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Magic of the Runes: Rune Not (Nauthiz)

Rune Not (Nauthiz)

notTruly, it is indispensable in this 1968-1969 Christmas Message to deeply study the famous Rune Not.

Let us continue studying this matter of Karma. Listen to me, beloved reader: One day (it does not matter which one), Raphael Ruiz Ochoa and my insignificant person were coming back from the picturesque city of Taxco, Guerrero, of the Republic of Mexico.

We were going to the Federal District (Capital of Mexico) in a ramshackle vehicle, which, due to the unbearable weight of years, roared frightfully with tremendous noise and clatter.

To see this old and decrepit vehicle running was intriguing. Frequently, like something Dantesque, it horrifyingly and dreadfully over-heated, and only my friend Raphael had the patience to deal with it.

Once in a while, we stopped in the shadow of some tree along the road in order to put water in the vehicle and to cool it a bit.

This was a duty for my friend Raphael, as I preferred to take advantage of those instants in order to submerge myself into profound meditation.

I now remember something very interesting. While seated near the road, out of that curious, very old vehicle, I saw some insignificant ants that assiduously and diligently were circulating everywhere.

Suddenly, I resolved to put order into my mind and to concentrate my attention exclusively on one of them.

Afterwards, I passed into meditation and finally ecstasy, Samadhi, or that which in Zen Buddhism is denominated Satori came unto me.

What I experienced was extraordinary, marvelous, formidable. I could verify the existing intimate relationship between the ant and that which Leibnitz named the Monad [Spirit].

Certainly, it is obvious to integrally comprehend that such a Directrix-Monad is not incarnated or inserted inside the body of the ant. It is clear that this Monad lives out of its physical body. However, it is connected to its dense vehicle by means of the silver cord.

Such a cord is the thread of life, the septuple Antakarana of the Hindustani. It is something magnetic and subtle, that has the power of extending or prolonging itself into the Infinite.

Truly, such a Monad of that insignificant ant, which was observed in detail by me, seemed to be a beautiful twelve year old girl. She was dressed with a white tunic and carried over her shoulders a dark blue colored cape.

Much has been spoken about Marguerite Gautier, but this girl was more ineffable and beautiful. Her eyes were of an evocative beauty, her gestures like that of a prophetess. Upon her was the sacred fragrance of the altar. Her innocent smile was like that of the Mona Lisa, with lips that no one in heaven or earth would dare to kiss.

So, what did the girl say? Terrible things; she spoke to me about her Karma, certainly very horrifying Karma. We conversed very carefully, inside the vehicle; she entered in by herself and when seated, she invited me to conversation. I humbly seated myself beside her. “We, the ants,” said this Monad, “have been punished by the Lords of Karma, and we suffer a lot.”

Now it is opportune to remember the legends of the giant ants from Tibet, which are referred to by Herodotus and Pliny (Herodotus, The Histories, book XI; Pliny, Natural History, book III).

Of course, oh God of mine!... it would be difficult on the first attempt to imagine Lucifer as a bee, or the Titans as ants. But it is clear that these creatures also had their downfall. This downfall in itself was of the same nature as the error committed by Adam.

Many centuries before the first Root Race appeared upon the face of the earth, those non-human creatures that today are named ants and bees lived on this world.

These creatures knew in depth good from evil and evil from good. Certainly, and in the name of truth, I have to say that they were old souls. They had evolved greatly, but never in life had they entered onto the path of the revolution of the consciousness.

It is obvious that evolution can never conduce anyone to the realization of the Innermost Self.

It is normal that every evolution is inevitably followed by a devolution. Every rise is followed by a decline; every ascension is followed by a descent.

These creatures came to renounce the idea of superior knowledge and of the esoteric circle of life. Thus, they established their faith on gibberish such as that of a Marxist-Leninist type, similar to that of the Soviet Union.

Their way of understanding was undoubtably more mistaken and more grave than that of Adam, therefore the result is shown before the sight of all the world.

Thus, this is what the ants and bees are: they are devolved, retarded, and regressive creatures.

These beings altered their own organism; they horrifyingly modified it; they made their organism retrocede in time, until reaching the present state they are in.

