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Esoteric Treatise of Theurgy: Sixth Invocation

Sixth Invocation

The path of High Theurgy allows us to study the great mysteries of life and death.

However, it is necessary to learn how to consciously travel in the Astral Body. Therefore, those who still do not have that faculty and want to attain it need to acquire it through daily and vigorous training.

At the precise moment of awakening from normal sleep, after returning into the physical body and awakening in bed, many students commit the error of moving their bodies. They ignore that with this movement, the Astral Body becomes agitated and memories are lost. Therefore, when awakening from normal sleep, the student of occultism must not move! We must remain resting, with our eyes closed, and perform a retrospective exercise in order to remember (in detail) all the places we were while in the Astral Body, all the words that we heard, that we said, etc.

Understand that for these types of investigations, the mediums of Spiritism or Spiritualism are useless. It so happens that mediums do not have enough mental equilibrium. Mediums are victims of tenebrous entities. Mediums have their Mental Body dislocated; actually, the Mental and Astral Bodies of mediums are dislocated. Thus, because mediums have these two vehicles in such a condition, they cannot possess the necessary mental equilibrium and the exact logic in order to investigate the causes and effects of Nature.

We already know that the laws of Nature are wisely processed. Every effect has its cause. Every cause is the effect of another superior cause.

We have frequently heard of so many unbalanced individuals who state that they “channel” entities from beyond! Usually, those “channelers” are mediums.

Notwithstanding, it is necessary to know that the investigator of the Superior Worlds must possess a faultless mental equilibrium for this purpose. The true investigator is profoundly analytical and rigorously exact. We are mathematical in investigation and very demanding in expression.

After this preamble to our present chapter, we will narrate to our readers the investigation we performed regarding the “sixth invocation” of the great King Solomon.

This invocation is as follows:

By the divine and human name of Shaddai and by the sign of the Pentagram which I hold in my right hand, in the name of the Angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve, who are Iod-Chavah, begone Lilith! Let us rest in peace, Nahemah!

Who could Lilith be? Who could Nahemah be? Why was it necessary to conjure these tenebrous ones in the name of the Angel Anael, the Angel of Love, and by the powers of Adam and Eve who are Iod-Chavah?

We wanted to know the Angel Anael, the Angel of Love. Therefore, we, a group of brethren in the Astral Body, invoked the Angel Anael in the name of Christ, by the majesty of Christ, by the power of Christ. Holding hands we formed a chain, and thus we made the invocation inside the patio of a house. It was at the hour of the morning aurora. Thus, with a great voice, we invoked the Angel of Love. After some time, very high above we saw a few ineffable birds passing over the patio of the house; these were silver birds! Golden birds! Birds of fire! One amongst them, the most beautiful, was Anael, the Angel of Love, who in his Astral Body had assumed that beautiful figure. All of us exclaimed, “Here he comes; here is Anael, the Angel of Love!”

We waited for those marvelous and divine birds to descend to the patio of the house where all of us brethren had made the invocation of High Theurgy. However, in rapid flight those birds passed by and did not descend to the patio of the house. Why? What could have happened?

Suddenly, someone rhythmically knocked three times at the door of the house. Thus, in our astral bodies, we released the chain and went to open the door. A beautiful boy, dressed in a pink and blue tunic, presented himself at the threshold. Other children followed him. This beautiful boy was Anael, the Angel of Love, the Angel of the Dawn, the Angel of Venus! The hair of that child looked like a golden cascade falling over his ineffable back. He looked like a twelve-year-old boy. His face, as rosy as the aurora, had ineffable and perfect facial features. His whole body was as rosy as the aurora. The boy carried flowers in his arms. We knelt down so that he would bless us, and he did! In the presence of such a beautiful boy, one only feels like playing; one feels revived to infancy; one feels like becoming a child again!

On his knees before the Angel of Love, the director of the chain consulted him about something. The boy answered him with great wisdom. We carefully observed the aura of that Angel: it is white, pure, innocent and perfect. The Angel Anael radiates splendorous light, divine light, and ineffable light! Such a precious light radiates from his spinal medulla...

Indeed, the spinal medulla is the candelabra with seven arms of the temple. The pure golden oil of the candelabra is the Christonic semen (which fornicators miserably ejaculate). The demons are filled with darkness because they spill the semen miserably.

