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Igneus Rose: The Chalice

The Chalice

1. Remember, sibling of mine, that the chalice represents the mind of the human being.

2. The Holy Grail that is in the Temple of Monserrat is filled with the blood of the redeemer of the world.

3. Your chalice is your brain, and your brain is the instrument of your mental body.

4. Sibling of mine, fill your chalice with the blood of the martyr of Calvary so that your mind may be Christified within the ardent sparks of the universal flames.

5. The blood of the lamb is the wine of light of the alchemist. The blood of the lamb is the semen.

6. Your semen is the oil of pure gold that rises through your two olive trees to the sacred chalice of your brain, in order to Christify your mind within the blazing fire of the universe.

7. When the chalice is empty, it is the black grail, the grail of the shadow, the grail of the darkness.

8. Sibling of mine, fill your chalice with the blood of the lamb so that it may be converted into the Holy Grail and so that your mind may be Christified.

9. A fornicator or an adulterer can never convert his material-mind into Christ-mind.

10. The masters who are married will Christify themselves by means of sexual magic.

11. The masters who are single will Christify their minds by means of mental transmutation and the sacrifice of sexual abstinence.

12. Thus, the fourth degree of the power of the fire will rise through the medulla of the mental body, converting the material-mind into Christ-mind.

13. You must be pure, pure, pure.

14. You are completely forbidden to pour even one drop of your sacred wine.

15. Oh disciple of the rocky path, if you want to Christify your mind, then you must have the vow of eternal chastity.

16. You must fill your sacred chalice with the wine of light so that the fire will make your cosmic mind shine within the august thundering of thought.