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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: The Search for Security

The Search for Security

When chicks are afraid, they hide in search for security under the loving wings of the hen.  A frightened child runs to find his mother because at her side he feels secure.

It is consecutively demonstrated that fear and the search for security are always found intimately associated.

A man who fears being robbed by thieves finds security in his gun.

A country that fears being attacked by another country buys cannons, airplanes, warships; it will arm armies and prepare for war.

Many people who do not know how to work are terrified to face misery, thus they search for security in crime and become thieves, bandits, etc.

Many women who lack intelligence are frightened by the possibility of facing misery, thus they become prostitutes.

A jealous man is afraid of losing his wife, thus he searches for security in his gun, he kills, and afterwards ends up in jail.

Being afraid of losing her husband, a jealous woman kills her rival or her husband, thus this is how she becomes an assassin; she wants to seize her husband by killing the other woman or she resolves to kill him.

A landlord fearful that his tenants will not pay him the rent demands contracts, bonds, deposits, etc.; he seeks, through these means, security for himself. Thus, if all the landlords of a city do the same, then a poor widow with children who cannot fulfill those endorsed requirements will have then to sleep with her children on the street or in the parks of that city.

All wars have their origin in fear.

The Gestapo, Siberia, and the like—i.e. torture chambers, concentration camps, horrible prisons, exiles, forced labor, shooting squads, etc.—have their origin in fear.

Nations attack other nations because of fear. They search for security in violence, thinking that by killing, invading, etc., they can make themselves secure, strong, and powerful.

Spies are tortured in the secret police offices of counterespionage in the East as well as in the West because regimes are afraid of them; thus, they are forced to confess, with the goal of finding security for the nation.

All crimes, all wars, all transgressions, have their origin in fear and in the search for security.

In ancient times, there was sincerity among people, yet in this day and age, fear and the search for security have terminated the wonderful fragrance of sincerity.

Friends distrust friends; they fear that their friend will rob, swindle, or exploit them; consequently, there even exist such stupid and perverse proverbs as the following one: “Never turn your back on your best friend.” Hitlerian people used to state that this proverb was golden.

So, nowadays a friend fears a friend and even uses proverbs to protect himself. There is no longer sincerity among friends. Fear and the search for security terminated the delightful fragrance of sincerity.

The shooting squads of Castro Ruz in Cuba have killed millions of citizens, because of fear that they will terminate him. So, by means of executions Castro seeks security. Yes, he believes that executions are the way for him to find security.  

Stalin, the perverse and bloodthirsty Stalin, polluted Russia with his bloody purges. That was his way of finding security.

Hitler organized the Gestapo, the frightening Gestapo, for the security of the state. There is no doubt that Hitler feared that he could be overthrown and because of this he founded the bloody Gestapo.

Every bitterness in this world has its origins in the search for security and fear.

Schoolteachers must teach their students the virtue of courage.

It is regrettable that children are filled with fear in their own home; yes, children are threatened, intimidated, terrorized, and beaten at home.

It is customary for parents and teachers to terrorize children and teenagers with the purpose of forcing them to study; they commonly tell children and teenagers that if they do not study they will have to beg for money and they will end up wandering on the streets in starvation, or working in humble jobs such as a shoeshiner, bellboy, newspaper vendor, sodbuster, etc. (as if these jobs were crimes).

Deep down, behind all the expressed words of parents and teachers, there exists fear expressed for the children’s sake and the search for security for the children’s sake.

The serious thing about all that we are stating here is that the child or teenager develops complexes, they become fearful, and later, in practical life, they become filled with fear.

Parents and teachers who have the bad taste of frightening children and teenagers are, in an unconscious manner, directing them on the path of crime, as, we have already stated, every crime has its origins in fear and the search for security.

In this day and age, fear and the search for security have twisted the planet Earth into a frightful hell. The whole world is afraid, and the whole world demands securities.

To travel openly was possible in times of yore, but now borders are filled with armed guards; passports and certificates of every type are demanded in order to have the right to move from one country into another; all of this is the outcome of fear and the search for security. There is terror against the traveler, there is panic against the visitor, and security is sought in passports and all types of documentation.

School, college, and university educators must comprehend the horror of all this and cooperate for the good of the world, by knowing how to educate the new generations by teaching them the path of authentic valor.

It is essential to teach new generations to not fear, and to not search for securities in anything or anyone.

It is indispensable for every individual to learn how to be more confident of himself.

Fear and the search for security are the terrible weaknesses that transformed life into a frightful hell.

Fearful, cowardly, and weak people who are always in search for security abound everywhere.

Life is feared, death is feared; other people’s opinions, gossip, “what rumors say” are feared; the loss of a social or political position is feared, the loss of prestige, money, a lovely house, a beautiful woman, a good husband, a job, a business, a monopoly, the furniture, the car, etc., is feared. Everything is feared. Yes, cowardly, fearful, and weak people abound everywhere. Nevertheless, nobody believes themselves to be a coward, everyone boasts of being strong, of being audacious, etc.

In all social castes exist the fears of losing thousands and even millions of interests; consequently, everyone looks for securities—which, because of their becoming more and more complex, makes life successively more complicated, more difficult, more bitter, cruel, and merciless.

All rumors, slander, intrigues, etc., have their origins in fear and in the search for security.

Slander and gossip are propagated in order to avoid the loss of wealth, position, power, and prestige—and even murder or assassination is committed and secretly paid for. Yes, the powerful of the Earth even have the luxury of having salaried and well-paid murderers with the disgusting purpose of eliminating anyone who threatens to eclipse them. They love power for the sake of power, and they seize it on the basis of money and much blood.

Newspapers are constantly reporting news of many suicide cases.  Many believe that those who commit suicide are brave, yet, indeed, those who commit suicide are cowards who fear life, and therefore they look for security in the fleshless arms of death.

Some war heroes were known as weak and cowardly people, yet when they saw themselves face to face with death, their terror was so frightening that they became like terribly wild beasts that searched for security for their life, thus they made a supreme effort against death.  Thus, this how they were declared heroes. So, fear is often confused with courage.

The one who commits suicide seems to be very brave. The one who carries a gun appears to be very brave, yet indeed, suicidal people and gunmen are both very cowardly.

The one who does not fear life will not commit suicide. The one who is not afraid of anyone will not carry a gun at his waist.

It is essential that schoolteachers teach citizens in a clear and precise manner what true courage is and what fear is.

Fear and the search for security have twisted this world into a dreadful hell.