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Gazing at the mistery: New York’s Blackout

New York’s Blackout

My friends, this night, we are going to discuss a certain very fascinating article that I read in a magazine. This article is entitled, “Doubt about New York’s Blackout.” We will transcribe for you some paragraphs of the cited article:

“The greatest and most unexplainable electrical fault in history occurred exactly the 9 of November of 1965 at 5:28 P.M.

“On that date and time, twelve million New Yorkers suffered the consequences of a total interruption of the supply of their electrical energy. However, what the inhabitants of New York ignored was that in addition to their city, other cities were submerged in the darkness. ‘Just make the emergency lights function, otherwise we are vulnerable to thieves.’

“The U.S. cities of Albany, Rochester, Boston, and Providence were in darkness, and Quebec and Ottawa of Canada were also suffering from the same technical fault.

blackout map

“Thus, across a broad area of 207,184 square kilometers, related with the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and the states of Vermont, part of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, not a single equipment which depended on electricity was functioning.

“Thirty-six million people — that is, more than the combined populations of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay — were in darkness.

“Elevators, traffic lights, radios, televisions, and rotary presses ceased to function. Electrical ovens, electrical stoves, refrigerators, blenders, toasters, iron lungs, and even dentist millings became useless. Thus, frightful traffic jams were produced in the streets.

“The situation became even more critical because of the fact that the vehicles were left without gasoline, since the gas stations could not supply gasoline. The electrical pumps were not functioning and many cars were left abandoned.

“Almost a million people faced the impossibility of using the transportation in the metro stations. ‘I live about 30 miles away from here, and my son is sick. We cannot move.’

“The city is congested with the blackout. The airplanes which were going to land or take off were having difficulties to do so when the illumination on the runways was momentarily off. ‘It is urgent for us to land, because we are almost out of fuel.’

“Anarchy was increasing. There were dead because of many accidents; thieves abounded; people were distressed because of the darkness. The situation was so critical and unexpected that the gatherings which were being attended in the crystal palace of the UN in New York had to be suspended.

“As the duration of the blackout was prolonged, the highest authorities were becoming aware that they were confronting a very dangerous alteration of civic order. ‘Last hours’ reports indicate that panic and disorder are increasing in the streets. This situation is chaotic! Only buildings like this one, with their own electric plants, are the ones with electric light. Yet these are very few!

“‘Nevertheless, what is indeed the most critical matter, is that in addition to the panic and chaos of this moment, in this immense zone of 207,184 square kilometers… the radar systems do not function! Therefore, any aerial projectile can cross our sky in these precise moments and we cannot detect its presence! Moreover, we cannot send even one of our guided projectiles in order to intercept it, because the buttons with which we command them, depend on the electricity for their functioning. It is useless; this immense devise is good for nothing!

“‘Gentlemen, we are one of the most powerful countries of the Earth. Every year we expend million of dollars in armaments and in fortifying our system of security. Nonetheless, in front of a situation like the present one, we are impotent.

“‘A civilization as technical and powerful as our own, has its own Achilles’ tendon, that is to say, a great weakness... the electricity!

“‘Have you asked yourselves, what good is radar to us, as well as guided projectiles, the telegraph, the telephone, and television? Good for nothing! Absolutely good for nothing! Of course, the General is right, since we cannot transmit an order! Or receive any information either!

“‘This is the bankruptcy of our military and industrial power! Everything is paralyzed! Gentlemen, please have a little more composure… it is good to remind you that the government to which all of us belong is totally aware of the importance of electricity.

“‘In each electric plant, there are great electronic cerebrums and computers, which are in charge of investigating every centimeter of all the cables which conduct the electricity. Thus, when one of this electronic cerebrums discovers for instance, that one of the cables is overcharged with electricity and that there is a danger for being fused… (‘Line number five is in danger!’)… then automatically, that charge is distributed among other cables of the same system…(‘The overcharged force was distributed between the lines seven and eight’). Likewise, the computers indicate when a great fuse is burned, to which line it belongs, and the exact place of the problem. (‘In the third cable of the system of Albany, the problem is located between tower 17-B and tower 18-B. We leave immediately to the place’).

