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Esoteric Treatise of Hermetic Astrology: Pisces


We have arrived at the Mother-Night of Egyptian cosmology, the profound ocean of Pisces, the initiatic, limitless darkness of the Absolute Abstract Space, the first element of the abyss where the undines guard the Rhinegold, or the fire of divine and genetic thought.

Pisces is wisely symbolized by two fish. The fish is the soma of the mysteries of Isis.

The fish is the living symbol of primitive, Gnostic Christianity.

The two fish of Pisces linked by a hyphen have a profound Gnostic significance: they represent the two souls of the primordial Elohim submerged within the deep waters of Mother-Night.

We have already explained in previous chapters that the Innermost, the Being, Atman, has two souls: one feminine and the other masculine.

We have already explained that the Spiritual Soul, Buddhi, is feminine.  We have already said, and we repeat, that the Human Soul, Superior Manas, is masculine.

The sacred couple, the divine, eternal matrimony, is always symbolized by two fish linked by a hyphen; the latter is the Being, Atman.

The sacred couple, the two eternal fish, work within the waters of the abyss when the aurora of the Mahamanvantara arrives.

The two ineffable fish work under the direction of Atman, when the hour of the aurora of creation arrives.

However, it is good to remember that Isis and Osiris could never work in the Great Work without the famous Mercury of Secret Philosophy.  In this Sexual Mercury lies the key to all power.

In hieratic symbolism, a circle with a traversed vertical line is the very sacred union of the eternal feminine with the eternal masculine; the integration of the opposites in the ineffable and divine, essential Monad.

The Monad, the Being, surges forth from within the Great Mother Space.  From within the Great Ocean rise the Elohim to work in the aurora of the Mahamanvantara.

Water is the feminine element of all creation, from which originates the Latin mater, and the terribly divine letter M.

In Gnostic Christianity, Maria (Mary) is the same Isis, the Mother of the cosmos, the eternal Mother Space, the profound waters of the abyss.

The word Maria (Mary) is divided into two syllables; the first is mar, which reminds us of the deep ocean of Pisces.  The second is ia, which is a variant of IO (iiioooo), the august name of Mother Space, the circle of the nothingness, from which everything emanates and to which everything returns; the one, the single one of the manifested universe, after the night of the Great Pralaya or annihilation.

Once the superior waters were separated from the inferior waters, light was made. In other words, the animating Word of the cosmos, the child, surged forth into life, and this life took, as a transmitting element, the Sun, which is found at the center of our solar system, like the heart within our organism.

The fecund vibrations of the Sun are really the living elemental fire that condenses in the center of each planet, constituting the heart of it.

All that light, all that life, is represented by the seven spirits before the throne, within the heart temples of each of the seven planets of the solar system.

The work of separating the waters from the waters corresponds to the sacred couple.

From their individual selves, each of the seven spirits before the throne emanated the sacred pair of fish, in order for the couple to work in the aurora of creation with the power of Kriya-Shakti, the power of the lost Word, the power of the will and yoga.

The love of loves, the mystical Passion of the last fire within the eternal husband and the divine wife, is vital in order to separate the superior waters from the inferior waters.

Transcendental Maithuna, Kriya-Shakti, the creative Word, exists in this work.

He provides the fire and she transmutes the waters, separating the superior from the inferior.

The two fish then project that fire and that superior transmuted water upon the waters of the chaos, upon the cosmic matter or material for the worlds, upon the sleeping seeds of existence, and thus life sprouts forth.

The entire work is carried out with the help of the Word, the will, and yoga.

In the beginning, the universe is subtle, afterwards, it condenses materially, going through successive periods of progressive crystallization.

Millions of universes exist in infinite space, within the bosom of Mother Space.

Some universes are coming out of the Pralaya, surging forth from within the deep waters of Pisces, some are in full activity, while others are dissolving within the eternal waters.

Isis and Osiris could not do anything without the Sexual Mercury. The two eternal fish love and adore each other, and live always creating again and again.

The fish is the most sacred symbol of primitive Gnostic Christianity.  It is a pity that thousands of students of occultism have forgotten the Gnosis of the fish.

Seven humanities with physical bodies live on our planet Earth. Ours is the lowest, the only one that is a failure for having lost Gnosis. The other six humanities live in the Jinn state, in the fourth dimension, already in the interior of the Earth, already in many Jinn regions and areas.

The age of Pisces should not have been the failure it was.  The causa causorum of the Piscine failure was due to certain tenebrous elements that betrayed Gnosis and preached certain Agnostic or anti-Gnostic doctrines, underestimating the fish, discarding the religious wisdom, and sinking humanity into materialism.

Let us remember Lucio arriving at the city of Hypatia and staying in the house of Milon (whose wife Panfila was a perverse witch).  A little later, Lucio went out to buy fish (the Ictius, symbol of the nascent Gnostic Christianity, the fish, soma, of the mysteries of Isis).

The fishermen, with frightful disdain, sold the fish for twenty wretched denarius which they had previously tried to sell for one hundred escudos. This is a terrible satire within which the greatest spite for the nascent and already infatuated Gnostic Christianity is enveloped.

