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Magic of the Runes: Origin of the Pluralized “I”

Origin of the Pluralized “I”

My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me. - John 7:16

Listen to me: you must study in depth with your mind and your heart this revolutionary chapter of this 1968-1969 Christmas message. The Elohim (holy Gods) produced man from themselves (through modification), in their likeness ... He (the collective Deity) created them (the collective humanity or Adam) male and female.

The Protoplasmic Root Race from the Sacred Island (located in the Septentrion) was truly their first production. It was a tremendous transformation of themselves (the Elohim), through themselves. These productions were purely spiritual existences. Behold here the Adam Sollus.

From this primeval Polar Root Race, the second Root Race arose: the Adam-Eve or Jod-Heva, the Hyperborean people, the inactive androgynes.

The third Root Race, the Lemurian people, arose (always by modification) from the Hyperborean. This race was the separating hermaphrodite Cain and Abel, which lived upon the gigantic continent of Mu, or Lemuria as it was later called, that was situated in the Pacific Ocean.

This third Root Race was the last semi-spiritual one. As well, it was the final vehicle of the pure, virginal, unbegotten, instinctive, and innate esotericism of the Enochs, or the illuminated ones from that humanity.

The separating hermaphrodite Cain and Abel produced the fourth Root Race of Seth-Enos, which lived on the continent of Atlantis, situated in the Atlantic Ocean.

Our present Aryan Root Race, which perversely dwells upon the five continents of the world, arose from the Atlantean people.

Each one of the four preceding Root Races perished by gigantic cataclysms, and our fifth Root Race will not be an exception.

It has been said unto us that in a remote future, two more Root Races will exist upon the face of the earth. It is obvious that each one of them will have its own scenario.

The primeval unity of the sexual polarities within the third human Root Race is an axiom of ancient wisdom. Its virginal individuals elevated themselves to the rank of Gods, because these people were indeed representing the divine dynasty.

Certainly, the separation into opposite sexes was performed over thousands of years, and was consummated as fact at the end of the Lemurian Root Race.

Let us now talk about Eden, of those paradisiacal Jinn lands to which the sacred individuals of Lemuria had continuous access in the times when the rivers of the pure water of life flowed with milk and honey.

This was the epoch of the Titans, when neither that which is mine nor that which is yours existed. Everyone could collect fruit from the tree of the neighbor without any fear.

This was the epoch of Arcadia, in which people worshipped the Gods of fire, air, water, and earth.

This was the Age of Gold when the lyre had not yet been smashed into pieces by falling upon the floor of the temple.

Then, there was only the pure rising of the divine Cosmic Language, spoken as a river of gold running through the thick jungle under the sun.

In that ancient age, people were very simple and innocent because the pluralized “I” was not yet born. They rendered cult to the Gods of the tender corn, and also to the ineffable creatures of rivers and forests.

I knew the hermaphroditic Lemurian Root Race. Those terrible volcanoes that were in constant eruption come into my memory in these instants. What a time! We initiates normally used very common sacerdotal vestures. Those sacred venerated vestures stood out splendidly with white and black colors, symbolizing the tremendous struggle between Spirit and matter.

It was inspiring to admire and see those Lemurian giants with their noble vestures and their sandals that displayed great tassels.

The pituitary gland, the sixth sense, which is the light-keeper and page of the pineal gland, was displayed between the eyebrows of these Colossuses.

Then, the life of any individual had an average age of twelve to fifteen centuries.

So, gigantic cities were built, which were protected with enormous stones formed with volcanic lava.

I also knew the end times of the third Root Race. I lived in that epoch, which is cited in Genesis as being that ancient age in which Adam and Eve were cast out of Eden.

In those times, humanity had already been divided into opposite sexes. The sexual act was a sacrament then, which was only performed inside the temples.

In certain lunar epochs, the Lemurian tribes performed long travels. They departed on pilgrimages towards holy places, with the purpose of multiplying the species (let us recall our honeymoon trips).

We, all the Lemurians, were children born from willpower and yoga. Maithuna was what we performed during the copulation, and no one committed the error of ejaculating the entity of semen.

The human seed always passed into the womb without the spilling of semen being necessary. The multiple combinations of this infinite substance are marvelous.

The king and queen monarchs were sexually united before the very altar of the temple, and the multitudes performed the copulation inside the sacred precinct and in the rocky patios filled with mysterious hieroglyphics.

The holy Gods wisely directed those mystical ceremonies, which were indispensable for the reproduction of the human species. No one thought in perversity, since the pluralized “I” was not born yet.

I lived in the country with my tribe, far away from those walled cyclopean cities. We abided in a big cabin, cottage, or hut. Close to our rounded, palm-roofed residence, I remember with total clarity that there was a military base where the warriors of our tribe met.

It happened that on a certain night, all of us, fascinated by a strange Luciferic power, resolved to perform the sexual act outside of the temple. Thus, we, each of the couples, delivered ourselves to lust.

The next day, in the morning, as if nothing had happened, we had the daring, the shame, the insolence, the impudence, to present ourselves as usual in the temple. However, something unexpected and terrible happened.

All of us saw a God of Justice, a great Master, dressed with a day-breaking and immaculate sacerdotal vesture. With a flaming sword that he turned in every way to threaten us, he said, “Get out, you unworthy!” It is clear that we then fled, terrorized.

Obviously, this event was repeated in all the corners of the enormous continent Mu. This is how the humanity Adam-Eve was cast out from the Garden of Eden.

Following this event, which is registered in the Genesis of all religions, horrifying epilogues occurred. Millions of human creatures were developing the abominable Kundabuffer organ when they started to mix magic with fornication...

Incidentally, it is useful to mention here Kalayoni, the king of the serpents, the black magician, keeper of the temple of Kali, which is the fatal antithesis of eternal Mother Space.

Krishna saw with the magical conjuration of Kalayoni, a long blue-greenish reptile appearing. The fatal serpent slowly straightened its body, then horizontally it bristled its reddish mane, and its penetrating eyes frightfully flashed in its monstrous head of shining shells.

“Better if you worship it, or you will perish,” said the black magician... but the serpent died at the hands of Krishna.

So, when Krishna heroically killed this great serpent, keeper of the temple of Kali (the Goddess of Desire) the Mother of Cupid made ablutions and prayers for one month at the shores of the river Ganges.

This viper from Kali is the tempting serpent of Eden, the horrible serpent Python that writhes in the mud of the earth and that Apollo ferociously hurt with his darts.

It is indispensable to comprehend that such a sinister snake is without any doubt the tail of Satan, the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

When the Gods intervened, eliminating from the human species the cited fatal organ, the awful consequences of this tail of Satan remained within the five cylinders of the human machine (intellect, emotion, movement, instinct, and sex).

It is obvious that such evil consequences from the abominable Kundabuffer organ constitute that which is called ego, the pluralized “I,” the “myself,” a tenebrous conjunction of perverse entities that personifies all of our psychological defects.

Therefore, the pluralized “I” is a granulated, lunar, negative, Luciferic Fohat. This Fohatic, satanic crystallization constitutes that which is called ego.