Yet, the Angels are filled with light and fire because they are absolutely chaste.

In order to create, it is not necessary to ejaculate the seminal liquor. The seed always passes through into the uterus without the need of ejaculating the semen. The multiple combinations of this infinite substance (the semen) are marvelous.

So, after we invoked the Angel Anael, we decided to meet Lilith, his tenebrous antithesis.

Thus, on another night, a most calm one... a most silent one... we simultaneously invoked Anael and Lilith. We made the invocation while in the Astral Body, within a small room. After a few moments, the Angel Anael came to our call. The beautiful boy had an ineffable appearance. We knelt, and he blessed us. Thereafter, the boy sat on a chair and we, filled with immense veneration, and with profound respect, asked the boy the favor of invoking Lilith, his antithesis.

We asked him, “Master, invoke Lilith for us; we are investigating the pairs of opposites of philosophy.” Then, the Angel Anael mentally invoked his antithesis... Outside, we heard some steps. In a few moments, another boy (the exact size of Anael, the Angel of Love) entered the room. He was Lilith; he was the antithesis of Anael!

Thus, that night we saw a terribly malignant boy, a boy with a terribly perverse face! That boy wore a black and dark blue tunic. Those are the colors of the infrared range. These same colors are used by the White Lodge but within the ultraviolet range.

Infrared colors are of the Black Lodge! Ultraviolet color is of the White Lodge.

Lilith is a demon, and his clothes are those of a demon. Lilith is a terrible fornicator! His spinal medulla only radiates abysses and darkness.

We, the investigators, offered a chair to Lilith so that he would sit. The chair was placed in front of the Angel Anael. Thus, this is how the two antitheses of Venus sat face to face. It was something admirable to see these two antitheses face to face... Anael and Lilith! In ancient times, Iamblichus, the theurgist, caused Love and Anti-love to appear before the crowds. There they were, Love and Anti-love, face to face!

Lilith did not dare to look at the severe, radiant, and luminous face of Anael. We then exclaimed, “Lo and behold, this is the mystery of the twin souls! Lo and behold, the pair of opposites of philosophy!” (Editor’s Note: there are various types of twin souls).

We were inebriated with wisdom; we were experiencing an authentic state of remarkable mystical exaltation!

Lilith and Nahemah are two terribly perverse demons. These two demons govern the spheres of the Abyss.

In his third message of the Aryavarta Ashram about the Sacred Order of Tibet, the Master Hilarion IX textually states the following:

“Kabbalists state that within the infernos there are two Kingdoms of the Strigias, namely: Lilith, the mother of abortions, and Nahemah, fatal and mortal beauty. When a man is unfaithful to his wife, which heaven had given him, and delivers himself to the licentiousness of sterile passion, then God takes away his rightful wife and throws him into the arms of Nahemah. This queen of the Strigias knows how to seduce him with all the enchantments of virginity and love. She leads the hearts of fathers astray, pushing them to abandon their children; she makes married people dream about becoming widows, and has those who are consecrated to God dream about marriage. When she usurps the title of wife, it is easy to recognize her, since she appears bald on her wedding day, since the long hair (the veil of decency in women) is intercepted on that day. After the wedding, she becomes the prisoner of despair and becomes weary of existing. Thus, she preaches suicide and finally, she violently abandons the home, leaving her victim marked with an infernal star between his eyes. Tradition adds that when sex controls the brain, this star is inverted (the Pentagonal Star) and the victim falls upside down, with his legs raised and agitating in the air.  Thus, this is why the picture of the “Fool” appears on one of the 78 cards of the Bohemian Tarot. Notwithstanding, when profane science has frequently considered the Initiates to be madmen, we are satisfied knowing the evident fact that profane science is incapable of distinguishing between a fall and a descent. The alienist completely ignores the real existence of Adam Protoplastos.”

In the Abyss, Lilith and Nahemah live in an eternal struggle. The depraved souls of Lilith no longer have any possibility of redemption, whilst the victims of Nahemah still have the possibility of leaving the abyss. The problem to resolve is sexual. Demons are terrible fornicators!

The five-pointed star symbolizes the human being. The brain must control sex. When the brain can no longer control sex, then the pentagonal star becomes inverted, and the human being sinks into the Abyss. Demons can be symbolized with the inverted pentagonal star.