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Igneus Rose: The Woman

The Woman

1. Woman has the same rights as man.

2. Woman also reaches the level of adept of the White Fraternity.

3. Joan of Arc is a master of Major Mysteries of the White Fraternity.

4. H.P. Blavatsky, author of The Secret Doctrine, reached the level of adept and she is a master of Major Mysteries of the White Fraternity.

5. In almost all the temples of the mysteries, we find many female adepts working for humanity.

6. Woman awakens her sacred serpent in the same way as man.

7. If a woman who is married wants to awaken her Kundalini, then she must practice sexual magic with her husband.

8. Married women must transmute by means of the mind, as we have taught in the preceding pages.

9. Sexual alchemy is the fundamental base of all progress.

10. Sexual alchemy is the foundation of the wisdom of the fire.

11. The temple, the womb and the “matrass” of the sexual laboratory is love.

12. The Philosophical Stone of the alchemist is elaborated when combining salt, sulphur and mercury within this matrass of sexual alchemy, by means of a progressive erotic combustion.

13. Within the sexual matrass of our organic laboratory, the explosions of passionate fire combine certain ethereal, astral, mental, volitive, conscious, and divine arcana. This occurs in order to elaborate certain igneous elements, whose substantial principles belong to the Innermost, with the ardent fire of the erotic thirst.

14. The woman accumulates a very large quantity of elemental fire from nature while in the state of sexual excitement, and when her fire is combined with the erotic magnetism of her husband, then it engenders certain cosmic powers whose tremendous explosions open the spinal chambers.

15. The boiling passionate fires of man and woman, when mutually and erotically combined, create truly ardent tempests that disturb the atmosphere and cause the tenebrous ones, who are the escorts of each chamber, to go mad.

16. These submerged entities attack the intrepid ones by defending the fires, whose synthetic and scientific principles are enclosed in the thirty-three internal chambers of our spinal column.

17. These tenebrous ones defend their rights, and for this reason they qualify us as thieves of powers.

18. This is the mystery of Baphomet. The rose elaborates its perfume with the clay of the earth. The slithering worm does not like the gardener who removes its clay. Our disciples will now comprehend on what basis do the tenebrous ones qualify the sexual alchemists as thieves.

19. Each chamber is strongly defended by tenebrous legions. It is necessary to defeat these tenebrous ones with the edge of the sword in order to take each chamber by force.

20. Now the devotees of the path will understand why Christ said that heaven is taken by force.

21. The twelve zodiacal salts ardently boil within our endocrine glands during the moments of sexual alchemy.

22. These twelve zodiacal salts enclose the seminal principles of the twelve constellations, whose ardent powers act over these tiny laboratories (which are our endocrine glands) in particular by activating the hormonal production of our liquid nervous system.

23. The super-excitement of our endocrine glands is accompanied by gigantic igneous combinations within all of the chakras and essences of our internal vehicles.

24. When sexually excited, the woman has the power to transplant the synthetic principles of the twelve salts to the larynx of the man. This is how such an organ acquires hermaphrodite principles that later give the Innermost the power to create by means of the word.

25. The combination of the igneous principles between the man and the woman are also intimately related with a sequence of salty interchanges that prepare the feminine larynx as an angelic creative organ.

26. The very ardent fire of great sexual excitement gives origin to gigantic combinations of principles, whose synthetic outcome becomes the opening of the spinal chambers.

27. The stronger the restraint of the act is, and the more violent the fight is, the more potent will be the seminal steam that rises. Thus, the force of the ascension of the Kundalini will be more terrific.

28. The key of sexual dominion resides in the mind.

29. The mind is dominated by means of willpower.

30. We must flagellate the mind with the terrific whip of willpower when restraining passionate excitement, because the den of desire resides in the mind.

31. We must speak to the mind as this, “Mind, take this sexual excitement away from me immediately.”

32. This formula permits us to take away the intense passion in the precise moment of the restraint of the act.

33. The union with the Innermost is possible only by means of sexual alchemy.

34. If we take the mental body of a theorizing pseudo-spiritual student, and very carefully examine it, we find that it is a true walking library.

35. If we then carefully examine the church of the coccyx, or the chakra Muladhara, we then find that the Kundalini is totally enclosed there without showing the slightest signs of awakening. If we examine the Shushumna channel of this theorizing student, we then find not even a trace of the sacred fire. We find that the thirty-three chambers of this student are totally filled with darkness.

