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Esoteric Medicine and Practical Magic: The Faculties of Medicine

The Faculties of Medicine

“The vanity of erudites does not come from heaven, but they learn it from one another, and upon this base they edify their church.” - Paracelsus, Fundam Sap. Frangm.

In a magazine from Berlin, Bruno Noah textually states the following:

“His excellency, the rector of the University of Halle, Sir Professor Dr. Hahne states in his discourse 2-2-1934: ‘I have the sufficient courage of publicly declaring myself in favor of Astrology, and that it is time to recognize Astrology as a science. I regret the fact of not having preoccupied myself before with astrology.’”

It is provable that the honorable body of doctors from Berlin could evaluate the authorized declaration of Dr. Hahne. Of course, this doctor is neither a “snob” opportunist nor a Galenist impostor. Astrology is a science that goes back to the time of the first ages of humanity. All of the very ancient schools of medicine drank from this fountain of inexhaustible wisdom. Since this is a fact, and certainly a true fact, the delayed recognition from this German doctor does not grant any merit to astrology. However, his recognition is with merit.

The Arhuaco Indians from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Colombia have “astrology and medicine” as the infallible, indispensable system of their medical teachings. Astrology and medicine are part of one and the same complicated organism. Since they never ignored astrology, they have no need to feel regret. Hence, to use one of these two parts (astrology and medicine), or to study one of these two elements while disregarding the other, is anachronistic and anti-scientific.

Dr. Walter Krish from Stralsund states:

“Dr. Krumm-Heller founded a new theory about the organs of the senses which opens new horizons for sensorial physiology. Much has being spoken now about the sixth sense and it has been found that it has to be searched for within the fourth dimension.”

The medical system of the Arhuaco Indians from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is analogous to the one of the Lamas from Tibet. Thus, regarding sensorial physiology and human anatomy, they are in an envious position in comparison with the greatly boastful ones of modern sapience.

The Arhuaco doctors study medicine for thirteen years and the minimum time for the Lama doctors from Tibet is twelve years.

The Arhuaco student of medicine remains “cloistered” for precisely thirteen years within a dwelling of two rooms. His studies are initiated when he is seven years old and he graduates when he is twenty-one years old. The nourishment of the student is administered through one window and the teachings from his instructor along with the medicinal plants are administered through another window. The teacher who knows the least is the one who starts teaching him and the teacher who knows the most is the one who is the last. The number of instructors vary according to the educational courses which he is receiving. Each teacher has his or her own sack of plants. The study of the plants is related to their elementals and to their occult powers. This is the ancient science of Elementotherapy.

During the night, outside of his dwelling, the disciple is instructed by the teachers of Astrology and Practical Magic. In order to receive this instruction, he has to develop clairvoyance or the sixth sense, which was intuited by Dr. Krisch from Stralsund.

The procedure in order to develop clairvoyance that the Arhuaco students of medicine utilize is as follows:

The disciple stands still, contemplating upon a star from heaven, while holding a reed in his hand. Then, he strives to perceive the place which his teacher wishes him to. After a certain time of daily practice, there will truly be no place on earth, as remote as it might be, that the student will not see from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

The Indians from the State of Bolivar (Colombia) develop the sixth sense with the following procedure: At six o’clock past meridian, the aspirant places a bottle of rum, a clock, a lit candle and a plate with food on the ground underneath a tree that could be a “Guasimo” (Guazuma ulmifolia Lamarck), Olive, “Totumo” (Calabash tree, Crescentia Cujete L.) or Clover bush. The aspirant consumes the food while he fixedly and penetratingly looks at the rum, candle, and clock.

These Indians always execute these practices with their face towards the setting sun and they pronounce the Christian Creed filled with faith. Thursdays and Fridays are the special days in order to perform them.

The sensorial organs of our senses are the sources of information for our mind. When these senses are more fine we have a better perception of the things which surround us. Therefore, our conceptual judgment is more exact.

The German physicist Alfred Judt sustains that a “pure blooded” individual hears eight complete octaves of the note Sol, with two lines of frequency (96.825), or with lines of frequency of 24,787,200. The measure for half-blooded Europeans is much less in their low or high auditory zone.

