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Igneus Rose: The Lord Jehovah

The Lord Jehovah

1. When studying Genesis we read that the Lord Jehovah created every herb, every seed, every beast of the earth, every fish of the sea and every living being.

2. This has been read by the majority of human beings. Yet, not all of them have comprehended it.

3. As well, the esotericists have not been able to give us a satisfactory explanation regarding the book of Genesis.

4. The widest variety of interpretations about Jehovah has been given by the esotericists. However, none of them have been able to satisfactory explain who Jehovah is, or how and in what manner He created all the living beings that populate the face of the earth.

5. When we penetrate into the internal worlds, we then comprehend that the Lord Jehovah is a guru-deva. He is the chief of all angelic or devic evolution.

6. Only in this manner can we explain the creation of all things, as told in the book of Genesis.

7. Angels or devas governs all the elementals of the whole of creation. The supreme commander of the angelic or devic evolution governs all the devas, with all the elementals of the whole of creation. This commander is the Lord Jehovah.

8. There is no plant that is without soul. Angels, who in turn are governed by the Lord Jehovah, govern all the souls of plants.

9. The same happens with the mineral and animal elementals. All of them obey the orders of the angels, and every angel obeys the Lord Jehovah.

10. The elementals of the earth, air, water, and fire are incarnated in the plants. Not one seed can sprout without the presence of an elemental.

11. The same happens with animals. Every animal is the physical body of an elemental of nature. All elementals obey the angels. All of the angels work in the great laboratory of nature, under the ardent direction of the Lord Jehovah.

12. The Elohim or Prajapratis of the India of the East are the constructors of this universe.

13. These Elohim work within the blazing flames of the igneous rose of nature, in accordance with the plans of the Lord Jehovah.

14. We now explain to ourselves how and the manner in which the Lord Jehovah created all things in the dawn of life.

15. The Elohim or Prajapratis are the same devas or angels that govern the whole of creation within the crackling, blazing flames of the universe.

16. The students of Heindel remember the Lord Jehovah as an ancient god who had already completed his mission.

17. This false concept of Heindel’s students totally collapses when we comprehend that the entire devic evolution works under the direct regency of the Lord Jehovah.

18. There is not one plant that can exist without the presence of an elemental. Every elemental depends on the orders of the angels that work within the igneous rose of the universe, under the orders of the Lord Jehovah.

19. Therefore, the Lord Jehovah creates daily within the blazing flames of this igneous rose of nature.

20. Every master expresses himself through his disciples.

21. The Lord Jehovah expresses himself through his elemental devas, within the eternal instances of life.

22. The Lord Jehovah is a flame that is burning now. We understand this when we understand that our planetary globe is presently preparing itself for the new Aquarian Age.

23. When the master reaches the Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries, seven paths are opened before him:

24. First: To enter Nirvana.

Second: To do superior works in Nirvana.

Third: To form part of the major government of the Logos of the solar system.

Fourth: To remain as a Nirmanakaya, working in the astral plane for humanity.

Fifth: To work in the future Jupiterian period of our earth.

Sixth: To reincarnate in order to work for humanity.

Seventh: To enter the devic or angelic evolution in order to work in this great laboratory of nature under the direct orders of the Lord Jehovah.

25. The Lord Jehovah was not only the creator in the past, but He is also the creator in the present, and He will be the creator in the future.

26. The twelve great zodiacal hierarchies created humanity. However, humanity could not have lived on the physical, chemical earth without the hard work of the Lord Jehovah.

27. From this point of view, the Lord Jehovah created man in his own image and after his own likeness.

28. God created everything with the lost word.

29. The masters that live in Asia have this word very well guarded.

30. A great philosopher once said, “Search for it in China and maybe you will find it in the great Tartar.”

31. The lost word is like a gigantic fish, half blue, half green, emerging from the depth of the ocean.

32. Jehovah is the God of the prophets of the past, the present and the future.

33. I, Aun Weor, am a prophet of Jehovah.