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Hell Devil Karma: The Seven Cosmoses

The Seven Cosmoses

Friends, we are gathered here again with the purpose of studying the ray of creation.

It is urgent, indispensable, and unpostponable to clearly and precisely know the exact place that we occupy within the vivifying ray of creation.

First of all, respectable gentlemen, dear ladies, I beseech you very kindly to follow my lecture with infinite patience.

I want you to know that there exist seven cosmoses, namely:

  1. Protocosmos
  2. Ayocosmos
  3. Macrocosmos
  4. Deuterocosmos
  5. Mesocosmos
  6. Microcosmos
  7. Tritocosmos

Unquestionably, the first cosmos is formed by multiple, transcendental, divine, spiritual suns.

Much has been spoken about the sacred Absolute Sun, and it is obvious that every solar system is governed by one of these spiritual suns. This means that our planetary system possess its own sacred absolute sun, just like all the other solar systems of the unalterable infinite.

The second order of worlds is formed by all the millions of suns and planets that travel throughout space.

The third system of worlds is formed by any galaxy; i.e. this great Milky Way that has the Sun Sirius as its central cosmic capitol.

The fourth order of worlds is represented by our solar system of Ors.

The fifth order corresponds to our planet Earth.

The sixth order is the Microcosmos, man.

The seventh order is in the infernal worlds.

Let us extend our explanation even better:

I want you, ladies and gentlemen, to understand with complete clarity what the first order of worlds is. These are extraordinary spiritual suns that sparkle with infinite splendors in space; these are radiant spheres that astronomers can never perceive through their telescopes.

Now, reflect on the order of the billions and trillions of worlds and stars that inhabit infinite space.

Now, consider the galaxies themselves; any of them when looked at separately is certainly a Macrocosmos, and our galaxy, the Milky Way, is not an exception.

What would we now say about the Deuterocosmos? Unquestionably, every solar system—regardless which galaxy it belongs to, or whether it is a galaxy of matter or anti matter—is obviously a Deuterocosmos.

In space, Earths are as numerous as the sands of the immense sea. Indubitably, any of these Earths, any planet in itself, is a Mesocosmos (it does not matter which center of cosmic gravitation it might have).

Much has been spoken about the Microcosmos, man. We emphasize the transcendental idea that each one of us is an authentic and legitimate Microcosmos. Nevertheless, we are not the only inhabitants of the infinite; it is obvious that many inhabited worlds exist; thus, any inhabitant of the cosmos or of the cosmoses is an authentic Microcosmos.

Finally, it is convenient to know that the submerged mineral kingdom with its own atomic infernos exists within any planet. The atomic infernos are always situated within the interior of any planetary mass and within the infradimensions of nature, below the tridimensional zone of Euclid.

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, let us understand that the first order of worlds is completely different from the second, and that each cosmos is absolutely dissimilar and radically distinct.

The first order of worlds is infinitely ineffable and divine; not a single mechanical principle exists within it, since it is governed by one law.

The second order is unquestionably controlled by the three primary forces, which regulate and direct any cosmic creation.


The third order of worlds—our galaxy or any galaxy in the sacred space—is indubitably controlled by six laws.


The fourth order of worlds—our solar system, or any solar system of the infinite space—is always controlled by twelve laws.


The fifth order—our Earth, or any planet (all planets are similar to ours) in whichever orbit around any sun—is absolutely controlled by twenty-four laws.


The sixth cosmic order—any human organism—is definitely controlled by forty-eight laws. We can see that this is totally proven in the human germinal cell, since this is constituted—as it is already known—by forty-eight chromosomes [Editor: modern scientists have recognized fourty-six, but have yet to discover two chromosomes related to the fourth dimension].


Finally, the seventh order of worlds is under the total control of ninety-six laws.


