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Hell Devil Karma: Karmic Transactions

Karmic Transactions

Friends of mine, tonight in this gathering we will very seriously study the matter of karmic transactions. Allow me the liberty to tell you that I am not going to talk about profane transactions; I will emphatically address the transactions of karma.

First of all it is necessary that people understand what the Sanskrit word “Karma” means. It is not irrelevant to affirm that the word Karma implies the law of action and consequence. Obviously, there is no cause without an effect, nor an effect without a cause. Thus, any action of our life, whether good or bad, has consequences.

Today, I have been reflecting on the misfortune of our world. How happy these intellectual humanoids would be if they never had that which is called ego,(the “I”, the myself, the self-willed) since the ego indubitably perpetrates countless mistakes whose outcome is sorrow. If contemporary rational humanoids were devoid of ego, they would simply be beautiful, innocent, pure, and infinitely happy natural elementals.  Thus, dear friends, imagine for a moment an Earth populated by millions of innocent humanoids, devoid of ego, and governed by Divine Kings, Gods, Hierophants, Devas, etc. Obviously a world like this would indeed be paradise, a blissful planet.

No humanoid can be forced to transform into a human being. Thus, all of those millions of humanoids - even though they are not human beings in the most complete sense of the word - could have been infinitely happy if that second, malignant, and terribly perverse nature had not emerged within their interior.

Regrettably, as we have already profusely stated in these lectures, due to a mistake committed by certain sacred individuals, something abnormal appeared within each individual - that is, certain inhuman elements appeared, within which the consciousness is bottled up.  It is clear that such inhuman elements emerged as an outcome of the awful consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Thus, this is how, beloved friends of mine, this planetary humanity failed; this is how it became frightfully malignant.  It would have been better if those sacred individuals had not given that infamous, abominable organ to these wretched tri-brained or tri-centered bipeds.

Let us think for a moment about the multitude of humanoids that populate the face of the Earth. They suffer the unspeakable, being victims of their own errors. If they did not have ego, they would not have those errors, nor would they suffer their consequences.

In past lectures, we stated that not all Virginal Sparks, not all humanoids, are interested in Mastery; nonetheless, this is not an obstacle for authentic happiness.  Within the infinite space there exist many blissful dwellings for elemental humanoids who do not have interest in Mastery, since unquestionably, the 3,000 cycles or periods of time assigned to any Essence, to any Monad for their cosmic manifestation, are developed not only here on our planet Earth, but also on other planets of the starry space. Thus, dear friends, by beholding all of this you can understand that many mansions of happiness exist for the Souls, and that by no means is Mastery indispensable in order to have the right to the authentic bliss of the Pure Spirit. The unique thing that is required in order for us to have the right to true happiness is first of all to not have ego. Indeed, when the psychological aggregates, the inhuman elements that make us so horrible and wicked, do not exist within us, there is no Karma to pay; thus the outcome is bliss.


Not all of the happy creatures that live on all of the planets of infinite space have reached Mastery. Nonetheless, they are found in tune with the cosmic order because they do not have ego, since when one lives according to upright thought, upright feeling, and upright action, the consequences are usually blissful. Regrettably, upright thought, upright feeling and upright action, etc., are impossible when a second inhumane nature breathes in us, acts within us and through us, here and now.

Now we must avoid falling into confusion about what we have already stated, since it is obvious that amongst the multitudes, few are those who aspire to Adepthood, to the realization of their Inner Being. Unquestionably, these few souls are transformed into true kings of the universe and into terribly divine Gods, whereas the multitudes - after their 3,000 cycles of manifestation - return into the Universal Spirit of life as simple, blissful elementals.

What is unpleasant about these millions of earthling humanoid elementals is that they have created within themselves a second infrahuman nature. That inhuman nature has made them not only perverse, but moreover and worse, a disgrace.  If it were not for their egotistical self, none of them would be irate, none of them would covet the goods of their neighbor, none of them would be lustful, envious, proud, lazy, gluttonous, etc. 

