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Magic of the Runes: The Final Liberation

The Final Liberation

In the name of the Truth, we have to affirm the necessity of renunciation. We need to pass through the Great Death, and this is only possible by totally liberating ourselves from the mind.

When Nature has been radically dominated, omnipotence and omniscience are the logical result.

When the Self-realized Gnostic renounces even the ideals of omnipotence and omniscience, the destruction of the true seed of evil, the one which brings us into the Mahamanvantara (Cosmic Day) after the Great Pralaya (Cosmic Night) is precipitated.

It is obvious that whosoever has achieved the realization of the Innermost Self has the right to live in Nirvana, but if he renounces such happiness, he will continue upon the direct path that leads to the Absolute.

Nevertheless, many lateral paths exist, as well as tempting Gods, who are many times more dangerous than human beings.

They tempt us, not because of evil, or jealousy, not even because of fear of losing their place, as many oriental authors mistakenly suppose, but because of compassion.

In these instants in which I write this chapter, something very interesting comes into my memory.

A certain day, after having made a Nirvanic renunciation, I was joyfully in my seventh principle (Atman), upon a precious balcony of an ineffable mansion.

It is clear that I was in Nirvana, the region of the Dharmasayas, the world of Gods.

Suddenly, floating in that sacred space, many blessed Nirvanis approached me.

Certainly, seeing these ineffable Beings dressed with their Dharmasaya tunics was admirable.

When seeing them, I could verify by direct experience that these Beings are living flames with three wicks and that they are immortal.

To that end, one of those ineffable ones took the floor in order to tell me, “My brother, why are you going through that very narrow, bitter, and hard path? Here in Nirvana, we are happy. Stay here with us!...”

“The human beings could not patronize me with their temptations; you Gods will not do so, not even by a long shot. I go to the Absolute.” That was my answer. Afterwards, I left that precious place with a firm and decided step.

The Gnostics who do not achieve absolute perfection die. Then, they are converted into Gods. They commit the mistake of abandoning the great Direct Path; they undertake the lateral paths and acquire many powers. Afterwards, it is clear that they need to reincarnate anew in order to enter again into the Direct Path that will take them to the Absolute.

In order to attain the absolute quietude of the mind, it is indispensable to deflect the diverse forms of our mental content.

Direct knowledge grants us very beautiful qualities, but whosoever walks on the Direct Path must not be attached to such virtues.

Obtaining psychic powers never leads to any liberation. It is nothing but a search for vain enjoyments.

The possession of occult powers does not do anything but increase that which is mundane in us, which in the end makes this existence more bitter.

Even when almost achieving total liberation, numerous souls fail because they cannot absolutely renounce all their occult powers. Those beings submerge themselves for a short time within Nature in order to emerge anew as owners, chiefs, and lords.

There are thousands of Gods of this type. They are divine and ineffable, but they do not have the right to enter into the Absolute.

Many Self-realized ones exist who are submerged within Nature. Certainly, these brethren have desisted in this part of their perfection. While impeded for a certain time in reaching the end, they continue governing this or that part of the universe.

Certainly, the holy Gods correspond to certain superior functions of Nature that are attained by different souls. However, in reality, they still have not achieved the final liberation.

Only by renouncing the idea of converting ourselves into Gods, and of becoming rulers of Kalpas (cycles), can the radical, absolute liberation be achieved.

Success is close for the one who is extremely energetic. We need to be pitiless towards ourselves.

To renounce and to die from instant to instant is urgent. We can enter into the Absolute, but only based on many renunciations and deaths.

I talk to human beings based on my own direct experience. I am an Avatar from Ishvara.

Really, Ishvara (the Supreme Master) is a very special Purusha who is exempted from sufferings, actions with results, and desires.

Imagine the Universal Spirit of Life as an ocean without beaches, without shores. Think for a moment of a wave that emerges in order to get lost anew within its liquid element. Then, this diamantine wave would be Ishvara.

Brahma, the ocean of the Spirit, manifests itself as Ishvara, who is the Master of Masters, the Governor of the universe.

Within Him, that omniscience (which in others only exists as a germ) becomes infinite.

He is the Master, even of the ancient Masters, since he is not ever limited by time. The word which manifests him is AUM.

So, Ishvara came unto me, and he told me, “You must write books, messages, pamphlets, and Tijitlis.”

“Lord,” I exclaimed, “What does the word Tijitlis means?”

The Lord answered, “To form the Salvation Army, the Gnostic Movement, the POSCLA.” And then I comprehended.

Ishvara is the true prototype of perfection. Certainly, he is very much beyond the body, the mind, and the affections.

Nevertheless, truly I tell you, beloved Gnostics, that first you must achieve the Second Birth. You must die in yourselves and give even the last drop of blood for this suffering humanity.

Only thus can you tread upon the path of John, which is the Direct Path that will take you to the Absolute, beyond human beings and Gods.

Do not commit the error of waiting for the law of evolution to conduct you to the final liberation.

This Direct Path is only possible through incessant, intimate revolutions.

Now you are only Imitatus. In order to climb the three triangles, you must first convert yourselves into Adeptus.

Angels, Archangels, and Principalities constitute the first triangle.

Potencies, Virtues, and Dominions personify the second triangle.

Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim personify the third triangle.

That which has no name, that which is not of time, which is the Absolute, is very much beyond these three ineffable triangles.