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Magic of the Runes: Rune Fah (Feoh, Fehu)

Rune Fah (Feoh, Fehu)

Beloved reader, we have stated very solemnly in our former Christmas messages that the poor intellectual animal is only a chrysalid, and that which is called man must be formed and developed within it.

Certainly, the Solar Fire is necessary for the possibility of becoming human to be created and developed within each one of us.

Fohat is the generative force, the central, living, and philosophical fire that can originate the authentic and legitimate mutant, the real and true human within the cosmo-biology of the rational animal.

Many types of fire exist; let us remember the Lights of Saint Elmo seen during tempests.

It is good for us to remember the mysterious column of fire that guided the Israelites in the wilderness.

It is worthwhile to remember the strange meteors of fire that appear in cemeteries, that physics in its own way has qualified under the name of “fatuous fires.”

Many phenomena reminiscent of lightning exist in the form of balls, cat-meteors, etc.

In her monumental work entitled The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky refers to the sacred fire of Zoroaster, or the Atash-behram of the Parsis.

How ineffable are the words of H.P.B. when she speaks of the fire of Hermes!

The explanations of this great martyr from the last century are notable when she brings to our memory the fire of Hermes of the ancient Germans, the flashing lightning of Cibele, the torch of Apollo, the flame of the altar of Pan, the shining sparks on the hats of the Dioscuri, on the head of the Gorgons, on the helmet of Pallas, and on the Caduceus of Mercury.

How sublime was the imperishable fire in the Temple of Apollo, and in the Temple of Vesta!

How sublime was the Egyptian Ptah-Ra! During the night of the centuries, how magnificent shone the fire of the Greek Cataibates Zeus, which descended from heaven to earth in accordance with Pausanias.

Certainly, the Pentecostal tongues of fire and the flaming bush of Moses are very similar to the burning tunal which brought about the founding of Mexico.

The imperishable lamp of Abraham still shines, refulgent and terribly divine.

The eternal fire of the bottomless abyss or the pleroma of the Gnostics is something that can never be forgotten.

When referring to the sacred fire, it is convenient to mention the fulgent vapors of the Oracle of Delphi, the Sidereal Light of the Rosicrucian-Gnostics, the Akasha of the Hindustani adepts, the Astral Light of Eliphas Levi, etc.

The initiatic books are written with characters of fire.  We need to fecundate our intimate nature if we truly want the Solar Man to be born within us.



The fire renews nature integrally 

Among the multiple fires which crackle in the divine Eagle, the one which glows, glitters, and shines in the pineal gland (the superior part of the brain) is always the troubadour of the Holy Spirit who carries the Ark from city to city, in other words, from chakra to chakra along the dorsal spine.

Indeed, we need to awaken consciousness with intensely accelerated urgency if we want to know ourselves in depth.  Only the Self-conscious human being can penetrate into the parallel universes at will.

The Hindustani Hatha yogis talk at length about Devi Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, and they even suppose that they can awaken it based on respiratory exercises and many other complicated and difficult physical practices.

We, the Gnostics, know that the brazen serpent that healed the Israelites in the wilderness, the divine Princess of Love, only awakens and rises along the dorsal spine by means of the Maithuna. Nonetheless, it is not advantageous to undervalue Pranayama.

It is worth knowing that this magical science of breath (Pranayama), when wisely combined with scientific meditation, allows us to utilize certain sparks, flashes, flames of Kundalini, for the healthy purpose of attaining the awakening of the consciousness.

To consciously work within the distinct parallel universes, to travel by will in a lucid, clear, and brilliant way through all of those supra-sensible regions, is only possible by transforming the sub-consciousness into consciousness.

A judo of the Spirit exists; we are referring to the Runic exercises. These are formidable in order to attain the awakening of the consciousness.

Whosoever wants to work with this judo must begin to work with the Rune of Mercury, which has a violet color that originates extraordinary cosmic forces.

Therefore, it is necessary to know that this aforesaid Nordic Rune encloses within itself all of the potency and impulse of fecundity.

We need the Fohat’s breath, the Pentecostal sparks, in order to fecundate our own psyche, in order for us to become Self-conscious.

If we analyze the practice of the Rune Fah, we can affirm that Pranayama, prayer, meditation, and a specific sacred posture all exist within it.


faWhen we get out of bed, with immense happiness we must salute each new day by raising our arms towards our Lord, the Sun Christ. The arms must be placed in such a way that the left arm is a little more elevated than the right one, and the palms of our hands must face the light in an ineffable and sublime attitude of one who truly longs to receive the solar rays.

This is the sacred posture of the Rune Fah.  Thus, this is also a method to work with Pranayama, by inhaling the air through the nose and exhaling it through the mouth in a rhythmical way and with much faith.

Let us imagine in those instants that the light of the Sun Christ penetrates within us through the fingers of our hands, then circulates through our arms, inundates the whole of our organism, and finally reaches the consciousness in order to stimulate it, to awaken it, and to call it into activity.

You must also practice this Runic judo in the mysterious and divine nights, before the starry sky of Urania, with the same posture, and praying like this:

Marvelous forces of Love, revive my sacred fires so that my consciousness will awaken. 






This short yet great prayer can and must be prayed with all of our heart, as many times as we want.

* Editor’s Note: Vowels are pronounced as in Spanish: Fah as in “ma,” Feh as in “weigh,” Fih as in “tea,” Foh as in “toe,” and Fuh as in “too.”