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Igneus Rose: The Creative Larynx

The Creative Larynx

1. You have reached the splendorous flower of your creative larynx.

2. The word of the gods expresses itself through the creative larynx.

3. Hadit has flourished in your fertile lips made word.

4. Hadit is the winged serpent of Kundalini.

5. The esoteric name of Kundalini is Solu-sigi-sig.

6. This is also the name of the central sun.

7. Each one of these letters should be vocalized in the following order.

8. Ssssss Ooooo Luuuu — Ssssss Iiiiii Gggggg Iiiiii — Ssssss Iiiiii Gggggg

9. Every letter must be vocalized, prolonging the sound of each letter, just as we have indicated.

10. It is important to prolong the sound of each vowel. The vowel “S” is like a sweet and affable hiss. The Bible speaks to us of this sweet and affable hiss in the following verses:

“And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before Jehovah. And, behold, Jehovah passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before Jehovah; but Jehovah was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake; but Jehovah was not in the earthquake:
“And after a earthquake a fire: but Jehovah was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice (hiss).
“And it was so, when Elijah heard it, that he wrapped his face in his mantle, and went out, and stood in the entering in of the cave. And, behold, there came a voice (hiss) unto him, and said, what doest thou here, Elijah?” —1 Kings:19:11-13

11. The “S,” as a mantra, permits us to leave our cave (physical body) and to enter upon the mount (astral plane).

12. The vowel “S” is a mantra for projection of the astral body.

13. The disciple must become sleepy while vocalizing the sweet and affable sound of the “S.” When the disciple reaches that state of transition between vigil and dream, then he must rise from his bed and leave the room, going towards the Gnostic Church.

14. Once in the Gnostic Church, we will teach and instruct him in the divine wisdom.

15. However, we must clarify to our disciples that this explanation which we have given must be understood as an immediate action.

16. The student must rise up from his bed, as naturally as would a child who knows nothing of esotericism. It is not a mental practice. It is a practice which must be understood as a concrete action, just as when we rise up in the morning in order to eat breakfast.

17. The vowel “S” has a terrific power.

18. The vowel “S” is the rune Sig and when we vocalize it, lightning is produced in the internal atmosphere. This lightning has the power to awaken the Kundalini.

19. The sexual organ of the future divine humanity will be the creative larynx.

20. The throat is a uterus in which the word is created.

21. The Kundalini gives the larynx the entire omnipotent power of the creative word.

22. What is important is to learn how to control the feminine principle of the solar forces.

23. The feminine solar forces are symbolized by an eagle with a woman’s head.

24. Sexual magic is the way.

25. We must Self-realize Christ within ourselves in order to speak the creative word. However, this is possible only by learning how to control the feminine principle of the sun.

26. We know that sexual magic is very hard and difficult for humans with a weak will. Therefore, we recommend our disciples to first practice the exercises of the rune Thorn, in order to acquire the force of willpower, which will permit them to heroically control sexual magic.

27. Our disciples must perform this exercise by placing their hand upon their waist or hip and then vocalizing the syllables Ti-Te-To-Tu-Ta, prolonging the sound of each vowel. They must then vocalize the mantra Thorn as follows: Tooooooorrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnn.

28. Our disciples who practice this exercise daily will acquire a powerful force of will, with which they will practice sexual magic, dominating their passionate beast.

29. Willpower’s strength is symbolized by the crown of thorns of the Nazarene Christ.

30. It is necessary to strike the hard flint strongly in order to make the spark of immortality jump.

31. Willpower’s strength is the tremendous force of sacrifice... It is the crown of thorns of the master.

32. The will and movement of the Kundalini are intimately united.

33. Willpower’s strength is the rune Thorn and its movement is symbolized by the sign Olin of the Aztec Mexicans.

34. The runes Thorn and Olin enclose the secret of our liberation.

35. It is necessary to have the strength of willpower in order to place the Kundalini into motion.

36. The hierarchies related with the elemental department of the cedar tree have the power to open the door of Olin.

37. This door is situated in the inferior orifice of the spinal medulla, and through it we enter the great mysteries of the fire.

38. The mantra that opens this door is Thorn. It is pronounced by prolonging the sound of each vowel as follows: Toooorrrrrnnnnnn.

39. The mantra Thorn has the power to place the pure Akasha into motion in order to awaken the Kundalini and to make it rise through each one of the thirty-three vertebrae of our spinal column.

