I formed the great Roman Empire; I fought as a lion in the Gaul and the whole world knows that I was assassinated by the traitor Brutus.

I did not have the necessity of enrolling myself into the Order of the Jarretera, since the secret laws of the great Universal Life would have helped me in many ways, without the need of that cited Roman institution.

Therefore, after these recriminations, I felt ashamed of myself, grievous, and with my heart in pain.

An Adept-Lady, disguised with the costume of a ritual executioner, resolutely advanced towards me while holding the sacred whip in her right hand. Immediately I understood that I had to pass through the evangelical flagellation.

So, I walked towards the interior of the temple very slowly… alongside that very ancient patio surrounded by archaic walls.

“Die! Die! Die!,” exclaimed the Lady at the time that she, indeed, was flagellating me with that sacred whip.

Yes, this is what I want, to die, to die, to die, so lash me harder. Hence, those whippings, instead of producing in me that frightful pain of torture, were penetrating inside of me as electrical lightning which were benefiting me, because I was feeling in my interior that those entities that constitute the pluralized ego were overthrown to death.

It is written that Horus must defeat and destroy the Red demons of Seth (Satan), so that the soul can resurrect within the heart of Osiris (Christ).

It is evident, certain, inevitable, that after having returned again to the Second Birth, I needed to die within myself, here and now.

This is not the ordinary, common, and current death of the profane and profaners of this life, a death which infuses great terror into vulgar people, a death which terrifies the multitudes who populate the face of the earth.

Indeed, the death which we refer to is the Initiatic Death for the Masters. This type of death is mentioned by Giordano Bruno, who wrote Coloro Che Filosofano Dirittamente Intendono a Morire.

The Initiatic Death is the death of Seth, which is the myself, the mind-self that is so worshipped by many sincerely mistaken ones.

Hence, many years of my life have already passed; however, I could never, ever forget this cosmic event that occurred in the heart of the Himalayas.

Presently, I am completely dead. I worked intensely with the help of my sacred serpent. Therefore, the red demons have been defeated.

The struggle was hard, however, I achieved the Initiatic Death. This path is more bitter than bile. Many are called; but, few are chosen.

The path of life is formed with the hoofprints of the horse of death.

I needed to dissolve the ego, yes: to die. Now, I utter this because…