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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: Ens Astrale

Ens Astrale

Master Paracelsus states:

“The stars from heaven do not form the human being. The human being comes from two principles: the ‘Ens Seminis’ (the masculine sperm) and the ‘Ens Virtutis’ (the Innermost). Therefore, he has two natures: one Corporeal and the other Spiritual and each one of them requires its digestion (womb and nutrition).

“Just as the mother’s uterus is the world which surrounds the child and also from where the fetus receives its nutrition, as well, Nature, in its proper manner, is where the terrestrial body of the human being receives its influences which act upon his organism. This is the Ens Astrale, which is something that we do not see, yet, it contains us and all that is alive and has sensation. It is what the air contains and from which all elements live. We symbolize it with ‘M’ (misterium).” - Paramirum Liber

Here the great Theophastrus (Paracelsus) clearly talks to us about the Astral Light of the Kabbalists, about the Azoe and Magnesia of ancient Alchemists, about the Flying Dragon of Medea, about I.N.R.I. of Christians and about the Tarot of the Bohemians.

The hour has arrived in which Biocenosis must also study the great universal agent of life, the Astral Light and its “Solve et coagula,” which are represented by the male goat of Mendez.

The Astral Light is the basis for all sicknesses and the fountain of all life. Every sickness, every epidemic, has its astral larvae. When these larvae become coagulated in the human organism, a sickness is the outcome.

In the Temple of Alden, the Masters seat their patients in an armchair that is under yellow, blue, and red lights. These three primary colors serve in order to make the larvae of a sickness visible in the Astral Body. The Masters treat the organism with innumerable medications after having extracted those larvae from the astral organism of the patient.

When the Astral Body is already healed, then mathematically the physical body will be healed, because before the physical atoms of an organ become sick, the “internal” atoms of the same organ are already sick.

When the cause is cured, the effect is also cured. Every sick person can write a letter to the Temple of Alden. Thus, he (she) will receive help from the Gnostic medics. The letter should be handwritten by the sick person, then it should be burned by the same person. However, prior to this, the letter should be perfumed with frankincense in the very moment before burning it.

The astral letter, or the soul of that burned letter, will go into the Temple of Alden. Hence, the Masters of Wisdom will read the letter and will assist the sick person.

We must have our homes clean in the physical world as well as in the Astral. Garbage deposits are always filled with infected larvae. There exist odoriferous substances which burn the larvae or which throw them out of our house. The “Frailejon” is a Colombian plant which the Arhuaco Indians utilize in order to disinfect their homes. The disinfection can also be made with belladonna, camphor and saffron.

Minerva, the Goddess of Wisdom, sterilizes the sick person’s room from microbes with a certain alchemical element. This element irradiates by means of a special system that impedes the microbes from reproducing themselves. Minerva also has a concave lens which She applies to the organ of the sick person. This establishes a focus of perennial magnetism which produces the cure. We must avoid having relationships with evil people, since these people are centers of astral infection.