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Hell Devil Karma: The Sixth Infernal Circle, the Sphere of Jupiter

The Sixth Infernal Circle, the Sphere of Jupiter

Respectable friends, today we are going to study with complete clarity the sixth Dantesque circle, which relates to Jupiter, and that is submerged underneath the epidermis of our planet Earth. Unquestionably, it is good to know that this infradimensional region is even denser than the five previous ones because of its atomic constitution, given that each atom of the sixth Dantesque circle carries in its womb 576 atoms of the Sacred Absolute Sun. Undoubtedly, such  extremely heavy atoms are the causa causarum of a tremendous materialism.  Obviously, the people that live submerged within this infernal region are controlled by 576 laws, which make their existences extremely complicated and difficult. In this region, time is frighteningly slow; each minute seems to be a century and therefore, life becomes tedious and intolerable.

If we carefully analyze the Jupiterian vibration in its transcendental, planetary aspect, we then discover that mysterious force which grants the scepter to the kings and the miter to the hierarchs of diverse confessional religions.  Therefore, the planet Jupiter within the infinite space is extraordinary, mystical, regal, and sublime.

On the other hand, its antithesis, located within that sixth submerged infradimension, underneath the geological crust of our planet, is in fact turned into the abode for the materialist atheists, enemies of the eternal.  The blasphemers, those who hate everything with the taste of divinity, and the heretics, those who cultivate the dogma of separatism, also breathe in those regions.

sixthcircleLike Dante, one feels filled with pain when beholding so many mitered skeptics and atheists stuck within the sepulcher of their own passions, hatreds, and limitations. When we think about the great legislators, sovereigns, and lords who rule social conglomerates, we obviously discover tyrants and petty-tyrants that originate complications and pain here, there, and everywhere. Thus, the outcome of such ominous proceedings corresponds exactly to the sixth Dantesque circle. Therefore, it is not surprising for the esotericist-investigator to find within this tenebrous region from the abode of Pluto all these types of hierarchs that abused their power. Accordingly, it is clear that such people suffer the unspeakable.

So, the always generous Jupiter, as a paternal friend, has its ominous antithesis in those terrible parents who, having plentiful wealth, deny bread, shelter, and refuge to their children. Undoubtedly, it is there, within that sixth ominous abysmal region, where those sinning shadows find their dwelling place after death.

The consciousness of the investigator is heartbroken when beholding those very cruel parents submerged within that tenebrous Jupiterian region; however, what is most astounding is that under the light of the Sun in this tridimensional world, they always believed themselves to be virtuous, just, and generous.  Moreover, some of them were even profoundly religious. In that sinister abode also breathe family heads who - despite all their cruelties - aspired to the inner self-realization of the Being and whose contemporaries believed them to be very good; yes, from the doors of their house outward, their conduct appeared to be upright, although it is clear that within their private abode there was weeping and affliction. Indeed, they were extraordinarily pietistic people, pretending meekness, posing as stand-up comedians, unbearable vegetarians who make food a kitchen religion. Using the tone of the great Kabir Jesus, I say unto them: "Woe unto you, Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye are like unto whited sepulchers." However, the same would never be said by their partisans or those who had seen them in those beautiful pseudo-esoteric or pseudo-occultist types of halls.

It is not strange to find very honest and sincere but terribly mistaken heads of family within the sixth submerged infradimensional region. What these heads of family should have done they did not do, and what they should not have done, they did. Some of them were extraordinarily fanatical heads of family who - in the world where they lived - taught religion to their children with sticks and lashings, as if religion could be learned with floggings; ominous parents indeed who darkened homes by embittering the lives of their children.

Jupiter, generous as always, benevolent and altruistic, has its contrast underneath the epidermis of the Earth, within the sixth submerged infradimension. What is the antithesis of generosity? Egotism, usury, embezzlement; this is obvious. Therefore, it is not strange to find within this infrahuman region those who monopolize all the goods of the Earth to themselves, such as Sanagabril and his henchmen.

Thus, every religious antithesis, every Jupiterian contrast, is inevitably found within the sixth infernal circle underneath the epidermis of the Earth.

Question: Dear Master, I have observed that you mentioned that time is tremendously long, that minutes seem centuries due to the great density of this submerged Jupiterian region. Is time long because of the sufferings or are the sufferings long because of time?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, in regard to your question, allow me to inform you that time only exists from the merely subjective point of view, because indeed time does not have an objective reality.  Thus, by relying on this basic principle, we arrive at the logical conclusion that time is a submerged subconscious creation. Unquestionably, within each infraconscious zone, or better said, within those inhuman parts that exist within each one of us, time has to become consistently slower within the most profound depths of materiality. In other words, I will state the following: in the merely intellective level, time is not as slow as in the deeper subconscious levels. Meaning, the more subconscious the region where we live, the slower is time.  This will take a greater appearance of reality. Here in this physical world where we live, that is, on the surface of the Earth and under the sunshine, there are minutes that seem to be centuries, and there are centuries that seem to be minutes; everything depends on our mood. It is clear that when in complete happiness, twelve hours seem to be one minute. It is obvious that a moment of supreme pain seems to endure centuries. Now, let us now think about the abyss, about the submerged abysmal regions, about the city of Dis, the damned city located at the bottom of the tenebrous Tartarus; there, the lost souls feel that each minute is transformed into centuries of abominable bitterness. Thus, regarding the question of the gentleman, I think that now he will understand my answer in depth.

Question: This is how it is indeed, Master. However, since you mentioned states of consciousness, namely, subconsciousness, unconsciousness and infraconsciousness, does this mean to say that when we are talking about infradimensions we are also talking about states of consciousness?