“‘Moreover, if in a zone a problem could be produced that cannot be caught by the electronic central plants, then that zone is isolated from the rest, so that it does not cause any damage to the other systems of electric induction. (‘We have isolated the south zone of Montgomery and we proceed to make the repair’).

Each elevator, each fusible, each switch and each connection are carefully checked every moment. (‘I am sure that from one moment to the other, the problem which occurred will be fixed and we will have electricity again. The blackout has endured only one hour).

Disgracefully, those were optimistic calculations which were not confirmed by the crude reality. ‘My son, my son, I could not see him within this obscurity, he running left towards the alley!’

The great blackout endured exactly twelve hours, not even a decimal of second more! ‘Frank, come on, we have light again!’ The most precise electronic chronometers did not need to be touched in their needles in order to be fixed, because when they received the electric charge anew they were again indicating the hour with great exactness. ‘It is amazing: it is showing the right hour!’

‘We must demand an explanation!’ Thus, in the same mysterious way that the electricity was interrupted, likewise, the electricity started to run again in each cable.

Thus, a blackout of that unexpected duration like the former one and which “curiously” have had the exact duration of twelve hours, had provoked uncertainty in a great sector of North America.

‘Let responsibilities be determined!’ So, common and current citizens, industrial people and journalists, asked the government of the United States for an explanation about this phenomena. ‘More telegrams have arrived, sir. They demand for us to clarify what happened.’

(Until here are the paragraphs of this mentioned article.)

There is no doubt that a few extraterrestrial human beings were capable by themselves to paralyze the whole electrical system of New York and many other cities, as already stated.

We see then the fundamental difference between the human being and the intellectual animal. It is obvious that everyone considers themselves to be within the “homo sapiens” or human kingdom, to be more specific. The philosopher Diogenes walked with his illuminated lantern throughout the streets of Athens in search of a man (a real human being), yet he did not find one. Pilate in the Gospel, when presenting Christ to the multitudes, exclaimed, “Ecce Homo: behold the Man.”

How difficult it is to attain the level of human being! Nevertheless, everyone believes themselves to be human. The human being is the true king of creation and he can perform marvels, great marvels such as that of the blackout of New York.

We are absolutely sure that half a dozen real human beings could paralyze not only the electrical system of the United States, but moreover, all of the activities of the whole world. A half of a dozen of authentic, legitimate, and true human beings could take for themselves the whole planet Earth without shooting a single bullet, and in a matter of minutes.

Question: How can it be possible that a half a dozen human beings could achieve that?

Answer: Oh, respectable young lady, you are overwhelmed with my words! Well, it is necessary for you to comprehend that the authentic human being is a king of creation. Only one human being could, in a matter of seconds, disintegrate the planet Earth, to convert it into fragments that would rotate around the Sun.

Question: Can that sort of human being perform that much without being Self-realized?

Answer: When are you going to understand me, respectable lady? Please comprehend that it is not possible for a human being to exist without Self-realizing himself. What happens is that you think in a mistaken way. You suppose that these intellectual animals who populate the face of the Earth are humans. Behold, this is your error.

Nonetheless, inside the intellectual animal there are surprising possibilities. The rational homunculi commonly called “human being” is a chrysalis within which the human being can be formed. Have you understood me?

Question: What can we do in order for the human being to be formed within that chrysalis?

Answer: Oh, respectable young lady, in this basic book, I cannot give you those explanations. Come to our Gnostic studies; study our books: read The Perfect Matrimony, The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, The Three Mountains, Parsifal Unveiled, etc.

Question: Then, in accordance with what you are stating, are true human beings dangerous?

