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Gnostic Antropology: Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The inhabitants of the planet Earth still do not know the world in which they live. However, incongruently, they want to travel to other worlds. Indeed, the planet Earth deserves to be profoundly studied.

Diverse facts, events, phenomena, completely unknown to conventional science are found on the entire planet. It is not irrelevant to consider some events that take place within the seas. Let us begin by describing some reminiscences about certain phenomena related to some of the creatures in the oceans.

In August 1917, a marine serpent that measured twenty-seven meters in length was observed off the coast of Cape Ann, Massachusetts (U.S.A.). The Naturalist Society of Boston observed it in detail; unfortunately, it was never again seen in those places.

While on a tugboat, the Oceanographer Danes Anton Brunn observed the capture of a tadpole (in a larval state) that measured two meters in length. According to naturalist studies, if this tadpole would have developed it would have reached twenty-two meters in length.

Anyhow, the above mentioned are two types of unknown creatures. Yet, how do they live? How do they behave? Where do they develop? Why do they exist?

Let us think about a famous blue fish that was considered to be extinct. This blue fish has always been referred to in a poetic way. Its peculiar name reminds us of a canto, of poetry; its name is “coelacanth.” This strange little animal has extremities similar to those of human beings. It lives in the depths of the Indian Ocean; it existed in Lemuria. This indicates that even now, in this day and age, that fish continues to inhabit the same sunken Lemuria. It lives in the profundities of the ocean and very seldom does it surface.

Unquestionably, the great profundities of the Indian Ocean are extraordinary. The existence of an antediluvian animal during this century is something that makes us think quite a bit. Why does it still exist? What is the reason for it?

When the fossilized remnant of a coelacanth was found, scientists calculated it to be eighteen million years old. The coelacanth was very well known seventy million years ago. The figure of the coelacanth is astonishing; our attention is called to its residual extremities. Its limbs are developed similar to the arms, the hands or the feet of human beings. It still exists, and it is perfectly alive.

How is it that an antediluvian creature still lives in the final decades of the twentieth century? What could the materialistic anthropologists state about an animal such as this? What concepts would they have about it? All of this invites us to a great deal of reflection.

Indeed, what could be stated about the ichthyosaurs of archaic times? This animal still continues to exist in the terrible profundities of the Pacific Ocean. What do the scientists know about it? Scientists know absolutely nothing about it at all!

Thus, it is convenient for us to continue exploring all these subject-matters in order to attain clear concepts about them.

The case of the eels is certainly very special. Some eels from Europe and America meet in the Sargasso Sea with the purpose of reproducing. What is intriguing is the fact that the ones that return to that original point of departure are not the parents, but rather their offspring. Why does this phenomenon occur? Why do the parents not return, but instead their offspring? Can the anthropologists of false science explain this phenomenon? What do they know about this subject-matter? I am sure that they totally ignore these matters.

Let us study the case of the tuna fish. This is something that indeed deserves to be reflected upon. The tuna leave Brazil and swim toward Scotland; subsequently, they approach Europe and pass close to the Mediterranean Sea. Yet, it is rare for the tuna to swim into the Mediterranean Sea. What could scientists say about this phenomenon? Why don’t the migratory currents of tuna enter into the Mediterranean Sea? Who guides them? Why do they do it? When have the gentlemen of materialistic anthropology defined these wonders, during which epoch? If they pretend to own the wisdom of the universe, then why have they not spoken about this matter? These materialistic people do not only ignore, but they ignore that they ignore, and this is very critical.

There are large squids, gigantic monsters endowed with enormous tentacles, but retarded science has never spoken about them. The size of these squids can be calculated based on the skeletons that are occasionally found. Prints of their gigantic tentacles have been found on the backs of whales. Unquestionably, the squids’ tentacles suck the pigmentation out of whales’ skin and leave their print. Those prints reveal their titanic fights in the profundities of the ocean.

There are alligator fish (or ichthyosaurs of unknown origin) that pseudo-anthropology has never commented about.

Continuing ahead, we will also speak of certain phenomena that are unknown to those materialistic gentlemen. We know that deep down within the sea hundreds of meters within its profundity, there are rivers that run in opposite directions. Why do they do it? Why does a river that runs close by another river circulate in an opposite direction and yet within the same ocean?