Samael Aun Weor: The infradimensions of nature and of the cosmos not only exist in the planet Earth but also in any cosmic unity from the infinite space, i.e. suns, moons, planets, galaxies, stars, likewise in anti-stars, anti-galaxies of anti-matter, etc.  These natural infradimensions are not therefore exclusive products of the subconsciousness or infraconsciousness of intellective humanoids, but the outcome of mathematical laws that have their origin in every ray of existential creation.

Question: Master, this means therefore that when we refer to the consciousness in itself we should think that this is free of time?

Samael Aun Weor: Gentleman, ladies and gentlemen, I want to emphatically tell you that in the Sacred Absolute Sun, time is 49 times faster that here on Earth.

By judiciously analyzing the former statement, we say: since time is a mere subjective creation of the intellectual humanoid, it is obvious that time is 49 times slower than in the Sacred Absolute Sun. In other words, I clarify: since the mind of the humanoid possesses 49 subconscious departments, based on this we state that time here amongst the tri-brained or tri-centered bipeds mistakenly called humans is 49 times slower than in the Sacred Absolute Sun.

Sustained by the inductive process taught by Aristotle in his "Divine Entelechy,” we conclude: if time in the Sacred Absolute Sun is 49 times more rapid than the intellective level of the humanoid, obviously this means that in the Sacred Sun time does not exist; in it, everything is an eternal moment, an eternal now.

Now, when beholding that which is called consciousness, that is, when studying it wisely, we discover the original, virginal, paradisiacal Being, free from every subconscious process, beyond time. That is to say, the consciousness in itself is not a product of time.

Question: I beg your pardon Master, since I might appear a little insistent, but I have grasped the following concept: in the measure that we awaken consciousness, the infraconscious and subconscious states cease to exist because these become conscious states. Is this wrong?

Samael Aun Weor: Sir, your question is quite interesting. Evidently, when the submerged states of Pluto, namely, the infraconsciousness, unconsciousness, subconsciousness, are radically eliminated, then the consciousness awakens.

Time seems too long for us within the sixth submerged dimension due to the clear and evident fact of the subconscious, unconscious and infraconscious states; on the other hand, in Nirvana time does not exist due to the compelling and definite fact that neither the ego nor the subconscious, nor the aforementioned abysmal states, exist within that divine region.

Question: Based on this explanation that frankly surprises me, because I had never ever related time with states of subconsciousness, I arrive at the conclusion that the unconsciousness, the infraconsciousness, and the subconsciousness of which psychologists speak so much, are indeed negative and Satanic states, and therefore are the obstacles to humans’ self-realization. Am I right, Master?

Samael Aun Weor: It has been solemnly told unto us that we need to transform the subconsciousness into consciousness; yet, we also include the infraconscious and unconscious states within these transformative concepts.  Thus, to awaken the consciousness is what is radical. It is only in this manner that we can see the path that will lead us to the final liberation.

Obviously, the concept of time, which embitters life so much within the sixth submerged dimension and within the different Dantesque circles of the Tartarus, is definitely eliminated when the consciousness awakens.

Question: Master, you told us that the sixth submerged Jupiterian region is the antithesis of the planet Jupiter that orbits around the Sun. Yet, I observed that when you spoke about the other Dantesque circles you did not refer to them as the antithesis of the planets to which they correspond. Would you like to clarify this for us?

Samael Aun Weor: Sir, ladies and gentlemen, obviously, the nine infernal circles are always the negative antithetical aspect of the upper spheres, namely, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. I believe that I have already said something about this subject-matter in past lectures, in which we described the relationship between those planets and the nine zones submerged below the epidermis of our planet Earth. Now, when looking for a similarity to all of this, you see that every person under the sunlight projects his shadow everywhere; likewise, you find something similar with each of these nine planets of the solar system and their corresponding shadows, or obscure, tenebrous zones within the entrails of the planet in which we live. Understood?

Question: Master, could you tell us if the submerged zone of the planet Jupiter is inhabited?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, allow me to inform you and all the people listening to me that within the natural infradimensions of the submerged mineral kingdom of the planet Jupiter exist terribly perverse demons, devolving creatures, people heading towards their second death. I clarify, I am not talking about the heaven of Jupiter; I limit myself exclusively to mention the submerged mineral kingdom of that planet.

Question: Master, can we consider that - despite the fact that within the infernos of the planet Jupiter exist terribly devolving malignant beings - the infernos of the planet Jupiter are antithetical to the infernos of the sixth Dantesque circle of the planet Earth?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, the tenebrous corresponds with the tenebrous; therefore, between the infernos of the planet Jupiter and the sixth Dantesque circle submerged below the geological cortex of our planet Earth there is no antithesis whatsoever. We must look for antitheses exclusively between the luminous and obscure aspects of Jupiter. Indubitably, the Jupiterian splendors have their opposites, their shadows, not only within the entrails of that radiant planet, but also underneath the crust of our afflicted planet.

Question: Master, could you tell us what are the materials or elements which structure that tenebrous zone of the sixth submerged dimension of our planetary organism?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, we have already stated in past lectures that the inhabitants of any natural element never perceive the element in which they live, i.e. the fish never see the water; we, the inhabitants of this tridimensional world of Euclid, never perceive the air that we breathe; we do not see it. The salamanders do not see the fire. Likewise, those who dwell within the petrous, rocky element never see such an element; they only perceive objects, persons, events, etc. Obviously, the petrous density of the sixth abode of Pluto is unbearable, terribly dense; now we will understand for ourselves the reason why Dante saw so many condemned souls within their sepulchers; these are not sepulchers in the literal sense of the word; what is meant to say with this is sepulchral states, that is, very narrow limited conditions of the subconsciousness and infraconsciousness, etc.; these are painful conditions of life within the sixth abysmal region.