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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Adolescence


The moment to abandon in a definitive manner the false shame and prejudices related to the sexual issue has arrived. Yes, it is necessary to comprehend in a clear and precise manner the sexual problems of the adolescents of both sexes.

The sexual energy appears and flows in an overwhelming manner through the neurosympathetic system of the adolescent organism at about fourteen years of age; here, this special type of energy transforms the human organism by modifying the voice in the male and originating the ovarian function in the female.

The human organism—as an authentic factory—transforms dense or crude elements into refined vital substances.

The foods that we ingest into our stomach pass through multiple transformations and refinements, culminating in that semisolid, semi-liquid substance mentioned by Paracelsus with the name of Ens Seminis (“entity of semen”); thus, this is how that flexible, ductile, transparent liquid, that sperm, retains in itself all the seeds of life in potentiality.

Gnosticism recognizes the sperm as the Chaos from which life emerges with intensity; this is why the ancient medieval alchemists—Paracelsus, Sendivogius, Nicholas Flamel, Raymond Lully, etc.—studied with profound veneration the Ens Seminis as the mercury of the secret philosophy.

Yes, this Vitriol is a true elixir that is intelligently elaborated by nature within the seminal vesicles. Indeed, within this mercury of ancient wisdom, within this semen, all the possibilities of existence are found.

It is regrettable that because of the lack of true psychological orientation, many young people surrender themselves to the vice of masturbation, or lamentably deviate from normalcy towards the infrasexual path of homosexuality.

Intellectual information about many subjects is given to children and young people, and they are physically trained in different sports whose abuse miserably shortens their life; thereafter, when the sexual energy appears—which is the energy that blooms in adolescence—regrettably, teachers and parents, based on a false Puritanism and on stupid morals, resolve to remain criminally silent.

Criminal silences exist as well as infamous words. Thus, to keep silent about the sexual problem is a crime; likewise, to mistakenly speak about the sexual problem constitutes another crime.

Consequently, if parents and teachers keep silent, and the sexual perverts speak, the victims are the inexperienced adolescents. If adolescents cannot consult their parents nor their teachers, then they will consult their classmates, who may already be deviated towards the mistaken path. Thus, the outcome does not take a long time to appear, and the new adolescents—by following false advice—give themselves to masturbation or deviate themselves from normalcy towards the path of homosexuality.

The vice of masturbation totally ruins the cerebral potency. It is essential to understand that an intimate relationship exists between the semen and the brain. Thus, it is necessary to cerebrally nourish the semen, and it is also necessary to seminally nourish the brain.

The brain is seminally nourished by the transmutation of the sexual energy, by the sublimation of the sexual energy, by transforming it into cerebral potency.  Thus, sexual transmutation is the way to cerebrally nourish the semen and to seminally nourish the brain.

Gnostic science studies endocrinology in depth, and teaches methods and systems for the transmutation of the sexual energy; however, this is an issue whose details do not correspond to this book. Nonetheless, the reader who wants more information about Gnostic endocrinology must enter our studies and study our Gnostic books.

So, adolescents must sublimate their sexual energies by means of the cultivation of the aesthetic sense: i.e. by learning about music, sculpture, paintings, and by hiking in the high mountains, etc.

How many brains became degenerated! How many faces became withered when they could have been beautiful! And just because of the lack of the knowledge that could warn them in the appropriate moment.

The vice of masturbation, in young men as well as in young women, has become more common than the act of cleansing the hands.

Insane asylums are filled with men and women that ruined their brain with the disgusting vice of masturbation. Yes, the destiny of masturbators is dementia.

The vice of homosexuality has rotted the roots of this decrepit and perverted race; now, to the breaking point of incredible disparity, movies of an homosexual nature are freely shown in cinemas of countries such as England, that boast of being refined and super-civilized.

Yes, it seems incredible that presently and precisely in England [and all over the world] efforts are being made in order to officially legalize homosexual marriages.

Presently, in the great metropolises of the world there exist brothels and clubs of an homosexual nature, where the tenebrous brotherhood of the enemies of women nowadays have their perverted organizations, which is shocking because of their degenerated fraternity.

This issue of an homosexual “degenerated fraternity” could surprise many readers, but we must not forget that in all of the ages of history diverse brotherhoods of crime have always existed. So, indeed, the morbid fraternity of the enemies of women is, without a doubt, a brotherhood of crime.

The enemies of women always (or almost always) occupy key positions within the bureaucratic beehive. Thus, when any homosexual henchman goes to prison, he is set free soon due to the opportune influence of key men in their fraternity of crime.

If any effeminate henchman falls into misfortune, he then receives immediate financial help from all the sinister henchmen of this fraternity of crime.

The tenebrous henchmen of homosexuality recognize each other by the uniform that they as a rule display; to know that homosexual henchmen use a uniform might surprise some, yet this is the way it is. The uniform of these homophile henchmen correspond to every seasonal new fashion. Yes, these homophile henchmen are the ones who begin every seasonal new fashion trend.  Thus, when a new fashion trend becomes very common, then they begin another trend.

So, through new fashion trends the uniform of the homosexual fraternity of crime is always renewed. Nowadays, they have millions of homosexuals in all the great cities of the world.

The vice of homosexuality begins its shameful march during adolescence. Presently, many schools for teenage boys and girls are true brothels of a homosexual nature.

Likewise, millions of teenage girls resolutely march on the tenebrous path of the enemies of men.  Yes, millions of adolescents of the feminine gender are homosexuals. Moreover, the fraternity of crime among feminine homosexuality is as strong as the fraternity of crime among the masculine gender.

Consequently, it is definitely essential to radically abandon false modesty in order to frankly educate all of the sexual mysteries to adolescents of both sexes. Thus, only in this manner can the new generations be guided along the path of regeneration.