The rivers of the north circulate from left to right as do the needles of a clock; they circulate clockwise. The rivers of the south circulate inversely, counterclockwise. Why does the current of Bengal not rotate? What is happening? What explanation can pseudo-science give us? Why are the scientists speechless about these points? What can they tell us about this matter?

On the coasts of Peru (about 1,500 meters in profundity) engraved columns have been observed among Cyclopean buildings; magnificent photographs have been taken of them. Thus, the existence of Lemuria is demonstrated. Yet the foolish scientists continue as always, denying and denying.

In this day and age, there are civilizations that have disappeared, like the one found on Easter Island. There are monumental effigies, enormous human heads chiseled by titanic hands. However, materialistic science has never said anything; it is only speechless, dumb, silent…

What would we say about Antarctica? There is no doubt that there was a powerful civilization at the North and South Poles prior to the revolutions of axis of the Earth. Undoubtedly, within the ice of Antarctica, remnants of those very ancient cultures must still exist. The day will arrive when an archeologist’s shovel will uncover them. Meanwhile present science does not give any explanations.

There are gigantic waves in tranquil and serene seas. These are isolated waves that have no reason for being. We are referring to those waves that are called “seiche.” What is their origin? Are they caused by some underwater earthquake? How can these gentlemen, the materialistic scientists, explain this? What would the enemies of the Eternal One say about it? That there are waves in the boisterous seas, yes, we accept this; but that an isolated, gigantic and monstrous wave emerges all of a sudden in a tranquil sea without any known reason is something that has never had a scientific explanation. Nonetheless, such facts occur within the ocean and the materialists do not explain them.

Hundreds of thousands of earthquakes occur in the underwater mountain range at the center of the Atlantic Ocean where the continent of Atlantis formerly existed. Let us remember that terrible earthquakes and great seaquakes finished off the Atlantean continent. Even in this day and age, the trembling continues in the submerged Atlantis!

It is convenient to reflect upon all of these themes, since in their depth they are abundantly intriguing. Indeed, the materialistic anthropologists do not know the Earth. This planet continues to be a true enigma for them…

The spiked lobsters reunite in appreciable quantities in order to migrate; they then descend to the continental platform and then proceed towards the abysmal flatness to an unknown destiny. What do the presumed wise men say about this? What explanations do they give? Where do these lobsters go? What is their exact destination? Why do they perform these types of migrations? Enigmas that the learned ignoramuses do not understand!

The Earth was not always as it is now. Its physiological physiognomy has changed many times. If we examine W. Scott Elliot’s four maps, we will observe that the Earth was completely different one million years ago. Those four geographical maps deserve to be taken into consideration. They are similar to the four maps that are in some subterranean crypts in Central Asia. Those maps are unknown to the all-knowing ignoramuses of materialistic science. These maps are secretly kept with the purpose of preserving them intact, because the gentlemen of conventional anthropology are always willing to alter everything with the goal of justifying their much boasted theories.

The first of these maps from W. Scott Elliot calls our attention. It is very intriguing; on it we see how the world was eight hundred thousand years B.C. Then, the region of the brachycephalus of this present ultramodern precarious anthropology did not exist.

On those W. Scott Elliot maps, we can see that the Bering Strait did not exist as it is today. The only thing that existed was water that covered Siberia and Europe all the way to France and Germany. These lands were submerged in the depths of the oceans.

Africa, we can also observe, had only the eastern part because the west and the south were both submerged within the boisterous waves of the ocean. On those maps was a small continent in eastern Africa that was known at that time with the name of “Grabonski.”

South America was submerged within the waters of the ocean. The United States, Canada, and Alaska were also submerged within the ocean. Nevertheless, on those maps the land of Mexico existed!

It seems incredible that eight hundred thousand years B.C. Mexico already existed. Europe still had not appeared and Mexico already existed! When South America had not yet emerged from within the depths of the ocean, Mexico already existed!

This invites us to comprehend that within the entrails of the sacred land of Anahuac, Mexico — which is as archaic as the world — there are archeological and esoteric treasures which have still not yet been discovered by archeologists.

