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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Maternity


The physical life of any human being begins at conception as a simple cell that is naturally submitted to the extraordinary life-span of living cells.

From conception comes gestation and then birth; this is always the remarkably marvelous trio by means of which any creature comes to life.

Indeed, it is intriguing to know that each one of us must live our first moments of physical existence within the infinitely small, that is, by dwelling within a simple microscopic cell. Yes, we begin our physical existence within the form of an insignificant cell; thus, when the body becomes aged, elderly, we culminate our physical life flooded with memories. The ego is memory.

Thus, many elderly people do not even remotely live in the present. Many elderly people live only remembering the past. Every senior is nothing but a voice and a shadow; that is, every elderly person is a phantom of the past, an accumulated memory, which is the ego that continues to exist within the cell’s genes of our descendants.

Human conception initiates with extraordinary velocities of time, which throughout the different processes of life gradually become slower and slower; here, it is convenient for many of our readers to remember the relativity of time.

For example, the insignificant insect (that merely lives for a few hours during a summer afternoon) hardly seems to live at all; nevertheless, it actually lives the same time span that a person lives in eighty years: what happens is that the insect lives its time span very quickly. Likewise, everything that a planet lives during millions of years, a person lives during eighty years.

Gestation begins when the zoosperm fecundates the egg, which becomes the cell with forty eight chromosomes; thus, this is how human life begins.

The chromosomes are divided into genes; certainly about one hundred genes or more constitute a chromosome.

Genes are very difficult to study because each of them is made up of a few molecules that vibrate with an inconceivable velocity. The genes’ marvelous realm is an intermediate zone between this tridimensional world and the world of the fourth dimension. The atoms of inheritance are found within the genes. Thus, it is through the genes that the fecundated egg becomes impregnated with the psychological “I” of our ancestors.

Consequently, it is not by any means an exaggeration to affirm in this electro-technical and atomic scientific era that the electromagnetic print left by the last exhalation of a dying ancestor imprints itself within the genes and chromosomes of the egg-cell that belongs to or was fecundated by one of the ancestor’s descendants.

So, the path of life is made by the hoof prints of the horse of death.

Different types of energy flow through the human organism throughout the course of our physical existence. Each type of energy has its own system of action; each type of energy is manifested in its time and in its hour.

Digestive functions start two months after conception, and the motor force, so intimately related with the breathing and muscular systems, comes into action after four months of conception.

Indeed, how wonderful are the scientific revelations of the birth and death of all things. Many sages avow that an intimate analogy exists regarding the birth of a human creature and the birth of the worlds in the sidereal space.

After nine months the child is born; then the child grows up, that is to say, after ten months start all of the wonderful metabolisms and the symmetric and perfect physical development of conjunctive tissues.  

Thereafter, when the frontal fontanel of newborns closes up (which occurs at around two or three years of age) it is a sign that the cerebrospinal system has been made and is perfectly finished.

Many scientists have admitted that nature has imagination, and that such an imagination is the source of all the living forms that are, have been, and will be. Nonetheless, multitudes of people scoff at imagination and some even call it the “lunatic of the house.”

Too much confusion exists concerning the meaning of the word imagination; hence, many are those who mistake imagination for fantasy.

Certain sages state that two types of imagination exist. The first is called mechanical imagination, and the second, intentional imagination. The first type of imagination is constituted by the scraps of the mind, yet the second type of imagination corresponds to the most worthy and decent elements that we have within.

Nevertheless, we have been able to verify through our observation and experience that another mechanical, morbid, infraconscious and subjective type of sub-imagination exists; this type of automatic, sub-imagination functions below the intellectual zone.

Erotic images, morbid movies, naughty stories of double meaning, morbid jokes, etc., often place this unconscious, mechanical type of sub-imagination into activity. Therefore, several in depth analyses have taken us to the logical conclusion that this mechanical sub-imagination is the source of all erotic dreams and wet dreams. Thus, absolute chastity is impossible as long as this mechanical sub-imagination continues to exist.

Consequently, by all means, let it be perfectly clear that cognizant imagination is radically different from infraconscious, subconscious, subjective, mechanical imagination.

So, any representation can be perceived in a self-exalting and dignifying manner, yet concurrently, the mechanical, infraconscious, subconscious, and unconscious type of sub-imagination can automatically function with sensual, passionate, submerged shades and images, and betray us.

Therefore, if we want an in-depth, uni-total, and integral chastity, we need to watch not only our conscious imagination, but also the mechanical imagination and the unconscious, automatic, subconscious, submerged type of sub-imagination.

We must never forget the intimate relationship that exists between sex and imagination.

We must transform every type of mechanical imagination, and every type of sub-imagination and automatic infra-imagination into objective, cognizant imagination, by means of in-depth meditation.

Objective imagination is in itself essentially creative; inventors could never have conceived the telephone, the radio, the airplane, etc., without objective imagination.

The imagination of the woman during her pregnancy is fundamental for the development of the fetus. It has been demonstrated that every mother can, with her imagination, alter the psyche of the fetus.

Thus, it is essential during her pregnancy for the woman to contemplate beautiful paintings, sublime sceneries, and listen to classical music and harmonious words. Thus, she will harmoniously influence the psyche of the baby she carries within her womb.

During their pregnancy, women must not drink alcohol or smoke, nor must they contemplate ugly things, nor unpleasant things, nor inharmonious things, nor disgusting things, etc.

There is the need to learn how to excuse all the caprices and errors of pregnant women, since many intolerant men—because of the lack of true comprehension—become enraged and hurt their pregnant women. This is how the sorrows of these women—their afflictions caused by their uncharitable husbands—have not only physical but also psychological repercussions upon the fetus that is in gestation.

Thus, considering the power of creative imagination, it is logical to affirm that during her pregnancy the woman must not contemplate anything ugly, disagreeable, disharmonious, filthy, etc.

The hour has arrived in which the governments must become concerned about how to solve the great problems related to maternity.

It is incongruent that a society that boasts of being Christian and democratic does not known how to respect and venerate the religious sense of maternity. It is monstrous to see thousands of women in a state of pregnancy without any type of support, abandoned by their husbands and society, begging for a piece of bread or begging for a job, and many times performing rough, heavy jobs in order to survive with the baby that they carry within their womb.

These infra-human states of our present society, this cruelty and lack of responsibility from the governing officials of all nations, indicate to us with complete clarity that democracy still does not exist.

The hospitals with their maternity rooms have still not solved this problem, because women can go to those hospitals only when they are ready to deliver the child.

Collective homes for extremely poor women who are in a state of pregnancy are needed with urgency: true garden cities endowed with halls and residencies, with clinics and kindergartens for their children.

These collective homes for extremely poor women who are in a state of pregnancy—lodgings filled with all types of comforts, flowers, music, harmony, beauty, etc.—will totally solve this great problem of maternity.

We must comprehend that human society is a great family, and that isolated problems do not exist, since every problem—in one way or another within its respective circle—affects all the members of society. Thus, it is absurd to discriminate against pregnant women for the fact of being extremely poor. It is criminal to underestimate them, to scorn them, or to lock them inside asylums, thus mixing them with indigent people.

In this society in which we live, there cannot be children and stepchildren, because all of us as human beings have the same rights.

We need to create true democracy if indeed we do not want to be devoured by communism.