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Magic of the Runes: Rune Hagal

Rune Hagal

hagalLet us now talk of Elementals, Gods and Devas, Sparks and Flames. May the Muses inspire us!... May we play the lyre of Orpheus.

Let us remember the old Tiber himself, rising as a mist from within the waters of the river that has his name, in order to speak to Aeneas.

“O you who are born of the race of the Gods, who are bringing back to us the city of Troy saved from its enemies, who are preserving its citadel Pergamum for all time, long have we waited for you in the land of the Laurentines and the fields of Latium. This is the home that is decreed for you. This is the home decreed for the Gods of your household. Do not give up. Do not be intimidated by the threat of war. All the angry passions of the Gods are now spent. But come now, so that you may not think what you are seeing is an empty dream.

“I tell you that you will find a great sow with a litter of thirty piglets lying beneath ilex trees on a shore. There she will lie all white on the ground and the young around her udders will be white.

“This will be a sign that after three times ten years revolve, Ascanius will found the city of Alba, white in name and bright in glory. What I prophesy will surely come to pass. Attend now; I shall teach you in few words how you may triumphantly resolve the difficulties that lie before you.

“The Arcadians are a race descended from Pallas. They came to these shores following the standards of their king Evander, chose a site here and established in these hills a city called Pallanteum after their founder Pallas. This people wages continual war with the Latin race. Welcome them into your camp as your allies. Make a treaty with them. I will take you to them straight up my river between these banks and you will be able to row upstream into the current.

“Up with you then, son of the Goddess, for the first stars are beginning to set. Offer due prayers to Juno and overcome her angry threats with vows and supplications. To me you will give honor and make repayment when you are victorious. I am that full river whom you see scouring these banks and cutting through the rich farmland. I am the river Thybris, blue as the sky and favored of heaven. Here is my great home. My head waters rise among lofty cities.”

So spoke the river god, and plunged to the bottom of a deep pool.

Certainly, Virgil, the poet of Mantua, tells us that when this vision of Tiber vanished, Aeneas awoke, rose, then after rubbing his eyes, he ran around to see if he could discover the sign that the sublime elder had spoken about. Concretely, before his astonished eyes there appeared an omen.

Through the trees he caught sight of a great white sow with a litter of thirty piglets, all of the same color.

This was enough for him to state that the predictions of the God Tiber, an Elemental Deva from the sacred Italian river, were totally fulfilled.

These were the times before our Aryan Root Race had entered into the descending, devolving cycle. The human mind had yet to be poisoned by the materialistic skepticism of the eighteenth century. The people had faith in their visions, and they rendered cult to the Elemental Gods of Nature.

JINN lands do exist, paradises where the wolf and the lamb, men and Gods, live together! Yes, this is obvious.

Let us remember the monk Barinto who returned to his country after navigating for a period of time, and told Brendan that beyond the Stone-Mount was the Island of Delights. This was where his disciple Merloc and many other religious members of his order had retired. He then said that even further towards the occident, passing a thick mist, another island shone with eternal light. This island was the promised land of the Saints.

It is clear that Brendan did not have to hear this story twice. Filled with intense faith and a holy zeal, he embarked himself in a boat of osier that was vested with cured and bituminous skins. With him were seventeen religious monks, and one amongst them was the young Saint Malo, one of his most illustrious disciples.

“Patiently navigating towards the tropic, they made a stop on a very craggy and hospitable island.

“Then, they arrived at another island, rich in land animals and freshwater fish, and shining with light and beauty.

“They arrived at another island without beaches, neither sand or banks, where they were determined to celebrate Easter Mass. However, it turned out that this land was a big whale or perhaps a gigantic cachalot.

“They proceeded ahead in their navigation until Pentecost on to the Paradise of Birds, where their eyes enjoyed the abundance of leaves and flowers and their ears the singing of colored birds.

“Strong winds kept them many months on the ocean, until arriving at another island, which was inhabitated by Cenobites, who had Saint Patrick and Saint Ailbeo as Patrons. They remained there from Christmas until Epiphany.

“They spent a year in these peregrinations, and in the six following months, they gathered themselves for Christmas on the Island of Saint Patrick and Saint Ailbeo. They were on the Island of the Sheep during the Holy Week, they were upon the back of the whale during Easter Resurrection, and on the Island of the Birds for Pentecost.

“Still they had not arrived to the Island of Delights, from where Mernoc had taken Barinto into the promised land.

“Strange and mysterious adventures proceeded with the most curious events.