The pure blooded Aborigines enjoy more fine senses. If we add to them the awakening of clairvoyance, or the sixth sense located in the Epiphysis gland, then a more penetrating sensorial perception and a pure source of objective information is attained. This is impossible for the students from the official faculties of medicine to obtain because of the lack of appropriate methods.

The Arhuaco Indians and the Tibetan Lamas know the human anatomy in depth. The texts of official anatomy are lacking the anatomy of the internal bodies of the human being, who is septuple in his internal constitution.

Behold, here are the seven bodies of the human being:

  1. Physical body
  2. Vital Body
  3. Astral Body
  4. Mental Body
  5. Body of Willpower
  6. Body of the Consciousness
  7. Espiritus (the Innermost)

The illustrious Master Paracelsus classifies them as follows:

  1. The Limbus
  2. The Mumia
  3. The Archaous
  4. The Sidereal body
  5. Adech (the internal man or Mental Body made of the flesh of Adam)
  6. Aluech
  7. Body of the Innermost

These are the seven organisms made of distinct matters or degrees of subtilization, which any professor of medicine could perceive if he could develop his clairvoyance with the procedures that are given here in this book.

A study of anatomy has to embrace in its conjunction the seven bodies of the human being in all of its interrelations in order for it to be complete.

Emmanuel Kant, the great German philosopher, admits that nisus formativus, the Astral Body, or Linga Sarira of the Theosophists, does exist.

These distinct internal bodies of the human being work over our endogenous glands and over our hormones. One cannot be a physician without knowing in depth the nisus formativus to which Emmanuel Kant refers.

Dr. Krisch concluded that smell, sight, hearing, and other senses of the human being function by means of electromagnetic oscillations.

Lakosky, the great Russian sage, founder of the Emanative Theory, reached the conclusion that everything radiates and that everything is energy.

It is absolutely impossible to be a physician in its whole significance without being a clairvoyant, and without having studied anatomy, biology and the pathology of all the seven bodies of the human being.

The Master Paracelsus states:

“There are two types of flesh, the flesh of Adam (the physical body) that is the terrestrial flesh, which is gross. The flesh which is not derived from Adam is of a subtle specie. It is not made from a gross matter and it can penetrate through all the walls without the necessity of doors or holes. Nonetheless, both species of flesh have their blood and bones and both also differ from the spirit.” - Paracelsus, De Nymphis

These energetic internal bodies of the human being are material organisms, which the physician must know about in depth in order to diagnose the sicknesses without any mistake, without committing any stupidity.

To know the official chemistry is worthless if the “occult chemistry” is unknown. It is worthless to know the exterior biology, if the “internal biology” of the seven bodies of the human being is unknown. In like manner, it is worthless to know only about the exterior anatomy without knowing about the “internal anatomy.” In the laboratory, the theoretical study of Bacteriology would be futile without a microscope.

It is absurd to study medicine without previously having developed positive clairvoyance, which permits us to see and handle the seven bodies of the human being.

The methods of diagnosis of the official science are insufficient. For this reason, the majority of patients die without knowing what their sickness was.

The Indian Jeronimo Montaño would place a crystal ball on the neck of the sick person, which allowed him to see the organism through it better than x-rays would. When it was necessary to diagnose a distant patient, it was enough for him to humidify his crystal ball with rum and to envelope it within the clothing of the sick person. Thus, in this singular manner, he knew what the sickness was and he was able to diagnose it with certainty.

On one occasion, two skeptical persons brought the hat of a dead man to the Indian Jeronimo so that he could tell them to whom the hat belonged. Thus, Jeronimo took the hat in his hands and invited the two skeptical people into his clinic. Then, with a loud voice he told them: “Behold, the owner of this hat is here.” The two skeptical ones became shocked when they saw the very defunct man of the experiment seated upon a chair.

I would like to see a pupil who is in his last year of medical school diagnose someone in the presence of a “Mama” from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. It would be funny, very funny...

When finalizing the studies in medicine, the Arhuaco pupil is examined by all of his teachers and in the presence of the government of Indians from the Sierra. One by one, each teacher examines him with their sack of plants. The astrologers examine him in astrology, the magicians examine him in practical magic, etc.

