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Magic of the Runes: The Ain Soph

The Ain Soph

It is necessary to comprehend and urgent to know that within the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man, three perfectly defined aspects exist.

The first one of these aspects is that which is called Essence. In Zen Buddhism, this Essence is denominated Buddhata.

The second aspect is the personality. This aspect in itself is not the physical body, even though it utilizes the physical body for its own expression in the tridimensional world.

The third aspect is the devil, the pluralized “I” within each one of us, that is to say, the “myself.”

The Essence, the Buddhata, is that aspect within the human being that has true reality, that is genuine.

The personality is not genuine, because it comes from the exterior world. It is what the human being has learned in his home, in the streets, in the school, etc.

The pluralized “I” is that conjunction of diverse entities that personify all of our psychological defects.

Beyond the organic machine (physical body) and the three aspects that manifest themselves through it, many substances, forces, and spiritual principles exist that emanate from the Ain Soph as a final synthesis.

But, what is this Ain Soph? We answer in an abstract way when saying the Ain Soph is the absolute “No-Thing” without limits.

Nonetheless, it is necessary to be precise and concrete, in order to comprehend: the Ain Soph is our super-divine atom, which is singular, special, specific, genuine, and super-individual.

This definition signifies that in the final synthesis, each one of us is nothing more than an atom from the Abstract Absolute Space, the interior atomic star that has always smiled upon us.

A certain author said, “I raise my eyes towards the utmost, towards the stars, from which, for me, all help has to come, but I always follow the guidance of my inner star.”

It is clear that this super-divine atom is not incarnated, but yet is found to be intimately related with the chakra Sahasrara, the lotus of one thousand petals, the magnetic center of the pineal gland.

I have directly experienced the Ain Soph while in the state of very profound meditation. One day (the date and hour does not matter), I attained that state that in India is known as Nirvi-Kalpa-Samadhi, where my soul was totally absorbed within the Ain Soph, and able to travel throughout the Abstract Absolute Space.

This journey started in my pineal gland and continued within the profound bosom of the eternal space. Thus, I saw myself beyond any galaxy of matter or anti-matter; I was simply converted into a self-conscious atom.

How happy I was while in absence of the “I,” beyond this world, beyond the mind, beyond the stars and anti-stars. What one feels during the experience of Samadhi is unutterable. It is comprehendible only through experimentation.

So, I entered through the doors of a temple while inebriated with ecstasy, and then I saw and heard things that the intellectual animals are not allowed to comprehend.

I wanted to converse with a divine priest, and it is obvious that I achieved it so that I could console my painful heart.

One among many of those Self-realized atoms from the Ain Soph (Abstract Absolute Space) increased its size and assumed the venerated figure of an Elder of Days before my unusual presence.

Then, spontaneous words that resounded within the infinite space emerged from my creative larynx, and I consulted about someone I knew in the world of dense forms.

The answer from this very illustrious Atomic Master was certainly extraordinary. “The mind is for us, the inhabitants of the Ain Soph, what the mineral kingdom is for you.” And he added, “Therefore, we examine the human mind in the same way you examine any mineral.”

In the name of the Truth, I have to say that such an answer caused me great amazement, admiration, astonishment, and surprise.

Afterwards, he demonstrated it; such a loving, essential One studied the mind of the person I asked about, and he gave me an exact answer.

Many years have passed, but I cannot forget such a mystical experience. Certainly, I had the joy of conversing with an atomic Kabir beyond the parallel universes, there within the Ain Soph.

However, not all of the atomic stars from this spiritual firmament are Self-realized.

The Genesis-Atom (Ain Soph) of any person who has not built his Solar Bodies within the flaming forge of Vulcan is certainly very simple. This type of atom does not contain more atoms.

The Genesis-Atoms that are Self-realized are another matter. They are what in occult science we call “Ain Soph Paranishpana.” They have within themselves four seed-atoms, which are symbolically represented in alchemy with these four letters: C.O.N.H. (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen).

One summer night, I interrogated a group of Gnostic students in the following way: “If, at the end of the Mahamanvantara we must disintegrate the solar bodies that we built with so much effort within the Ninth Sphere, then why did we build them?” None of the these students could give the right answer. Therefore, my explanation was necessary. “It is clear,” I said, “that when the Great Pralaya (Cosmic Night) arrives, the Ain Soph absorbs the three primary forces and disintegrates the four bodies. Nevertheless, the Ain Soph retains and attracts towards its interior sphere the four seed-atoms that correspond to the four bodies. Therefore, within the Ain Soph Paranishpana, that is to say, within the Self-realized atom, the three primary forces and the four seed-atoms exist.”

The letter C symbolizes the body of Conscious Will. The letter O corresponds to the Christic Mind. The letter N is related with the Astral Body. The letter H is associated with the physical body.

The Ain Soph Paranishpana rebuilds its four bodies by means of its correspondent seed-atoms at the dawn of the Mahamanvantara (Cosmic Day).

These four bodies constitute the Hebraic Mercabah, which is the chariot of the centuries, the solar vehicle of the Ain Soph Paranishpana, which is the “No-Thing” without limits, and absolute.

The four bodies assume the form of the manifested Heavenly Man, which is the vehicle in order to descend and manifest within the world of phenomenon.