Now, I want you to know in a precise manner that the numbers of laws in the abysmal regions are scandalously multiplied. It is evident that the first Dantesque circle is always under the control of ninety–six laws. However, this number of laws is duplicated in the second circle, producing one hundred and ninety two laws. The ninety–six laws triples in the third, quadruples in the fourth, thus, in like manner the 96 laws is multiplied successively: 96 x 2, 96 x 3, 96 x 4, 96 x 5, 96 x 6, 96 x 7, 96 x 8, 96 x 9; so therefore in the ninth circle, when multiplying 96 x 9, we get 864 laws.

If you were to profoundly reflect on the first cosmos, you would then perceive that the most absolute freedom exists there, since there everything is governed by a single law.

Complete happiness still exists in the second cosmos, due to the fact that it is completely controlled by the three primary laws of the entire creation.

However, a mechanical factor is introduced in the third cosmos, because in it the three primeval, divine laws duplicate themselves, thus becoming six. Obviously, a certain cosmic automatism already exists in the third cosmos, since the three primary forces no longer work in unison, for upon duplicating themselves they have originated the mechanical system of any galaxy.

Now, look at what any solar system is. It is clear that in it, the six laws have once again duplicated themselves, thus becoming twelve, which increase the mechanicity, the automatism, the complication, etc.

Let us now limit ourselves to any planet of the infinite, and very especially to our terrestrial world. Obviously, a planet is more heterogeneous and complex due to the fact that in it the twelve laws of the solar system have become twenty-four laws.

Let us now bluntly look at the Microcosmos, man. Let us examine his germinal cell, and in it we will find forty-eight chromosomes, which are the living representation of the forty-eight laws that control our entire physical body. Obviously, when duplicating themselves, these forty-eight laws originate the ninety-six laws of the first Dantesque circle.

Hence, I want you, ladies and gentlemen, to comprehend the place that we occupy in the ray of creation.

Someone who knew that the word inferno is derived from the word “infernus” (which in Latin means inferior region) emphasized the idea that the place that we occupy in the tridimensional zone of Euclid is the inferno, which according to him is the inferior place of the cosmos. Regrettably, the person who made such an unusual affirmation in fact did not know the ray of creation. If he had more information, if he had studied the seven cosmoses, he would have utterly realized that such an inferior place is not this physical world in which we live, but is the seventh cosmos, which is situated exactly within the interior of the planet Earth, within the natural infradimensions, below the tridimensional zone of Euclid.

Question: Master, after having listened with attention and patience to your scientific exposition on the ray of creation, I have observed that when you address the first order of worlds—that is, the Protocosmos—you mentioned that movement, life, corresponds to the first law where absolute freedom reigns. Now, quoting the words of the great Kabir Jesus, he taught us:

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. - John 8:32

By following the law of analogies and correspondences, should we understand that since we are those who move and have our Being in the sixth order of worlds—that is, the Microcosmos— in order for us to vividly know the truth and thus to be completely free, we must strive to become inhabitants of the worlds governed by a single law?

Samael Aun Weor: I will most gladly answer the question of the gentleman. Respectable ladies and gentlemen, it is indispensable to comprehend that the greater the number of laws, the greater the degree of mechanicity and pain; the lesser the number of laws, the lesser the degree of mechanicity and pain.

Unquestionably, in the sacred Absolute Sun, in the central spiritual sun of the solar system in which we live, move, and have our Being, there is no mechanicity of any type, and therefore, it is obvious that the most absolute bliss reigns in there.

Undoubtedly, we must fight in an inexhaustible manner in order to free ourselves from the 48, 24, 12, 6, and 3 laws, so that we can return into the sacred Absolute Sun of our system.

Question: Master, based on what you have formerly explained, we can then deduce that worlds with a greater number of laws are more mechanical and consequently by logic more dense and materialistic. Does this mean that the infradimensional or infernal worlds will cause greater suffering, and this is why they are called the regions of penalties and punishments?

Samael Aun Weor: This question from the audience seems somewhat intriguing, thus I am very glad to quickly answer it. Respectable gentleman, I want you and everybody to know and understand that the greater the number of laws, the greater the degree of mechanicity and pain.

