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Logos Mantra Theurgy: Theurgy


The Priesthood of Theurgy

Theurgy allows us to work in the Superior Worlds.

For instance: Iamblichus was a great theurgist. He knew how to invoke the planetary Gods in order to converse with them.

Theurgy is divine. One cannot become a theurgist without the knowledge of one’s Self. The Internal God of every human being is, indeed, the legitimate and authentic theurgist.

There exist three well-defined aspects within the human being: The internal Christ, the Soul, and the Devil.

Who of these three aspects must and can exert the Priesthood of Theurgy?

Let us see:

The “Psychological I” is Satan

The Devil is the “I,” is the myself. The Devil is the ego that every human carries within. Such a tenebrous entity is made up of the atoms of the secret enemy.

On a certain occasion, we (some investigators in a group within the Superior Worlds) decided to study that great man named Arnold Krumm-Heller. He wrote numerous books, and died not too long ago (1959). Thus, the investigation was performed when we were out of the physical body.

We invoked Master Krumm-Heller.

Then, the “psychological I,” the Satan of Heller, came to our call!

Was the “Psychological I” the Theurgist?

By profoundly analyzing the “psychological I” of Heller, we were able to verify that this “psychological I” was nothing more than a bunch of memories, longings, theories, prejudices, defects, virtues, etc. from his former earthly life. Such a tenebrous entity was wearing a physician’s uniform; thus he had the appearance of a great doctor who with a certain resemblance of imposed goodness (between humility and pride) observed us. This was, therefore, the “psychological I,” the Satan of that man who was named Arnold Krumm-Heller. Undoubtedly, it is totally impossible for such a “psychological I” to be a theurgist.

When the “psychological I” tries to become a theurgist, he completely fails, because the Devil cannot be a theurgist! The “psychological I” can never be a theurgist!

The “psychological I” can become a necromancer, but a theurgist? This can never happen!

Soul: Atman-Buddhi and Bodhisattva

Now, let us continue with the second aspect: the Soul.

Within the Astral Body, we (the investigating brothers) entered through the doors of the Gnostic Church. There we found two Excellencies seated. The first was the Innermost of Arnold Krumm-Heller who was dressed as a Gnostic Archbishop in archiepiscopal purple, with a miter. The second one was the Bodhisattva of the Master Heller.

The first was the Purusha of the Orientals, the Monad, the Innermost: Atman-Buddhi. The second was the Superior Manas of oriental Theosophy: the Causal Body, or better said, the Willpower-Soul wrapped up with the Mental and Astral Bodies, which constitute that which is called Bodhisattva.

The Theurgist is the Internal Christ

An in-depth analysis of these two Excellencies leads us to the conclusion that, indeed, these are two aspects of the Being, two modifications of the soul of the world: two divine modifications. The soul of the world itself cannot be the celebrant. The soul of the world has to study the rituals of life and death, as the celebrant is arriving.

Therefore, the theurgist is further within; it is deeper, more profound. The theurgist is the Internal Christ of every human that comes into the World. Within the human being, the theurgist is the shining Dragon of Wisdom, which is the Ray from where the very Innermost emanated.

When the Internal God enters the Innermost, a mirific transformation can be contemplated. The Innermost, the soul of the world, suffers a transformation within us, it becomes deified, it becomes absolutely divine. That which is called the Son of Man is derived from this alchemical marriage, from this marvelous combination of divine and human principles. When the Son of Man penetrates within the Bodhisattva, the latter also passes through a miraculous transformation. This is how the theurgist is born within a human being, within us!

The Dissolution of the “I” of the Theurgist

The Initiate who aspires to High Theurgy must first study the rituals of life and death, as the celebrant is arriving. Whosoever wants to reach High Theurgy must decide to die… in order to be, one must dissolve the “I,” the myself, Satan!

This work is hard, arduous, and terribly difficult. One must begin with the decapitation of the “I,” and the task of dissolving such an “I” is only performed by means of millenarian purifications and based upon profound, creative comprehension.

In the first steps of theurgy, immediate power can be exercised over the Mental, Astral, Ethereal, and even physical planes. The superior steps are infinite and lead up to the Absolute. This process is slow, patient, and methodical.

Theurgy, Science of Gods!

Students should not become discouraged because of the fact that Theurgy is a science for Gods, exclusively for Gods. There is always a step where one begins. Nobody can attend college without first ascending the educational ladder. Therefore, we have to begin by practicing within the Astral Plane. Later, like Iamblichus, one can work and converse with the Sidereal Gods in very elevated worlds.