36. This internal examination will bring us to the conclusion that such a student is lamentably wasting his time.

37. The sacred fire awakens when the lunar and solar atoms of our seminal system come into contact within the bone of the coccyx.

38. However, if we waste our solar atoms with the seminal ejaculation, then there is not a sufficient amount of atoms to make contact in order to awaken this fire.

39. The student can have a mental body converted into a true library, but all of the thirty-three chambers of his spinal column will be disconnected, in complete and profound darkness.

40. In conclusion, this student is an inhabitant of the darkness, of the abyss.

41. It is impossible to raise the fire of Kundalini with only the lunar atoms of the cephalous rachidial liquid.

42. It is indispensable that the solar atoms of the seminal system make contact with the lunar atoms of the cephalous rachidial liquid in order to awaken the sacred fire.

43. If we waste the solar atoms, we will then have no capital in order to make an atomic combination, which permits the awakening of the Kundalini by means of sexual magic.

44. The Kundalini is of an absolutely sexual nature and it is only possible to awaken it by means of sexual alchemy.

45. If we carefully examine the internal constitution of a mystical person, we will find a very beautiful conscious body (Buddhic) and the luminous and reflective ethers of the ethereal body will be very voluminous. However, the common and current mystic ejaculates his seminal liquid, and when the chakra Muladhara is analyzed, we find that the Kundalini is entwined there, without showing any signs of awakening.

46. The thirty-three chambers of the spinal column of this mystic of our example are filled with darkness, because the fire has never passed through them.

47. Good philanthropic deeds beautify the luminous and reflective ethers of this mystic and his bookish culture gives to his mind a rich erudition. Yet, this mystic has not penetrated into the mysteries of the fire because his Kundalini is not awakened. In spite of the fact that he may be a good and virtuous person, he will not go beyond being a good and virtuous person. He will not go beyond being a good and kind shadow within the cold and the darkness of the abyss.

48. Some people sustain that the Kundalini can be awakened by means of yoga.

49. We do not deny this affirmation.

50. However, we affirm that the authentic yogi is totally chaste.

51. If this is not so, then yogis would not have atomic capital in order to awaken the Kundalini.

52. Vivekananda says in his lectures of Raja Yoga that the yogi must be totally chaste in order to convert his sexual force into ojas (Christic energy).

53. This is how yogis achieve the awakening of the Kundalini and the union with the Innermost.

54. The sexual alchemy of yogis is related with respiratory exercises and with certain practices of internal meditation that have never been printed in any published book.

55. If the yogi fornicates, he does not have sufficient atomic capital in order to make the spinal fires ascend. The yogi lamentably wastes his time.

56. Yoga practices are only for those that belong to the Asian ray.

57. Among the Gnostics, the woman is the priestess of the blessed mother goddess of world.

58. There are some who want to reach the union with the Innermost without even taking the Kundalini into account.

59. These students are perfectly lost, because the union with the Innermost is possible only by means of fire. This is why the word INRI (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra) was placed upon the cross of the martyr of Calvary. The fire renews nature incessantly.

60. Are you a Gnostic? Are you a mystic? Are you a yogi?

61. Remember, good disciple, you can only enter Eden through the door from which you departed. That door is sex.

62. It is said that there are many ways. We, the masters of the Major Mysteries of the great White Lodge affirm that there is only one door to enter into Eden, and that door is sex.

63. All who do not obey the command of the Lord Jehovah, all who continue to eat the forbidden fruit, are disciples of the doctrine of the Baalim. As the sacred scriptures state, for them will be the burning lake of fire and sulphur. This is the Second Death.

64. The Gnostic man must intensely love his priestess...

65. Woman must live always filled with harmony, and she must cultivate the artistic sense.

66. Woman penetrates the distinct halls of the fire and she Christifies herself at the same time as the sacred fire ascends through her spinal medulla.

67. Woman must restrain the sexual act and withdraw from the man before the orgasm in order to avoid the loss of her seminal liquid.

68. This is how the Kundalini awakens in the woman, just as it does in the man.

69. Masculine magnetism, when mixed with feminine magnetism, starts the awakening of the sacred fires in woman.

70. Woman must cultivate beauty, music, and love.

71. Let us awake within ourselves the esoteric majesty of our interior beauty.

72. Allow me to affirm the majesty of our Being:

73. “I am” a solitary tree. “I am” the Tree of Life.