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Introduction to Gnosis: Lesson Two

Lesson Two

A great author deduced that the human being needs eight important things in life: health and the conservation of life, nourishment, sleep, money and the things money can buy, life in the beyond, sexual satisfaction, the well-being of his children, and a sense of proper importance.  We synthesize these eight things into three:

  1. Health
  2. Money
  3. Love

If your really want to acquire these three things, you should study and practice everything that this course teaches you.  We will show you the path of success.

The Power of Thought

It is necessary for you to know that is an immensely superior power greater than electricity and dynamite: that is, the power of mind.  When you think of a friend or a member of the family, etc., mental waves escape from your brain. These waves are similar to those of a radio transmitter. These waves travel through space and reach the mind of the person you are thinking about. Scientists have already begun to experiment with the power of the mind. Soon, the telementometer will be invented, an instrument with which the mental forces of each person will be measured. In the future, optics will advance some more, and then the photomentometer will be invented, an instrument that will allow us to see and measure the mental force radiated by the human brain.

You must know that just as man has a mind, the entire universe also has a mind.  The human mind and the cosmic mind exist.  The earth is condensed mind.  The entire universe is condensed mind.  Universal mind waves saturate the infinite space.

The first thing that an architect who will build a house does is to create the project mentally.  He constructs it in his mind, projects it on the plan, and lastly crystallizes it materially.  Thus, every thing, every building, first existed in the mind.  Nothing can exist in the physical or material world in which we live before having existed in the world of the mind.

It is necessary to learn how to concentrate and project the mind with precision and great force.  It is necessary for you to know that to concentrate the mind is to fix your attention on a single object. When you fix your attention on a distant friend, when you concentrate on that friend, you can be certain that your brain emits powerful mental waves that will inevitably reach your friend’s brain.  What is important is for you to truly concentrate.  It is necessary that no other thought be capable of distracting you.  You should learn how to concentrate your mind.

You are studying this course and we believe that you want to succeed in life and have health, money, and love. Reflect a little: learn how to use mental power. Whoever learns how to use the power of thought proceeds to success with absolute certainty, as the arrow guided by the hand of the expert archer reaches its target.  Remember that the world is a product of the mind.  You are what you are because of the mind. You can totally change yourself by using mental power.  The poor and miserable are like that because they want to be so; they keep themselves miserable and poor with their mind.  The rich and powerful person is so because he made himself that way with his mind.  Each person is what he wants to be with the power of the mind.  Each person projects into the world of cosmic mind what he is and what he wants to be.  The projections of the mind physically crystallize and we then have in the physical world our rich or miserable, happy or disgraceful life.

Everything depends on the type of mental projections that have crystallized.  As the cloud condenses into water and the water freezes into ice, so does mental energy: first, clouds (projects), then water (circumstances, development of the project), and lastly, hard ice (the project converted into concrete facts or things).  If the project has been well done and with enough strength, if the actions or the development of the facts and circumstances have been marvelous, victory will be the result.  The perfect condensation of a project is victory.

The basic factors for the success of a project are three:

  1. Mental force
  2. Favorable circumstances
  3. Intelligence

Mental Force

Without mental force it is impossible to achieve the crystallization of a project (commercial, etc.).  It is necessary for our students to learn how to use mental force.  But it is necessary for the student to first learn how to relax his physical body.  It is indispensable to know how to relax the body to achieve the perfect concentration of the mind. We can relax the body seated in a comfortable chair or lying down in the corpse posture (with our heels touching each other, arms close to our sides, etc.).  The second of the two positions (the corpse posture) is the better.

Imagine that your feet are subtle, that a group of dwarves escape from them. Imagine that your calves are full of small playful dwarves that leave one by one and that as they leave, the muscles become flexible and elastic. Continue with your knees, performing the same exercise. Continue with the thighs, sexual organs, abdomen, heart, throat, face, and head muscles successively, imagining that those small dwarves flee from each of those parts of the body, leaving the muscles completely relaxed.

Concentration of the Mind

When the body is perfectly relaxed, mental concentration becomes easy and simple.  Concentrate on the business you have in mind.  Vividly imagine the entire business, the people that are related to the work.  Identify yourself with those people.  Speak as if you were them; mentally say what you would like those people to say.  Forget about yourself and change your human personality to that of those persons, acting the way you would like them to act.   Thus you will define powerful thought waves that will go through space and reach the brains of the persons related with the business.  If the concentration is perfect, success will then be inevitable.

The Law of Karma

This law is well known in the Orient.  Millions of people in the entire world know of it because this law is universal.  This law operates in the whole universe.  If you misuse the power of the mind, the Law of Karma will fall upon you and you will be horribly punished.

Mental energy is a gift of God and should only be utilized for good purposes and with good intentions.  It is just for the poor to better their economic situation, but it is not just to utilize mental power to harm people.  Before doing a mental exercise to carry out the crystallization of a project, reflect and meditate: if you will use mental power to harm others, it is better not to do it because the terrible Ray of Cosmic Justice will inevitably fall upon you like a ray of vengeance.

Favorable Circumstances

Thought and action should always march totally united.  Materialization is only possible when the circumstances are favorable.  Learn how to determine favorable circumstances for your business.  Freud, the great psychologist, said that everything that man does in life has two fundamental causes: (1) sexual impulse, (2) the desire to be great.  Every human being is motivated by the sexual impulse. Everybody wants to be appreciated.  Nobody likes to be despised.  If you want to be surrounded by good circumstances for the crystallization of your business, then recognize the good qualities of your fellowmen; do not humiliate anyone. Do not despise anyone. It is necessary to encourage each individual in his job, office, or profession. By means of appreciation and encouragement, we can awaken enthusiasm in all those people who relate to us. Learn how to wisely praise your fellowmen without falling into flattery.  People feel reassured with the food of esteem.  Be gentlemanly; do not criticize anyone, thus you will form a favorable atmosphere for the crystallization of your business.  The sincere appreciation of the merits of one’s fellowman is one of the great secrets of success.

It is necessary to abandon the bad habit of talking about ourselves at every moment.  It is urgent to employ the word to strengthen and encourage the good qualities of our fellowman.  The Gnostic student should abandon the extremely bad habit of naming himself and telling the story of his life at every moment.  The man or woman who only talks of himself or herself becomes unbearable.  Persons like this fall into misery because people become tired of them.

Never say, “I.”  Always say, “we.”  The term “we” has more cosmic power.  The term “I” is egotistical and tires all those who come in contact with us.  The “I” is egotistical.  The “I” should be dissolved.  The “I” is a creator of conflicts and problems.  Always repeat: “we, we, we,...”

Every morning before getting out of bed, say with force and energy: “We are strong.  We are rich.  We are filled with luck and harmony; Om, Om, Om.”  Recite this simple prayer and you will see that you are prosperous in everything.  Have great devotion in this prayer.  Have faith.


Hang a silk thread from the ceiling of your room.  A needle should be at the end of the thread.

Concentrate on that needle and try to move it with the power of your mind.

When developed, mental waves can move this needle.  Work ten minutes daily on this exercise.  In the beginning, the needle at the end of the silk thread will not move.  With time, you will see that the needle oscillates and moves vigorously.  This exercise is to develop mental power.  Remember that mental waves travel through space and pass from one brain to the next.

May peace be with you!