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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Seven Paths of Happiness

The Seven Paths of Happiness

In relation with the Seven Rays of Cosmic Action, there is certainly too much stated and discussed amidst the intricate and confusing labyrinth of pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist theories.

Human machines with viperine tongues pronounce marvellous things! They are people who sleep upon the face of the earth, three-centered or three-brained bipeds who not only ignore, but moreover, they ignore that they ignore.

You, human machines who pass, come, and go… Speak, discuss, if that is what pleases you. Yet, indeed, I tell you that you do not know anything…

Direct mystical experience is urgent in order to know. Yet, indeed, the esoteric experience, the ecstasy, is only for humans with awakened consciousness.

Do you want to stop being machines? All right, I congratulate you; however, you must start by awakening.

Ah…! If the people would awaken, if they would stop being machines… How different life would be.

It seems incredible, but only with ten percent of awakened consciousness the wars would disappear and peace would reign in this valley of tears.

You, sovereigns and vassals, aristocrats and mendicants, know that your miserable existences are nothing else than a weaving of dreams.

On the unknowable high sea, the boat follows the impulse of a bird in its peril. Where does it go? Not even the navigator from Genoa knows it, since he also sleeps.

Sorrows which cheer and joys which blemish, rejoices which weep and sufferings which sing exist within this tragic consciousness that we carry inside, but the intellectual animal always kills what he most adores.

Consciousness that sleeps, how different you would be if you would awaken. You would know the seven paths of happiness, the light of your love would shine everywhere, the birds would rejoice within the mystery of their forest, the light of the Spirit would shine, and joyfully, the elementals from Nature would sing for you their verses of gold.

On a given night - the date, the day, or the hour does not matter - I was conversing with an Adept of the White Brotherhood within the parallel universe of the fifth dimension. Indeed, our conversation went smoothly, and delectably flowed as a river of gold which slowly flows through the thick jungle under the sun.

Suddenly, under the sublime foliage of the Tree of Life, I addressed him as follows, “Do you have a physical body? Are you awakened?”

It is obvious that his answers left me completely satisfied: “Yes, I am awakened, I have a physical body. However, in these very moments I feel that my consciousness is starting to sleep in degrees, slowly, little by little, in accordance with the attraction exerted by my dense vehicle, towards that which people call the state of vigil.”

The most interesting thing was that ineffable moment in which the Adept, while ecstatically floating within the sidereal environment, blessedly joined his two feet, in such a way that the soles of his feet made contact together. Then, it is evident that he fortified himself: his consciousness recovered its lucidity.

It is evident that I imitated his example. The Adept explained this clue when saying, “With this secret, you will resist the magnetic attraction of your dense body. Thus, you will remain outside all the time you want.”

It is obvious, palpable, and evident that only Adepts like him, human beings truly conscious and awakened, know what the Seven Paths are.

The Seven Paths of Happiness do not exist during the Cosmic Night. Then, the only One breathes, breathless by itself.

Before the heart of this solar system began to intensely palpitate, the causes of pain did not exist, since there was nobody to produce them. Hence, there was no one to apprehend by them.