Maeterlinck, when referring to the civilization of the termites, wrote:

“Their civilization, which is the most ancient amongst all, is the most curious, the most intelligent, the most complex and in a certain way, the most logical and the one which is the most adapted to the difficulties of existence among all the civilizations which have appeared before our own civilization upon the globe. From many points of view, this civilization, even when cruel, sinister, and often repulsive, is superior to that of the bee, to that of the common and current ant and to that of the human being.

“Within the termite colony (or nest of white ants), the Communist Gods convert themselves into insatiable Molochs. The more that is given unto them, the more they demand, and they persist in their demands until the individual is annihilated and his misery is complete. This frightful tyranny has not been parallelled in humanity, since among us humans, some people benefit at least, but in the termite colony not one benefits.

“Their discipline is more ferocious than that of the Carmelites or Threepences. Their voluntary submission to laws and regulations, which comes from who knows where, is such that it does not have a parallel in any human society. This new form of fatality maybe the most cruel of all the social fatalities which we, ourselves are walking towards. It is a society which has been added to those which we already know and that have already sufficiently preoccupied us. They do not rest, except in the very last of their dreams. Sickness is intolerable, and weakness carries with it its own death sentence. Their communism is taken to the limits of cannibalism and coprophagy.

“Demanding the sacrifice and misery of many for the benefit and happiness of no one, is all for the objective that one species of universal desperation, could be continuable, renovative and multipliable as long as the world is alive. These cities of insects which appeared on this planet before humans appeared, could serve almost as a caricature of ourselves, as a parody of the terrestrial paradise, towards which the majority of civilized countries walk.”

Thus, Maeterlinck demonstrates in a concrete way the price of such a type of Marxist-Leninist regimen.

They used to have wings, now they do not have them. They do not have eyes, since they have renounced them. They used to have sex, but they have sacrificed this, too.

To all of this, we have to add that before sacrificing their wings, their sight and their sex, these white ants (and all ants in general), had to sacrifice their intelligence.

If, in the beginning, an iron dictatorship was necessary to establish their abominable communism, afterwards, everything became automatic and their intelligence became atrophied little by little, once displaced by their mechanicity.

Today, we are astonished when we contemplate a bee’s honeycomb or an ant-hive, but we lament that they now lack intelligence and that they have become mechanical.

Let us now talk about the forgiveness of sins. Can perhaps Karma be forgiven?

We say that Karma can be forgiven. When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the latter has in itself, without a doubt, the extraordinary power of washing away the first one.

Nevertheless, there are lost cases, such as that of the ants and bees. Such creatures, after having normal personalities, became devolved, they became deformed and diminished themselves, until reaching their present state.

I owed Karma from previous lives, but I was forgiven. An eminent special encounter with my Divine Mother Kundalini was announced to me; I knew that when arriving at a certain esoteric degree, I was going to be taken to Her presence.

Certainly, the longed-for day arrived, and I was taken before Her. A very exalted adept conducted me towards the sanctuary.

Oh God of mine! Once there,... I cried... I prayed... I invoked my Adorable One. This cosmic event was extraordinary.

She, my Adorable Mother, came to me. It is impossible to explain what I felt. All of my dear mothers who I have had in all of my distinct reincarnations were represented in Her.

However, She was beyond all of them... She was my Mother, yes, but perfect, ineffable, and terribly divine.

The Father had deposited within Her all the grace of His wisdom. Christ (the Son) had saturated Her with His love, and the Holy Spirit had conferred Her with all of His igneous powers.

Thus, I could comprehend that in my Mother, all of wisdom, love, and power vividly expressed themselves.

We sat face to face; She was on one chair and I on another, and so, delectably, we conversed as son and mother.

How joyful... how happy I was when conversing with my Divine Mother! I had something to say, and when I spoke I did so with a voice which surprised my very own self. “I ask you to forgive me of all of the crimes I committed in previous lives, since you know that nowadays I would be incapable of falling into the same errors.”

“I know it, my son,” replied my Mother with a paradisiacal voice filled with infinite love.

“Not even for a million dollars would I commit those errors again,” I continued saying to my Divine Mother Kundalini.

“What is that about dollars, my son? Why are you saying that? Why are you talking like that?”

Then, oh God!... I felt embarrassed with myself... Confused, ashamed, and filled with pain, I answered, “Pardon me, Mother of mine, the problem is that this is the spoken way of that vain and illusory physical world where I live.”

“I comprehend, my son,” answered my Mother. So, with these words the Adorable One restored tranquility and peace unto me.

