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Fundamentals of Gnostic Education: Wisdom and Love

Wisdom and Love

Wisdom and love are the two basal pillars of every true civilization.

On one plate of the scale of Cosmic Justice we must place wisdom and on the other we must place love.

Wisdom and love must be mutually equilibrated. Wisdom without love is a destructive element. Love without wisdom can lead us into error, “Love is law, but cognizant love.”

It is necessary to study much and acquire knowledge, but it is also urgent to develop the spiritual Being within us.

Knowledge without having the spiritual Being harmoniously well developed within us becomes the cause of that which is called “swindling.” Whereas, having the Being well developed within us, but without any type of intellectual knowledge, is the origin of stupid saints.

A stupid saint has his spiritual Being very well developed, however, since he does not have intellectual knowledge, he cannot do anything because he does not know how.  Yes, a stupid saint has the power of doing, but he cannot do because he does not know how.

Intellectual knowledge without the spiritual Being very well developed produces intellectual confusion, perversity, pride, etc.

During the Second World War, thousands of scientists who were devoid of any spiritual element committed terrible crimes in the name of science and humanity, with the purpose of executing scientific experiments.

We need to develop a powerful intellectual culture, yet this must be terrifically equilibrated with a true, cognizant spirituality.

We need both a revolutionary ethics and a revolutionary psychology if indeed we want to dissolve the “I” in order to develop the legitimate spiritual Being within.

It is regrettable that because of the lack of love people use their intellect in a destructive manner.

Students need to study science, history, mathematics, etc. It is necessary to acquire vocational skills with the purpose of becoming useful to our fellow men.

So, it is necessary to study, it is indispensable to accumulate basic knowledge; however, fear is not indispensable.

Many people accumulate knowledge because of fear; they are afraid of life, death, hunger, misery, of “what people might say,” and this is why they study.

We must study because of love towards our fellowmen, with the longing of serving them better, but we must never study because of fear.

In the practicality of life we have been able to verify that all those students who study because of fear, sooner or later are transformed into swindlers.

We need to be sincere with ourselves in order to observe and discover within ourselves all the processes of fear.  

We must never forget that in life fear has many phases. Sometimes fear is mistaken for courage. On the battlefield, the soldiers seem to be very brave, yet indeed, they move and fight because of fear. At first glance, a suicidal person also seems to be very brave, yet he really is a coward who is afraid of life.

In life, swindlers appears to be very brave, but deep down they are cowards; when swindlers are afraid, they often use their profession and power in a destructive manner, i.e. Castro Ruz in Cuba.

We never pronounce ourselves against the experience of practical life nor against the cultivation of intellect, yet, we condemn the lack of love.

Knowledge and the experiences of life become destructive when there is a lack of love.

Usually, the ego ensnares experiences and intellectual knowledge when love is absent.

When the ego uses experiences and the intellect, it abuses them in order to grow stronger.

Thus, when the ego is disintegrated, experiences and the intellect are handled by the hands of our Innermost Being; then, any abuse becomes impossible.

Every student must guide himself through the vocational path and study in depth all those theories that are related to his vocation.

Studies and the intellect do not harm anyone; nevertheless, we must not abuse the intellect.

We need to study to avoid abusing the mind. Whosoever wants to study the theories from different vocations, whosoever wants to harm others with the intellect, whosoever exercises violence against the neighbor’s mind, etc., abuses the mind.

It is necessary to study vocational subjects and spiritual subjects in order to have an equilibrated mind.

It is essential to arrive at the intellectual synthesis and at the spiritual synthesis, if indeed what we want is an equilibrated mind.

If the teachers of schools, colleges, and universities want to lead their students along the path of the fundamental revolution, then, indeed, they must study our revolutionary psychology in depth.

It is necessary for students to acquire their spiritual Being, that is, to develop within themselves their true Being, so that they leave the school transformed into responsible individuals and not into stupid swindlers.

Wisdom without love is useless. Intellect without love only produces swindlers.

Wisdom in itself is an atomic substance; it is atomic capital that must only be administered by individuals filled with true love.