The ninety-six laws of the first infernal zone are terribly painful; however, as this amount of laws are multiplied according to each of these infradimensional zones, pain, mechanicity, materialism, and weeping also become multiplied.

Question: Venerable Master, I have observed that previously you spoke to us about the nine concentric circles in the region of the infradimensions, which correspond to the nine circles of the supradimensions of the cosmos; however, now when addressing the ray of creation, you have only enumerated and explained seven cosmoses. Is there something incongruent in this?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, it is indispensable for you to make a clear differentiation between the seven cosmoses, the nine heavens, and the nine Dantesque circles from the natural infradimensions.

Obviously, the nine heavens are related, as we have already explained, with the nine submerged regions below the epidermis of the Earth. This is how Enoch saw them while in a state of ecstasy upon Mount Morya; a mount where he later built a subterranean temple with nine interior levels in order to allegorize the transcendental reality of his vision.

It is unquestionable that the nine heavens are utterly concretized in the spheres of the Moon, Mars, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. It is therefore clear that all of these nine heavens correspond to the Deuterocosmos.

Is it therefore clarified in your mind that the seven cosmoses are not the nine heavens?

Question: Master, when you explained to us that as the ray descends to a greater number of laws—from the first cosmos down to the infernal regions—each time the mechanicity, the automatism, the materialism, becomes greater. So, this makes me think that as we move away from the three primary laws, we sequentially separate ourselves from the direct will of the Father, thus lingering under our own miserable fate. Is this the case?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, honorable ladies who listen to me in this audience, I want you to know in a clear and precise manner that the solar, sacred Absolute gloriously shines beyond this system of worlds that form our solar system. It is indubitable that the unalterable happiness of the eternal living God exists in the central Spiritual Sun, governed by the unique law. Unfortunately, as we move farther and farther away from the sacred Absolute Sun, we then penetrate into worlds that are each time more and more complicated, worlds where automatism, mechanicity, and pain is established.

Obviously, the bliss within the cosmos of three laws is incomparable, because the materialism is less. In this region, any atom possesses within its inner nature only three atoms of the Absolute.

Yet how different is the third cosmos! There, the materialism increases, since any of its atoms possesses within its inner nature six atoms of the Absolute.

Let us now penetrate in the fourth cosmos. There, we find denser matter, due to the concrete fact that any of its atoms possesses within its inner nature twelve atoms of the Absolute.

Let us concretize a little farther; if we carefully examine the planet Earth, we will see that any of its atoms possesses within its inner nature twenty-four atoms of the Absolute.

Let us now carefully specify and by means of divine clairvoyance study in detail any atom of the human organism, and we then will perceive within it forty-eight atoms of the Absolute.

Let us descend a little more and enter into the kingdom of the most crude materialism, that is, into the infernal worlds, below the crust of the planet on which we live. There, we shall discover that in the first infradimensional zone, the density has terrifyingly increased, because any inhumane atom possesses within its inner nature 96 atoms of the Absolute.

Farther down, in the second infernal zone, every atom has 192 atoms. And in the third zone, every atom possesses within its interior 384 atoms of the Absolute, etc. Thus, one after another the materialism increases in a dreadful and terrifying manner.

Obviously, when submerging each time within laws that are more and more complex, we become progressively distant from the will of the Absolute, and fall into the mechanical complication of this great nature. Therefore, if we want to re-conquer freedom, we must free ourselves from so much mechanicity and so many laws and thus return to the Father.

Question: Beloved Master, if divine will is not exerted within the Microcosmos, man, then why is it stated that not a single leaf of a tree moves without the will of God?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, as we have already stated, only a single law governs in the sacred Absolute Sun.  Likewise, the will of the Father is still exerted in the cosmos of three laws because in it everything is governed by the three fundamental laws. Nevertheless, undoubtedly, in the world of six laws there already exists a mechanicity which—in a certain way—makes it independent of the will of the Absolute.

Now, consider the worlds of 24, 48, and 96 laws.Iit is obvious that within such orders of worlds, mechanicity multiplies independent of the solar, sacred Absolute.