“Now, yes, Mother of mine, I ask you to bless me and forgive me.” I spoke filled with ecstasy.

Terrific was the moment in which my Mother, on Her knees, kneeled with infinite humbleness and, filled with wisdom, love, and power, blessed me when saying, “My son, you are forgiven.”

“Allow me to kiss your feet, oh Mother of mine,” I cried.

Then, oh God, when I deposited my mystical kiss upon Her sacred feet, She instructed me with a certain symbol that reminded me of the washing of feet in the Last Supper of the Lord.

I understood and comprehended everything in depth. I had already dissolved the pluralized “I” within the mineral regions, within the Infernal Worlds of Nature, but I needed to burn up the Satanic seeds within the inferior Molecular World, or Purgatorial region. Then after, I had to bathe myself in the rivers of Lethe and Eunoe in order to erase the memories of evil and fortified virtues. Such a thing must be done before having the right to be confirmed in the Light.

Later, I found myself involved in a potentially painful scene, similar to one from my past life where I had committed a lamentable error. I was very close to being run down by a car within the Federal District, capital city of Mexico. I was completely convinced that I was already free of Karma.

I studied my own book of Karma in the Superior Worlds, and found all of its pages blank. I only found the name of a mountain written on one of the pages. I comprehended that later I have to live there.

“Is this a type of Karma?” I asked unto the Lords of Karma.

“This is not a Karma” they answered me. “You will go to live there for the good of the Great Cause.”

Nonetheless, it is clear that this will not be mandatory for me; the liberty of choosing is granted unto me.

At present, I do not owe any Karma, yet I have to pay tax unto the Lords of the Law. Everything has a price, and the right to live in this world must be paid. I pay with good deeds.

Therefore, I have presented to the consideration of my readers two cases: the irremediable Karma, like that of bees and ants, and the forgiven Karma.

Let us now talk of negotiations. Let us make it real with the Rune Not. In Masonry, this symbol is taught only to Masters, never to beginners.

Let us remember the sign for succor for those of the Third Degree, that is to say, for the Masters: the interlaced hands are placed over the head, at the level of the forehead, with the palms facing outward, while pronouncing at the same time, “Around me, children of the widow!” or, in Hebrew, “Elai Beni Al Manah.”

All Masons must concur when hearing this cry, in order to aid the brother who is in misfortune and to grant him their protection in all cases and circumstances of life.

In Masonry, the Rune Not is practiced with the head, and this Rune has been, is, and will always be an “S.O.S.,” a sign for help.

As a fact, the Rune Not in itself signifies danger, but it is obvious that the power for intelligently avoiding this danger resides within the same Rune.

Those who transit upon the path of the razor’s edge are incessantly assaulted by the tenebrous ones, and so they suffer the unspeakable. Therefore, they can and must defend themselves with the Rune Not.

We can beseech, ask for help, from Anubis and his forty-two judges of Karma with this Rune Not, in order for them to consider negotiations.

We must not complain because of Karma, since it is negotiable. Whosoever has capital from good deeds can pay without the necessity of suffering.

Practice One

The practices of the Rune Not take us to the performance of Pranayama, that is to say, to the wise and intelligent combination of solar and lunar atoms.

You must profoundly inhale the vital air, the Prana, the life, through the right nostril, and exhale it through the left nostril while mentally counting up to twelve. Then after, inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right one, and vice versa. Continue with this exercise for ten minutes. In this practice, you must control your nostrils with your index finger and your thumb.

Afterwards, the Gnostic student must sit down or lay down in dorsal decubitus (on his back, facing upwards). With his body relaxed, he must concentrate and try to remember his past lives.

Practice Two

In the case of requiring the assistance of Anubis, if you urgently need to negotiate with him, then you must open your arms to the sides. While in this position, you must form the Rune by placing one arm at an angle of 135 degrees and the other arm at an angle of only 45 degrees.

Then, the arm which forms the angle of 45 degrees will move in order to form an angle of 135 degrees, and the other arm will move to form the angle of 45 degrees.

During this exercise, you must chant the mantras NA, NE, NI, NO, NU, while having your mind concentrated on Anubis, the chief of Karma. In this manner, beseech him for the negotiation you wish, and ask him for the urgently needed help.

You must observe well the form of the Rune Not, imitating with your arms this sign. The right and left arms must alternate in their movements.