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Igneus Rose: The Fifth Chamber

The Fifth Chamber

1. You have entered the fifth ardent chamber of the narrow way that leads from the middlebrow to the heart.

2. A door has been opened. Enter, my child!

3. Listen now, oh arhat, what the angel is reading from the book.

4. Many sublime things related with the world of the cosmic mind are now being taught to you.

5. You are acting intensely in the world of pure spirit without the necessity of material vehicles.

6. All the principal teachings have been given to you in sacred language.

7. The sun has shone upon the tree of your life and you have entered the fifth chamber.

8. You see, sibling of mine, how you are approaching the sacred temple of the heart.

9. Now you are understanding how to equilibrate the mind and heart.

10. As time passes, you become more aware of how you can act with complete consciousness within your superior Being without the necessity of the four bodies of sin.

11. Truly, child of mine, you are an arhat. You are a Nirvani.

12. You are a master of Major Mysteries. Yet, in the world of Nirvana, you have now begun to live as a disciple of the gods.

13. You are a master and you are a disciple. You have learned how to obey and how to command...

14. You are a super-human.

15. My child, you have built a majestic temple in the astral world and in the mental world, but in the world of Nirvana, you possess only a tiny, little chapel.

16. When will you have a great cathedral within Nirvana?

17. When will you be an inhabitant of the seventh salon of Nirvana?

18. When will you live in that great city of gold of the seventh salon of Nirvana?

19. Behold the ineffable beings who officiate in their great cathedrals of Nirvana.

20. When will you be as one of them?

21. Sibling of mine, now you have only a tiny, little chapel in the first sub-plane of Nirvana.

22. My child, you are now a beginner in Nirvana!

23. Duty is much harder for you now, oh arhat!

24. If you want to progress in Nirvana, then you must sacrifice yourself for humanity.

25. Sibling of mine, you must become a bodhisattva of compassion.

26. Each one of your sacrifices will be paid unto you in Nirvana.

27. Thus, sibling of mine, this is the only way in order for you to progress in Nirvana.

28. You see, sibling of mine, how the fire has transformed you.

29. You see, sibling of my soul, that you, hidden within your sexual organs, carried all the secrets of Nirvana.

30. You suffered indescribably when searching for Nirvana. You were affiliated to various schools, religions, lodges, and orders. Yet, they gave you only one day of consolation.

31. You, child of mine, proclaimed penance and covered your body with sackcloth, but in vain.

32. You, sibling of my soul, forgot the door of Eden. This is why you suffered.

33. But, you saw that Nirvana was in your sexual organs.

34. What a lot of tasks, child of mine!

35. However, you finally saw the door of Eden within your sexual organs. Thus, this is how you entered...