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Magic of the Runes: Rune Rita (Raido)

Rune Rita (Raido)

ritaComing into my memory in these instants are scenes of a previous reincarnation of mine during the Middle Ages.

I was living in Austria, in accordance with the customs of that epoch. I do not deny that I was a member of an illustrious family of aristocratic rank.

In that epoch, my people, my lineage, were very conceited about matters of royal blood related with rigid ascendancy and notable ancestry.

I feel ashamed, yet I must confess (and this is what is critical in this matter) that I also was engulfed within the bottle of those social prejudices, the matters of that epoch!

One given day (it does not matter which), a sister of mine fell in love with a very poor man, and of course, this was the scandal of the century. The ladies of the class of nobles and their stubborn little fops, dandies, dudes, peacocks, and coxcombs, came to skin the neighbor alive. They scoffed at my unhappy sister. They said that she had disgraced the honor of the family, and that she could have married better, etc.

It did not take long for my poor sister to become a widow, but the outcome of her love was clearly a child.

What if she had wanted to return into the bosom of her family? It was not possible. She knew well the viperine tongue of those elegant ladies, their fastidious counterpoints, their disregard. Therefore, she preferred an independent life.

Did I help the widow? It would be an absurdity to deny it. Did I have pity on my nephew? That is true. Unfortunately, there are times when one is trying not to be a person without pity, yet one becomes pitiless. That was my case. Feeling pity on the child, I put him in a boarding school (with the pretext that he could receive a strong, firm, and vigorous education) without taking into account the feelings of his mother, and I even committed the error of prohibiting this suffering woman to visit her son. I thought that in this way my nephew would not receive any type of harm, so he could become someone else later, that is to say, to become a great gentleman, etc.

The path which leads to the abyss is paved with good intentions. True? Yes, it is true.

How many times when one is trying to do good, one accomplishes evil! My intentions were good, but my actions were mistaken. Nonetheless, I firmly believed that I was doing the right thing.

My sister was suffering greatly because of the absence of her son, and she could not even see him at the college, as this was prohibited for her.

By all means, it is clear that on my part there was love for my nephew and cruelty for my sister. However, I thought that if I was helping the son I would also be helping his mother.

Fortunately, as if by magic, the police of Karma, the Kaom, emerge inside each one of us, within those intimate regions where love is missing.

To flee from the agents of Karma is not possible, since inside of each one of us exists the police who will inevitably conduce us towards the tribunals.

Many centuries have passed since that epoch. All of the personages from that drama became old and died.

However, the law of recurrence is terrible, because everything is repeated as it once happened, along with its consequences.

In the twentieth century, we, all the actors of that past event, have encountered one another again. Everything has been repeated in a certain way, but it is clear that it has been with consequences. This time I was the one who was repudiated by the family. Such is the law. My sister encountered her husband anew. I do not reject the fact that I am united again with my ancient priestess spouse, known with the name of Litelantes.

The so adored and fought over nephew was reborn again, this time with a feminine body. She, by the way, is a very beautiful girl. Her face is as a very delightful night, and the stars shine in her eyes.

One time (the date does not matter now), we were living next to the sea; the girl (my ancient nephew) could not play, as she was grievously ill with an intestinal infection. It was a very delicate situation, as various children of her age died in that epoch because of the same cause. Why should my daughter be an exception?

The numerous remedies that were administrated to her were frankly useless. In her infantile face, the unmistakable profile of death was already starting to be drawn with horror.

By all means, the failure was standing out, the case was lost, and I did not have any other chance but to visit the Dragon of the Law, the terrible genie of Karma whose name is Anubis.

Fortunately, thanks be given to God, we, Litelantes and I, know how to consciously and positively travel in the Astral Body. Therefore, it was not a problem for us to present ourselves together in the palace of this great Archon within the parallel universe of the fifth dimension. That temple of Karma is impressive, majestic, and grandiose.

The Hierarch was there, seated on his throne, imposing, and terribly divine. Anyone would be frightened to see him officiating with that sacred mask of a jackal, just as he appears in many embossments of the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs.

Finally, the opportunity to talk to him was granted to me, and clearly I did not let it pass away so easily. “You have a debt with me,” I told him.

“Which one?” he answered, astonished.

Then, completely satisfied, I introduced to him a man who in afore time was a perverse demon. I am referring to Aztaroth, the great Duke. “This was a lost son for the Father,” I continued, saying unto him, “Nonetheless, I saved him, by showing him the path of the light. I took him out of the Black Lodge, and now he is a disciple of the White Brotherhood, and you did not pay me this debt.”

It was the case that this daughter of mine had to die in accordance with the law, and her soul was to penetrate within the womb of my sister in order to form a new physical body for my daughter. This is how I understood it. Therefore, I added, “I ask that Aztaroth go into the womb of my sister instead of the soul of my daughter.”

The solemn answer of this Hierarch was definitive. “Granted; let Aztaroth go into the womb of your sister, and let your daughter be healed.”

Therefore, that girl (my ancient nephew) was miraculously healed, and then my sister begot a male child.

I had capital in order to pay that debt; I had cosmic capital. The law of Karma is not a blind mechanical law, as many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists suppose.

As these matters show, it becomes evident and easy to comprehend that with the potential death of my daughter, I had to feel the same pain of detachment, the same bitterness that in an ancient epoch my sister felt for the loss of her son.

Thus, by means of the great law, the damage would be compensated with the repetition of similar scenes. However, this time I, myself, would be the victim.

Fortunately, Karma is negotiable, this law is not the blind mechanicity of the astrologers and chiromancers of fairs.

I had cosmic capital, so I paid that old debt. Thus, thanks to God, it was possible for me to avoid the bitterness that was awaiting me.

When will the people comprehend all of the mysteries of the Rune Rita? Certainly, this is the Rune of the law.

Rita comes to remind us of the words: reason, roll, religion, right.

The Roman law has the scale and the sword as symbols of justice.

It is then not too strange that inside the palace of Anubis, the great Archon of the law, scales and swords are seen everywhere.

This great judge is assisted in his work by forty-two judges of the law.

Illustrious lawyers of the great law, who defend us when we have enough cosmic capital in order to pay our old debts, are never absent before the tribunal of Karma.

To receive credit with the lords of the law or archivists of destiny is also possible, but this must be paid with good deeds, through working for humanity, or by supreme pain.

Karma is paid not only for the evil that is done, but also for the good that could be done, yet is left undone.


The fundamental mantras of the Rune Rita are: RA........ RE....... RI......... RO......... RU...........

In the Rune F, we had to raise the arms. In the Rune U, we opened the legs. In the Rune D, we placed the arm on our waist. In the Rune O, the legs were open and the arms upon the waist. So, in the present Rune Rita we must open one leg and one arm. Thus, in this position, the Gnostic students will see that they in themselves are forming the Runic letters, such as they are written.

The present Runic practice has the power of liberating Internal Judgment.

We need to convert ourselves into judges of consciousness. To awaken the Buddhata, the soul, is urgent.

This Rune has the power of awakening the consciousness of the judges.

Let us remember what is called remorse, which certainly is the accusing voice of the consciousness.

Those who never feel remorse are truly very far from their interior Judge. Commonly, they are lost cases.

People like that must work very intensely with the Rune Rita, thus they will liberate their Interior Judgement.

We need with urgency to learn to be guided by the voice of the silence, that is to say, by the Innermost Judge.