This former assertion allow us to suggest that the Father is excluded from all creation; nonetheless, it is good for everyone to know that every mechanicity is previously calculated by the sacred Absolute Sun, since the different orders of laws with their diverse mechanical processes could not exist if these had not been previously arranged by the Father.

This universe is a whole within the intelligence of the solar, sacred Absolute, and these phenomena crystallize in a successive manner, little by little. Understood?

Question: Master, could you tell us why you relate the number seven with the laws of creation, the human organism, and the worlds? Is this a tradition or is it really a law?

Samael Aun Weor: This question from the gentleman deserves an immediate answer. I want all of you, ladies and gentlemen, to comprehend with completely dazzling clarity what the laws of three and seven are.

It is urgent for you to know that at the dawn of creation, the Cosmocreators (the creators of this universe in which we live, move, and have our Being) each one of them, under the direction of their particular Cosmic Divine Mother Kundalini, worked, developing in space the laws of three and seven, so that everything might have abundant life. Only in this manner was our world able to exist.

It is not therefore strange that every natural cosmic process is developed in accordance with the laws of three and seven. By no means should it seem unusual the fact that such laws are correlated in the infinitely small as well as in the infinitely large, in the Microcosm and in the Macrocosm, in all that is, in all that has been, and in all that shall be.

Let us think for a moment on the seven chakras of the dorsal spine, on the seven principal worlds of the solar system, on the seven rounds that ancient and modern Theosophy talks about, on the seven human root races, etc. All these gigantic septenary processes—that is, every septenary manifestation of life—always has as its foundation the three primary forces: positive, negative, and neutral. Understood?

Question: Master, why is it that when you talk about the creation of worlds, beings, or galaxies, you express yourself using terms such as: it is clear, it is indubitable, it is obvious, it is natural, etc.? What are the bases of your assertions so that you can talk with such certainty?

Samael Aun Weor: I see amongst the audience someone who has elaborated a very interesting question, which I will gladly answer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to know in a concrete, clear, and definite manner, that two types of reasoning exist. We must denominate the first one as subjective reasoning, and we must qualify the second as objective reasoning.

Unquestionably, external, sensory perceptions are the foundation of the first type of reasoning. Yet, the second type of reasoning is different. This can only be processed in accordance with the inner, vivid experiences of the consciousness.

It is obvious that the diverse functions of my own consciousness are found behind the terms quoted by the gentleman. In my speech, I utilize such terms as specific vehicles for the concepts of my sensory data. In other words, by means of certain emphasis, I tell the gentleman and the audience who listens to me, the following: I would never use the words quoted by the gentleman if I had not previously verified with my cognizant powers, with my transcendental cognitive faculties, the truth of all that I am asserting. So, I like to utilize precise terms with the purpose of making exact ideas to be known. That is all.

Question: Master, in your former exposition you mentioned the dawn of creation. Could you explain to us in which epoch this occurred and who performed such a work?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, there is no time in eternity. I want all of you who have attended our lecture to perfectly comprehend that time does not have a basic reality. Time does not posses an authentic, legitimate origin.

Certainly and in the name of the truth, I must tell you that time is merely something subjective. Time does not possess an objective, concrete, and exact reality.

Indeed, what really exists is a succession of phenomena: i.e. the sun rises and we exclaim it is six in the morning. It sets and we say it is six in the evening. Twelve hours have elapsed in between. Now, in which part of the cosmos can we find these twelve hours, this “time”? Can we perhaps hold that time in our hand and place it on the table of a laboratory? What color does such time have? Of what metal or substance is that time made?

Let us reflect, ladies and gentlemen; let us reflect a little. It is the mind that invents time, since, indeed, what truly exists in an objective manner is the succession of natural phenomena. Unfortunately, we made the blunder of assigning time to every cosmic movement.

We set our beloved hours between the rising and the setting of the sun. We invent them, we place them along with the movement of the stars, nevertheless, these are fantasies of the mind.