Alas, I regret very much to have to state that the fate reserved in the future great cosmic day for the Archangel Sakaki and his high commission of sacred individuals (who, in archaic times gave the abominable Kundabuffer organ unto humanity) holds unutterable bitterness, a blood-curdling karma, since there is no doubt that due to their mistake, this humanity lost its happiness and became monstrous. May the holy Gods forgive me for uttering such an affirmation, but facts speak for themselves and before such evidence we have to surrender, whatever the cost. Fortunately my dear friends, justice and mercy are the two principal columns of the Universal White Fraternity.  Justice without mercy is tyranny; mercy without justice is tolerance, complacency with crime.

In this world of misfortune in which we find ourselves, it is necessary to learn how to handle our own karmic transactions, in order to maneuver the ship of our existence through the diverse scales of our life. Karma is negotiable, and this is something that may very much surprise the followers of diverse orthodox schools.  Indeed, some pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists have become too pessimistic in relation with the law of action and consequence, since they mistakenly suppose that karma develops in a mechanical, automatic, and cruel manner.  Those erudites believe that it is not possible to alter that law. I very sincerely regret to have to dissent from their way of thinking. If the law of action and consequence, if the nemesis of existence, were not negotiable, then where would divine mercy be? Frankly, I cannot accept cruelty within divinity. The reality, that which is all perfection, that which has diverse names, such as Tao, Aum, Inri, Zen, Allah, Brahma, God, or better said Gods, etc., by no means can be without mercy, something cruel, tyrannical, etc. Therefore, I emphatically repeat that karma is negotiable.

When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law washes away the inferior law.

Perform good deeds so that you may pay your debts. The lion of the law is fought with the scales.

Whosoever has capital with which to pay, pays and does well in business; however, the one who does not have any capital shall pay with pain. 

scalesIf our good deeds are placed on one plate and our bad deeds on the other plate of the cosmic scales, it is evident that our karma will depend on the weight that is on the scales. If the plate of bad deeds weighs more, the outcome will be bitterness. However, it is possible to increase the weight of the good deeds on the other plate of the equal-arm-beam of the scales. Thus, in this manner we will cancel out our karma without undergoing suffering. All that we need is to do good deeds in order to increase the weight of the plate of good deeds.

Now good friends of mine, you will comprehend how marvelous it is to do good. There is no doubt that upright thought, upright feeling, and upright action are the best transactions. Thus, we must never protest against karma. What is important is to know how to negotiate it.

Regrettably, the only thing that occurs to people when they undergo a great bitter sorrow is to wash their hands like Pontius Pilate, and to say that they did not do anything bad, that they are not guilty, that they are righteous souls, etc.

I tell those who are in misery, to examine their conduct, to judge themselves, to sit down at least for a moment on the bench of the accused. Thus, after a brief analysis of themselves, they should modify their behavior. If those who find themselves unemployed would become chaste, infinitely charitable, peaceful, one hundred percent helpful, it is obvious that they will radically alter the cause of their misfortune; thus as a consequence, they modify the effect.

To alter an effect is not possible if, firstly, the cause that produced it has not been radically modified, since as we have already stated, an effect without a cause does not exist, nor a cause without an effect.

There is no doubt that poverty has its causes in drunkenness, in disgusting lust, in violence, in adulteries, in squandering, and in avarice, etc.

It is not possible for someone to live in poverty when the Father who is in secret is present here and now. I will illustrate this with a story:

On a certain occasion, my real inner Being, my immortal Monad, took me out of my physical body in order to give me instructions about a certain disciple. Once the instructions concluded, I did not hesitate to address my Lord, my Innermost, with the following words. “I am tired of having a body, thus I would like to disincarnate.”

In those moments the Lord of perfections, my inner God, answered me with a solemn voice, “Why are you complaining? I am giving you food, clothing, and shelter, and nonetheless you still complain? Remember how in the final days of your past existence you were barefoot, old and sick, wandering around on the streets of Mexico wearing a torn suit, in the most frightful poverty and how you passed away within a filthy hut. At that point in time, I was absent.”

In those moments, the countenance of my Lord shone, and his blue eyes reflected the infinite heaven, his glorious white robe reached his feet; everything in Him was perfection.