40. This mantra has the power to reinforce the pure Akasha within our Brahmanic cord.

41. Olin, the sacred sign of the Aztec Indians, is the door to enter into the great mysteries of the fire.

42. The exercise of Olin must be performed by placing the right arm upon the waist. Then, while vocalizing the mantra Thorn, both arms must be extended towards the left side of the body and at the end, both arms must be placed upon the waist.

43. The vocalization must be combined with inhalations and exhalations of pure air with the intention of carrying the vital Christ to each of the seven bodies.

44. The sign Olin is governed by the sign of Scorpio, which controls the sexual organs.

45. We know that the whole power of the Kundalini is found in the phallus and in the uterus. The secret for awakening the Kundalini is contained in the union of the two.

46. On one occasion, when conversing with a master of the great White Hierarchy, he touched my sexual organs in order to examine me. I then felt an electric shock throughout my body. The master was very content and said to me, “You are progressing very well.”

47. Nature has its origin in the fire and the entire power of the fire is found enclosed within our sexual organs.

48. In his course of Magic Runes, Master Huiracocha teaches all these things. However, sacred runes are not the property of Master Huiracocha, because this knowledge is as ancient as the world. It belongs to the great schools of internal mysteries.

49. We do not accept the statement of Master Huiracocha that black and yellow skinned people cannot belong to the White Lodge because it is only for people who belong to the white race.

50. We cannot accept this type of racial prejudice, because the White Lodge is universal.

51. There are masters from all races in our venerable White Lodge. We must not forget that Master Moria and Master Kout Humi belong to the yellow race.

52. The white race is not superior nor inferior than other races. Simply, it is different, that is all.

53. We also disagree with Master Huiracocha’s despise for Asian wisdom.

54. Christ taught three ways to reach the union with the Innermost.

55. When he was preaching to the multitudes, when he was mystically exalted, he showed us the way of Ramakrishna, Kempis, and Francis of Assisi. This is the path of Anthony of Padua and Theresa of Jesus. This is the mystical path.

56. When Christ was walking with Magdalene, the repented prostitute, when he was among publicans and sinners, fishermen and wine drinkers, he showed us the Gnostic path.

57. When he retired to the solitude of the desert for forty days and forty nights, he then taught the way of Asian yoga.

58. The seven rays of cosmic evolution are synthesized in these three ways that the Nazarene showed.

59. Therefore, we cannot despise Asian wisdom.

60. All human Innermosts who are fastened to the wheel of births and deaths belong to these three ways.

61. With all this, we sustain that sexual magic between husband and wife is the way in order to reach Nirvana.

62. Therefore, we cannot accept the racial prejudice of Master Huiracocha for any reason.

63. God has no preference for anyone. All human beings without distinction of sex, race, creed, or color are beloved children of the Father. They have the same rights.

64. We also cannot accept the absurd thesis of Master Huiracocha who stated that it is a sin for a man of one race to become married with a woman of another race, and that the bastard children are children of the devil.

65. We recognize that Master Huiracocha is a guru of the universal White Fraternity. It is evident for me that he is an archbishop of the Gnostic Church. Yet, he committed a lamentable mistake when he made these statements in his course of Magic Runes.

66. There is no doubt that if the Guru Huiracocha had a physical body he would rectify those errors. Humans commit errors, however only those who are stubborn remain in the error.

67. “Be thou, oh Hadit, the Gnostic secret of my Being, the central point of my connection and flourish in my fertile lips made word.”

68. When the Kundalini of the mental body reaches the rose of the creative larynx, a trumpet of the temple resounds in the internal worlds. Then, we enter the temple in order to celebrate the feast.

69. All human beings — white, black, yellow, red and brown — have the right to speak the word of light and to form part of the great, universal White Fraternity, because everyone is a beloved child of the Father.

70. God has no preference for anyone. He equally cares for humans and ants, birds and reptiles.

71. God has no racial prejudice. He loves all his children with infinite love, without distinction of sex, race, creed, or color.

72. We must love all human beings. We must give even the last drop of our blood for all our brothers and sisters who belong to this great human family.

73. Evil ones criticize me because I teach the secret doctrine of Gnostics to humanity.

74. I diffuse all the esoteric teachings in order to save all my brothers and sisters of this humanity.

75. Everything that I know is for my brothers and sisters. Therefore, I have decided to teach them the most sacred things of the universe, so that they may enter Eden, as I have entered.