Cosmic phenomena are occurring one after another within the eternal instant of the movement of the great life. Our universe exists as an integral, unitotal, and complete whole within the sacred Absolute Sun. All the cosmic changes are processed within an eternal moment, within an instant that has no limits within the sacred Absolute Sun.

It is evident and manifest that when the different successive phenomena of this universe crystallize, regrettably, the concept of time then comes to our mind. Such a subjective concept is always placed between phenomenon and phenomenon.

Indeed, the Solar Logos, the Demiurge Architect of the universe, is the true author of all of this creation. Nevertheless, we cannot set a date to his work, to his Cosmogenesis, because time is an illusion of the mind. Thus, creation is something that is far beyond anything that is merely intellective.

The inferno or the infernal worlds exist throughout eternity. Let us quote the phrase of Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy:

Through me you pass into the city of woe: Through me you pass into eternal pain: Through me among the people lost for aye. Justice the founder of my fabric moved: To rear me was the task of power divine, supremest wisdom, and primeval love. Before me things create were none, save things eternal and eternal I endure. "All hope abandon ye who enter here." – Canto 3:1-9


Question: Venerable Master, according to what I have been able to read, the Master G. relates the world of ninty-six laws with the Moon. However you affirm that such region is found below the epidermis of the planetary organism in which we live. Can you explain this divergence of concepts?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, I will give you an immediate answer.

moonCertainly, Master G. thinks that the ray of creation ends with the Moon, and I emphatically affirm that it concludes in the submerged worlds, in the inferno. Listen, respectable ladies and gentlemen: the Moon is something different. The Moon is a dead world, a corpse that belongs to a past cosmic day of creation.

The voyages of the astronauts to our satellite have come to demonstrate in a conclusive and definitive manner, the irrefutable fact that the Moon is a dead world.

I do not know how the Master G. made this mistake in his calculations, since any moon of the infinite space is always a corpse. Regrettably, Master G. firmly believed that in our system the Moon was a new world that was being born, that was surging from within the chaos.

In the past cosmic day, the Moon had abundant life; yes, the Moon was a marvelous Earth in space. Nevertheless, now it is already dead, and in the future the Moon will become totally disintegrated. That is all.

Question: Beloved Master, according to Master G., our satellite, the Moon, was originated from a detachment of terrestrial matter due to tremendous magnetic forces of attraction within the laws of gravity, thus forming a new world where the lost souls certainly enter in order to suffer within the Avernus of those infradimensional regions. Consequently, Master Samael, does this mean that Master G. arrived at this conclusion because his cognitive faculties were poor?

Samael Aun Weor: I understood the question from the gentleman and I will gladly answer him with clarity.

By no means do I want to underestimate Master G’s psychic faculties. Obviously, he fulfilled a marvelous mission and his work is splendid; nevertheless, the man has the right to make mistakes. It is possible that he took such information related with Selene, from some legend, from some source, from some allegory, etc. In any case, we emphatically affirm what we know, what we have been able to directly verify for ourselves, without underestimating any Master’s labor.

That the Moon was the outcome of a collision between the Earth and another planet, or that it emerged from the Pacific Ocean, as it is declared by another respectable Master, are concepts that we respect but that we have not practically evidenced.

I affirm in a compelling manner and with certain emphasis, thus limiting myself exclusively to reveal with my objective reasoning what I have been able to see, hear, touch, and feel by myself: never in the entire cosmos have we known any moon to become an inhabitable world.

Any well-awakened initiate knows by means of direct experience that the worlds—like men, plants and everything that exist—are born, grow, age, and die. It is clear that any planet that dies, in fact and by its own right, becomes a corpse, a moon. Our planet Earth will not be an exception. Thus, you can be sure, ladies and gentlemen, that after the seventh human root race, our Earth will also become a new moon.

Therefore, let us be exact. I am mathematical in investigation and demanding in expression. We have methods, systems, and procedures by means of which we can and must come in contact with those infernal worlds. Only then we will recognize the reality of The Divine Comedy of Dante, who places the inferno below the epidermis of the planet Earth.