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Cosmic Teachings of a Lama: The Thymus Gland

The Thymus Gland

The thymus is a very important gland of internal secretion and we must profoundly study it.

Men of science know very well that such a gland is found situated underneath the thyroid gland, in that forward superior mediastinal cavity (behind the upper thorax bones).

Any biologist knows by observation and direct experience that the thymus gland usually consists of two longitudinal lobes, united throughout a central plane.

The constitution of this marvellous and formidable gland is admirable. Each lobe is extraordinarily formed by even more small divisions that are called lobules.

It is obvious and any scientist can comprehend that each lobule is comprised of an external portion or cortex and a central portion or medulla.

It is obvious that the thymus gland of a child is relatively large. However, by all means it is clear to verify that during the last part of childhood, the weight of this gland gradually diminishes in relation to the weight of the body.

Biology teaches that the thymus gland marvellously evolves in children until acquiring a specific weight of 25 to 40 grams.

Endocrinologists do not ignore that such a gland generally starts its devolving processes between eleven and fourteen years of age. It is unquestionable that such a regression is very slow and it endures the whole life.

A wise author, whose name I do not mention, textually states the following:

“We still do not know enough about the thymus gland; yet, it seems that this gland is the one that dominates the development of the child’s body before puberty.

“It inhibits the activity of the testicles and ovaries. Castration causes the persistent development of the thymus’ body.

“The extraction of the thymus gland or its inhibition by means of x-rays accelerates the development of the gonads.

“The continued action of the thymus gland after puberty causes peculiarities in the sexual expression.

“Degenerated and repulsive practices appear invariably in the persons in whom the function of the thymus gland predominates.

“The thymus gland impedes the differentiation and stops the transformation towards a positive sexual expression, whether it is related with a man or a woman.

“If tadpoles are nourished with the thymus substance, then their development and differentiation into a male or female frog is impeded.”

“People in whom the function of the thymus gland predominates become homosexual.

“The male does not entirely become male, and because within him remains too much that is potentially feminine, he likes the society of males more than the society of females.

“The female will still be potentially male and therefore she will enjoy more the company of the female.

“A multitude of criminal and degenerated persons are mainly people within whom the action of the thymus gland predominates.

“The thymus gland seems to be the conductor of the body of the creature. It furnishes it with many of the necessary elements for its structure.

“The thymus gland begins to hold its action during puberty. Therefore, it is supposed to be the propulsive gland for the infantile development.

“The process of calcification has become retarded in those animals in which the thymus gland has been extracted.

“It seems that the thymus gland dominates the lymphatic system.”

Therefore, degenerated infrasexual people, like homosexuals and lesbians within whom lamentably the action of the thymus gland predominates, are the fatal outcome of a degenerated sexual seed.

It is obvious that a degenerated seed does not serve for the intimate Self-realization of the Being.

If the germ does not die, then the plant cannot be born. It is obvious that the real and true Human Being can only be born from the normal seed.

Homosexuality and lesbianism accuse, indicate, aim to a devolving, regressive, and descendent process.

It is pathetic, clear, and apparent that not a single legitimate school of regeneration would ever admit degenerated seeds inside of its bosom.