Then, I told him, “Lord, I have come to kiss your hand and receive your benediction.” Thus the adorable one blessed me and I kissed his right hand. Subsequently, when I returned into my physical body I entered into meditation. Indeed my dear brethren, when the child misbehaves the Father withdraws, thus the child falls into disgrace.

My dear friends, I think you now comprehend better what poverty is, and why and how it arrives.

The Father who is in secret has enough power in order to provide for us, as well as to take away from us.

Behold, blessed is the man whom God corrects. – Job 5:17

So, karma is a medicine that is prescribed to us for our own sake.

Regrettably, people protest, blaspheme, they justify themselves instead of bending down reverently before the living eternal God. Yes, people justify themselves stubbornly, thus like Pontius Pilate they wash their hands. Yet, karma is not modified with complaints. On the contrary, it becomes harder and more severe.

We demand fidelity from our spouse when we ourselves have been adulterers in this life or in former lives. Yes, we want to be loved when we have been merciless and cruel.

We demand comprehension when we have never known how to comprehend anyone, when we have never learned how to see the point of view of our neighbor.

We long for immense bliss when we have always been the cause for much disgrace.

We would have liked to have been born in a very beautiful home with many comforts, yet in past lives we did not know how to provide a home and beauty for our children.

We protest against insulters when we have always insulted everyone who surrounds us.

We want our children to obey us when we have never known how to obey our parents.

Slander annoys us terribly, yet we have filled the world with pain due to our slandering.

Gossip upsets us, we do not want anyone to gossip about us, and nonetheless, we are always involved in gossip and chitchat, talking badly against our neighbor, mortifying the lives of others.

To that end, we always demand what we have never given. We were evil in all of our former lives, thus we deserve the worst. Nevertheless, we expect the best should be offered to us.

Instead of worrying so much about their sickness, the sick should work for others; they should do works of charity, should try to heal others, console the afflicted, take to the doctor those people who cannot afford to pay the doctor, to give away medicine, etc. Thus, in this manner they will cancel their karma and they will become totally healed.

Those who suffer in their home should multiply their humility, patience, and serenity.  They must not answer with insults. They must not tyrannize their neighbor, must not upset those who surround them, must know how to forgive the defects of their neighbor with patience infinitely multiplied. Thus, this is how they will cancel out their karma and will become better.

Regrettably, my dear friends, that ego that each one of us carries within does exactly the contrary of what we are stating here. Thus, for that reason, I consider that it is urgent, unpostponable, and imperative to reduce “the myself” to cosmic dust.

Question: Venerable Master, do you consider your mission accomplished if you achieve that the intellectual humanoids transform themselves into innocent elementals?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this question. Many prophets, great Avatars, and Masters fought in ancient times against the awful consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Thus, this is a popular type of mission, whose purpose is to make this humanity return to its total innocence. Those saints, in ancient times, also had their esoteric circle for those devotees of the direct path, for those who in all ages aspired to attain the mastery. Behold therefore, friends, the two circles, the exoteric or public, and the esoteric or secret. It is not irrelevant to remind you that the great confessional religions fill precisely these two needs. Any confessional religion serves the multitudes as well as the initiates. I think that now you will completely understand the meaning of my mission upon the face of this afflicted planet on which we live.

Question: Master, is any type suffering that one is undergoing attributed to the absence of the Father?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, there exist voluntary and involuntary sufferings. The first are processed within those who follow the direct path, the solar path; the second is the outcome of our own karma. It is obvious that when the child misbehaves the Father withdraws, thus the consequence is pain.

Question: Master, in regard to Nemesis or Karma, is it possible for any suffering to be negotiable before the lords of Karma?

Samael Aun Weor: Dear friends, I want you to comprehend that when this or that karma has been utterly developed and unfolded, it inevitably has to reach its end. This signifies that it is only possible to radically modify karma when repentance is total and when every possibility of repeating the error that produced it has radically disappeared. When Kamaduro reaches its end, it is always catastrophic. Not all karma is negotiable. Likewise, it is good to know that when we have radically eliminated the ego, the possibility of delinquency has also been annihilated; thus, as a consequence, karma can be forgiven.