“So, our heroes successively fought in the seventh year with a whale, with a Gryphon, and with the Cyclops.

“They saw other islands; one among them was very flat and produced big red fruits. This island was inhabitated by a populace who called themselves the Strong Men. Another island was embalmed with the fragrance of those vines which bent the trees that produced them.

“They celebrated Christmas again in the accustomed place and afterwards they navigated towards the north, avoiding in this way the terrible Rocky Island, a bleak, windy spot where the Cyclops had their forges. The next day, they saw a mountain sending such a spray of sparks and embers that its whole summit was ablaze. This was Hell Island.

“Without a doubt, such a place was not the one searched for by Saint Brendan and his companions. Therefore, they sailed south and disembarked on a small, round island, which was deprived of vegetation, and inhabitated upon its summit by a hermit, who filled them with benedictions.

“They celebrated the Holy Week, Easter Resurrection, and Pentecost where it was customary for them. Departing from that repetitive circle, they passed through the zone of obscurity which surrounds the Island of Saints, and which appeared before them filled with precious stones, autumn-like fruits and illuminated by a perpetual day.

“In short, they wandered for forty days on that island without finding a limit to it. Upon a shore of a river which was crossing the island, an Angel told them that they could not pass ahead and that they should return the same way they came. So consequently, they repassed the darkness, rested three days on the Island of Delights, and after the benediction of the Abbot of that Monastery, returned directly to Ireland, without noticing with exactitude what it was that had just occurred.”

These tales, placed between quotations, comes from Sigberto of Gemblours and Surio el Cartujo.

All ye worthy ones! Those who have reached the Second Birth, have dissolved the ego, and have sacrificed themselves for humanity’s sake, listen to me, please!

Upon the living rock, right there, on the beach, you must trace with a reed the Rune Hagal. Then, you must call the little boat of the sacred swan. This is how you can embark to the mysterious islands of the fourth dimension.

Afterwards, when this sacred sign, this marvelous Rune has been traced, you must chant the following mantras: Achaxucanac, Achxuraxan, Achgnoya, Xiraxi, Iguaya, Hiraji.

Look fixedly at the holy Rune Hagal, and with your heart filled with faith, beseech, ask unto the Roman Harpy, the Nordic Urwala, the Scandinavian Erda, the primeval Sibyl of the earth, your own Divine Mother Kundalini, to send for you the extraordinary little boat moved by the Sylphs.

Ah! How joyful you will be when you embark upon the mysterious boat of the sacred swan towards the mysterious islands of Eden.

But to you, the beginners, I advise you to render cult unto the Holy Gods, to work with the creatures of fire, air, water, and earth.

You must not forget your Divine Mother Kundalini, since without her you cannot progress in this sacred science.

You must remember that God has no name and that he is only an inhalation, a sigh, the Incessant Eternal Breath, profoundly unknown to Itself.

This Breath, by all means, is the principle of the Logos, of all the Runes, and of all words.


Beloved disciples, you must profoundly meditate on the unity of life, on the Great Alaya of the universe, on the invisible world, on the parallel universes of the superior dimensions of space.

Concentrate your thought on the Valkyries, Gods of fire, air, water, and earth.

Agni is the God of fire. Paralda is the God of air. Varuna is the God of water. Gob is the God of the element earth.

Through meditation you can enter into communication with the Gods of the elements.

You must trace the Rune Hagal on a blank paper, then after, concentrate your mind on any of the four principal Gods of the elements. Call upon them so they can help you when it is necessary.

Final Commentary

How can we forget Xochipilli, the God of happiness, music, dance, and flowers among the Aztecs, and Tlaloc, the God of the rain, who is still gloriously shining among the Nahuas. This Elemental God lives in the parallel universe of Conscious Will. “The human sacrifices were not my fault,” he said when we recriminated him about it. Then he added, “I will return in the Aquarian Age.”

What can we say about Ehecatl, the God of Wind? This Elemental Deva of the Aztecs was precisely the one who cooperated in the Resurrection of Jesus, by inducing activity and movement into the body of the Master.

We, the Gnostics, still render cult to the Gods of the tender and ripe corn.

We know very well Camazotz, the Aztec Bat God. This Angel lives in the parallel universe of cosmic will and works in the fourth dimension with the Angels of Death.

We love the Elemental Gods of the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, and we will never forget the millenary Sphinx.

The Rune Hagal and deep meditation will permit us to be in contact with those Sparks, with those ineffable Flames.