The result of Agnostic Christianity was the Marxist materialistic dialectic.

The reaction against Agnosticism was godless and lawless repugnant materialism.

It can be affirmed that the age of Pisces failed due to Agnosticism.  The betrayal of Gnosis was the most serious crime of the age of Pisces.

Jesus Christ and his twelve fishermen initiated an age that could well have been one of the greatest splendors.

Jesus and his twelve Gnostic Apostles indicated the precise path for the age of Pisces, Gnosticism, the wisdom of the fish.

It is a pity that all the sacred books of sacred Gnosis were burned and the sacred symbol of the fish forgotten.


During the sign of Pisces, we have to vocalize for one hour daily.  Let us remember that in the beginning was the Word and that the Word was with God and that the Word was God.

In ancient times, the seven vowels of nature resounded in the entire human organism from head to toe, and it is now necessary to restore the seven notes in the marvelous harp of our organism, in order to restore the lost powers.

The vowel “I” causes the pineal and pituitary glands to vibrate. These two small glands are united by a small, extremely subtle canal or capillary (which has disappeared in cadavers).

The pineal gland is located in the superior part of the cerebrum, and the pituitary gland, in the cavernous plexus between the two eyebrows.

Each of these two small glands has a vital aura, and when these two auras blend, the spatial sense is developed and we see the ultra of all things.

The vowel “E” causes the thyroid gland, which secretes the biological iodine, to vibrate.

This gland is located in the throat, and in it resides the chakra of the magical ear.

The vowel “O” causes the heart chakra (the center of intuition and all types of powers to travel in the Astral, Jinn state, etc.) to vibrate.

The vowel “U” causes the solar plexus (located in the umbilical region) to vibrate.  This solar plexus is the telepathic center and the emotional cerebrum.

The vowel “A” causes the pulmonary chakras, which permit us to remember our past lives, to vibrate.

The vowel “M,” profanely held as a consonant, is vocalized with the lips closed, without opening the mouth, and the sound that then comes out through the nose is the “M.”

The vowel “M” causes the Ens Seminis, the waters of life, the Mercury of Secret Philosophy, to vibrate.

The vowel “S” is a sweet and gentle hissing, which causes the fire inside of us to vibrate.

Seated in a comfortable armchair, we have to vocalize I. E. O. U. A. M. S., carrying the sound of each of these seven vowels from head to toe.

It is necessary to inhale, then exhale the air together with the well-prolonged vowel sound, until exhausting the exhalation.

This exercise has to be done daily in order to develop the internal magical powers.

Pisces is governed by Neptune, the planet of practical occultism, and by thundering Jupiter, the Father of the Gods.

The metal of Pisces is the tin of Jupiter, its stones, the amethyst and coral.  Pisces governs the feet.

Usually, the natives of Pisces have two wives, and several children.  They are of a dual nature and they have a disposition for two professions or trades.  The natives of Pisces are very difficult to comprehend. They live like fish: in everything, yet separated from everything by the liquid element.  They adapt to everything but, deep down, they despise all the things of the world. They are exquisitely sensitive, intuitive, and profound; people cannot comprehend them.

The natives of Pisces have a great disposition for occultism, due to the fact that Pisces is governed by Neptune, the planet of esotericism.

The women of Pisces are very nervous, sensitive like a very delicate flower, intuitive, impressionable.

Pisceans have good social sentiments. They are happy, peaceful, and hospitable by nature.

The danger for Pisceans is falling into laziness, negligence, passivity, and indifference towards life.  Pisceans can even reach the point of lacking moral responsibility.  The mind of Pisceans oscillates between rapid or fatal comprehension, laziness and disdain for the most necessary things of life.  There are two extremes, and they just as easily fall into one extreme as they do into the other. The will of Pisces people is sometimes strong, but inconsistent on other occasions.

When Pisceans fall into indifference and extreme passivity, they allow themselves to be carried away by the current of the river of life, but when they see the seriousness of their conduct, they put their steel will into play, and they then radically change the entire course of their existence.

Pisceans of a superior type are one hundred percent Gnostic. They possess a will of unbreakable steel and have a very elevated sense of moral responsibility.

The superior type of Piscean produces great enlightened beings, Masters, initiated kings, etc.

The inferior type of Piscean has a marked tendency towards lust, alcoholism, gluttony, laziness, pride.

Pisceans like journeys, but not all of them can travel.  Pisceans have a great imagination and tremendous sensitivity.

It is very difficult to comprehend Pisceans. Only Pisceans can comprehend Pisceans.

What for ordinary people has great importance is worthless for Pisceans. They are diplomatic, and can adapt themselves to people, and they appear to agree with others.

The most serious thing for the natives of Pisces is to have to define themselves in the conjugal matter, for almost always, two basic, fundamental loves lead them to a dead end.

The superior type of Piscean already transcends all of these weaknesses and is absolutely chaste.

Usually, Pisceans suffer a lot with their family in the first few years of life.

It is difficult to find a Piscean who was happy with his family early on in life.

The very inferior type of Piscean women fall into prostitution and alcoholism.

The superior type of Piscean women never fall in this manner; they are like very delicate flowers, like beautiful lotus flowers.