The exam on plants is related to the occultism of them, that is to say, with the Elementotherapy, which is ignored by botanists. The schools of medicine of the Lamas from Oriental Tibet do it in their proper way. One of their specialties is osmotherapy, or healing through perfumes.

We copied the following prayer from a Lama’s prayer book, which is mentioned by Krumm-Heller:

“Sublime flowers, chosen Rosaries of little flowers, music and ointments of delectable fragrance, resplendent lights and the best perfumes, I bring to the victorious ones (the Buddhas) magnificent tunics and extra-fine perfumes, little sacks filled with cut aromatic burning sticks, which are equal in number to the mountains of ‘Miru’ and all of the most beautiful creations, I bring to the victorious ones.”

Frhr. Von Perckammer painted an illustration which is mentioned by Dr. Krumm-Heller. In this illustration appeared a Lama who is on the patio of Yungho-Kung, in the Temple of the Eternal Peace. He is portending alongside of a censer.

Perfumes are never absent within the Lama’s convent of the Hundred Thousand Images of Maitreya. Dr. Rudolf Steiner affirms that the employment of perfumes for the healing of sicknesses has a very remote past and a splendid future. Leadbeater said that our sins and faults bounce back into the Astral Body and that they can be eliminated through the action of certain perfumes. Each vice has its own larvae that are attached to the Astral Body. Thus, the total healing of those vices is achieved only by the disintegration of those larvae by means of certain perfumes.

Statues of Buddha that are made with perfumed Sandalwood exist in Peking, Tibet, and in the Mongolian cloister of Erdoni Dsu. These statues remain enveloped with aromatic herbs which are utilized in order to perform distant healings. These statues are named “Dscho” (written “je”) because of the abbreviation of “jebe” which means Lord or Master. They are also in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

“Tschima-Purma” is the name of certain cloth balls that are filled with aromatic herbs that Tibetans and Mongolians hang on the ceilings of their temples for healing purposes.

Krumm-Heller mentions to us in one of his books that Lama Rintschen practiced medicine in Berlin with the essences he brought from Tibet; he never bought a single drug in Berlin. As Huiracocha tells us, his mission was to care for the resident Mongolians.

The severe studies of Himalayan and Trans-Himalayan medicine include elementotherapy, osmotherapy, anatomy of the seven bodies, astrology and occult chemistry. Every Lama-physician is a clairvoyant. Indeed, truly, one cannot be a physician without being a clairvoyant.

Listen to this, gentlemen of official medicine. The diagnosis through percussion and auscultation and the manner in which a blind man moves and walks are analogous. To use the sense of touch in order to orient oneself in a diagnosis is absolutely unsure and puerile.

The Arhuaco and Lama physicians do not need those antiquated methods of diagnosis from official medicine for anything, since they are only good for blind men.

The Arhuaco and Lama physicians have developed the sixth sense, clairvoyance. Thus, they can see directly the causes of the sickness and its effects in the internal bodies.

A subterranean city exists within the profound Amazon jungles. Some occidental yogis dwell there. The sacred treasures of submerged Atlantis are zealously kept within this mysterious city. These sage yogi physicians are the zealous guardians of the very ancient medical wisdom.

Another mysterious city also exists within the thick jungles of California. This city will never be discovered by the “civilized” people of this twentieth century. Here is where a surviving race from ancient Lemuria dwells. This race is the most ancient depository of the precious treasure of medical wisdom.

Likewise, various sanctuaries of medicine that are based on the “royal art” of Nature exist in Central America. Thus, in our world there is no scarcity of secret places where this medical wisdom is cultivated and studied. The human being knew this wisdom in former times, when he lived away from this vicious atmosphere of urban life.

Epidemics put the world in mourning. Death advances triumphantly and devastatingly everywhere. The transitory power of allopathic medicine is abdicating before the avalanche of human pain.

The hour in order to return to Nature, the hour to withdraw into the countryside in order to learn the teachings that I give in this book has arrived.

Thus, in the profound peace of the forests is where we must establish nurseries of medical wisdom, similar to those sanctuaries in Tibet and the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

Youth with genius, defenseless humanity, unsatisfied people, let us go into battle with this re-conquered flag which I raise on high towards all winds! Let us go to battle against scientific exclusivity! Let us go to war against all that is harmful and antiquated!

To the battle for Aquarius! To the battle for the new era!