Answer: Listen to me, noble lady: the legitimate human beings, in the most complete sense of the word, are not dangerous as you apparantly think that they may be. If they wanted to make the planet Earth explode into pieces, they would have done it already. If they wanted to invade and enslave us, they could have done it already, many centuries ago. Nonetheless, the authentic human beings neither assassinate nor enslave; they do not invade nations or worlds.

What happens in this day and age is that they are visiting us in order to help us, because they are compassionate. They will assist us in the supreme hour of the great cataclysm. After the tremendous catastrophe which is expected for us and when the Earth has renewed conditions to support life, then they will establish a new civilization and a new culture on this planet Earth.

The intellectual animals are puzzled by the fact that these extraterrestrial beings do not fit all within our environment and that they do not submit themselves to our obsolete and degenerated order of things.

Question: Then, according with what you stated, true human beings do not exist on the planet Earth. Are all of them extraterrestrial?

Answer: Respectable young lady, listen to me, human beings also exist on the planet Earth. Nonetheless, they must be sought with the lantern of Diogenes, because they are very difficult to find. Nevertheless, you can see that everybody boasts of himself as being a human being.

Question: What is the objective for us to become authentic human beings?

Answer: Listen to me, respectable young lady. The butterfly that joyfully flies in the sunlight emerges from a chrysalis. Likewise, from the humanoid chrysalis, the authentic legitimate and true human being can emerge. This is the original purpose of divinity. Would you be against the purpose of God? God wants each of us to be converted into a king or queen of creation. Only thus can we enter into the kingdom of Melchisedec. Only thus can we enter into paradise. This is why Jesus Christ came into the world: He came to help us; He wanted each of us to become a king of Nature. Now, you will comprehend the reason for which we have to be preoccupied.

Question: What supposedly produced the blackout?

Answer: I will gladly answer the question of the gentleman who is listening to me. It was completely and officially proved that the New York blackout was produced by an extraterrestrial cosmic ship. Based in this event, the government of the United States created a scientific department with the evident purpose of investigating this matter about the UFO’s.

It is necessary to remember that moments before the blackout, two fighter planes from the United States — which were armed with high power projectiles — were in pursuit of two UFO’s. One of the UFOs disappeared in the infinite space, while the other one descended over the electrical energy plant of Syracuse. Thereafter, the blackout happened, and this is a completely proved record. Those airplanes, armed with rockets, were good for nothing; the best weapons of the United States proved useless.

Question: What was the motive for the blackout, and what was the message?

Answer: I will answer the gentleman. Listen to me, if they wanted to reduce New York to ashes, they would have done it in a matter of seconds; however, they are not perverse. They look at this race of intellectual animals with infinite compassion. They were pursued by fighter planes; the U.S.A. wanted to destroy them. They indeed were not greeted with a beautiful welcome; they were not approached as brothers. Nonetheless, the only thing that they did to the intellectual animal was to demonstrate the state of unconsciousness and weakness in which he is situated. Thus, they gave a demonstration, when paralyzing the whole electrical system of New York, trying to make the rational beasts comprehend the shameful state in which they are situated.

At the present time, after such an event, the rational animals should be studying themselves, eliminating their passions and vices, repented, purifying, and sanctifying themselves.

Question: Do you consider that the extraterrestrial beings think that we understood?

Answer: Respectable friend, it is obvious that this kingdom of rational animals have their consciousness asleep, therefore, for such reason, they are very far from comprehending the teaching that was given to them.

The rational animals are not human beings. Nevertheless, they believe themselves to be omnipotent, powerful, super-civilized, and super-transcended, etc.

Question: Could you explain to us scientifically what they did in order to produce the blackout?

Answer: Oh, respectable sir, this is a matter belonging to a superior type of electrical science. I firmly believe that it is possible to deviate the electricity by orienting the current in a different way, to alter the polarities, to invert the charges; then, it is clear that any city will remain in darkness. To study this matter in a very detailed way and thereafter publish the knowledge of it would be to put in the hands of rational beasts the weapons of the human being. What would the rational beasts do with such knowledge? Place your hand over your heart and answer the question. Understood?