In that epoch, Lemuria was a gigantic continent extending throughout the Pacific Ocean, covering the whole area of Australia, Oceania, and the Indian Ocean. Lemuria extended itself throughout the Pacific Ocean reaching those coastal places where much later South America would emerge. Lemuria was monumental, enormous.

Thus, the physiognomy of this terrestrial globe was completely different eight hundred thousand years B. C.

The capital of Atlantis was Toyan, the city of the seven doors of massive gold.

The materialistic anthropologists who cannot see beyond their noses might ask, on what do we base ourselves, speaking about the great capital of Atlantis? I want to tell these gentlemen (who have worked a great deal in order to take the eternal values away from humanity, who have precipitated it down into the devolving path) that there are maps preserved in secrecy in subterranean crypts. These maps indicate where Toyan, the capital of Atlantis, was situated. Therefore, if we talk we do it with complete knowledge. If we locate Lemuria and Atlantis, it is because they were continents that really existed.

Toyan was situated on an angle, on the southeastern part of that great country. It faced the southeast coast of a strip of land that visibly extended until the Loire in the Mediterranean Sea and towards eastern Africa. Its confines reached southern Asia (which already existed).

Atlantis extended itself from Brazil to the Azores and from Nova Scotia straight down throughout the whole Atlantic Ocean.

Thus, Atlantis totally covered the ocean that bears its name. It was a great continental country. Imagine Atlantis extending itself from the Azores, up to Nova Scotia and then descending towards present day Brazil. How enormous that continent was; it extended from south to north; it was colossal! Yet, it sank through means of many earthquakes. Various catastrophes were necessary in order for Atlantis to definitively disappear.

The scenario of the world has changed very often; the physiognomy of this terrestrial globe has not always been the same. Different human races have been developed upon it.

We need to carefully study the physiognomy of the world of ancient times, the different geological changes through which the Earth has passed. Thus, only in this way can we form a precise concept about the origin of the human being and its diverse cultures; only in this way can we form a precise concept of its diverse evolving and devolving processes.

However, if we unfortunately remain completely bottled up within all of the contemporary prejudices, we will not be able to know anything about geology, much less about the development of the human race.

It is necessary to acquire, to investigate and to analyze… There are many enigmas on the face of the Earth that are unknown to conventional science. How is it possible that the ichthyosaurs that endured for epochs (like during the Pliocene) continue to exist in this present century in the great profundities of the Pacific Ocean? Until now these enigmas cannot be deciphered by the illustrious materialists, nor can they comprehend them.

Through these lessons we must get to know the different scenarios of the world. We have to make light within darkness. Thus, by stating the scientific foundations of Gnostic anthropology we will then be able to review all ancient cultures. It is necessary to know how the Pelasgians appeared in Europe. It is necessary to know about the archaic cultures. It is urgent to know something about the Hyperborean civilization, etc. Yet, first of all, it is urgent to review the different geological changes that the Earth has passed through.

We comprehend that each root race has had its own scenario. We need to know the environment, climate, and the conditions that each root race had in order to be able to live. This is indispensable.

When materialistic anthropology states that the American cultures came from the Asiatic continent by means of the Bering Strait, indeed they are asserting a frightful mendacity, because ancient maps show that in ancient times the Bering Strait, Siberia, Canada, and the United States did not exist!

Mexico had a solemn, marvelous population that was separated from the Bering Strait by the great oceans of that time. Therefore, materialistic science is talking about something that they have not seen, that they cannot prove.

We are stating these facts based on maps such as those of W. Scott Elliot and other similar maps which are found in the subterranean crypts of the Himalayan mountain range in Central Asia.

People who asseverate that the human race reached America through the Bering Strait are showing a great deal of ignorance, a total unknowingness of ancient geographic charts.

Materialistic anthropologists are cheating the public with their types of assertions; this is how they insult the intelligence of readers.

We repeat: we love scientific investigation and exact analysis. We do not allow ourselves the luxury of accepting materialistic theories. We are not witless people who would allow ourselves to be cheated by superstitions based on false utopias.

We have geographic charts and we are sure that the readers of this book will comprehend our position very well.

The readers will comprehend all of this even better when they study the aforementioned geographic charts, which were displayed at the Third Gnostic International Congress in Caracas, Venezuela. That congress took place August 11-19 in the year 1978.