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Magic of the Runes: The Puncta

The Puncta

Very profound scientific analysis has come to impressively, convincingly, and decisively demonstrate that the atom is in no way the most infinitesimal particle of matter.

Atomic physicists have created the dogma of the atom, and they firmly and irrevocably proceed to unappealably excommunicate, accurse, and throw their imprecations and anathemas against any and all attempts to delve further.

We, the Gnostics emphatically and solemnly affirm that matter is a compound of specific objects that are correctly defined and known by the name of puncta.

Our scientific theory will factually create a schism, a discord among academic people, but the truth must be uttered. We need to be frank and sincere and to once and for all put the cards upon the table.

The notion of space within the puncta is something that should not even be given the least bit of importance.

Even though the following seems to be incredible, the fact is that within these objects, the radius of one of the last seven points is without any doubt the smallest existing longitude.

A certain great wise man whose name I will not mention here said, “The puncta are attracted to each other when they are found very distant from one another, they repel each other when they are very close. Then, when they are at a certain distance, a new repulsion is executed again.”

Deep investigations with my spatial sense, which I have fully and integrally developed, have permitted me to verify that the puncta have a very beautiful golden color.

Direct mystical experience has permitted me to clearly verify that the interacting movements of the puncta are developed in accordance with the theory of Modern Undulatory Mechanics. Gnostic wise men could profoundly comprehend through rigorous scientific observations that the puncta are not atoms, nucleons, nor particles of any type.

Beyond any doubt, and without fear of being mistaken, we can and must categorically affirm that the puncta are absolutely unknown to contemporary physics.

To a mind that is accustomed to the heavy disciplines of thought, saying that the puncta occupy space appears to be an absurdity. To affirm that such objects possess some type of mass seems illogical and nonsensical.

It becomes clear by all means to understand that the puncta do not have electric or magnetic properties, even though these forces and principles govern and direct them.

Diverse aggregates of puncta under the intelligent impulse of the Creator Logos come to constitute all of that which we have called neutrinos, particles, nuclei, atoms, molecules, stars, galaxies, universes, etc.

Direct mystical experience in the parallel universe of the seventh dimension, or region of Atman the Ineffable, has permitted me to comprehend that everything that exists in any of the seven cosmos, beginning with the most insignificant atom up to the most complicated organism, in its last synthesis is reduced to numbers.

What quantity of puncta is indispensable for the construction of an electron?

What capital of puncta is required in order to restructure an atom of hydrogen?

What exact sum of puncta is urgent for the existence of an atom of carbon?

How many puncta are necessary for the creation of an atom of oxygen?

Which is the precise compendium of basic and cardinal puncta for the formation of an atom of nitrogen?

All of this is something that we unfortunately ignore. We must search for the secret of the universe and of each and all of the seven cosmoses, not in illusory formulae, but in numbers, in mathematics.

After rigorous observations and deep analytical studies, we have arrived at the conclusion that the undulatory mechanical movement of the puncta are processed in series that pass through one dimension into another, and then another.

The seven orders of worlds have their causa causorum, origin, and root in seven series of puncta.

By all means it is clear that the first series originated the second, and the second originated the third, and likewise successively.

By analyzing and examining this matter of the puncta and their development in series, which are multi-dimensionally processed, we find the very foundation of parallel universes.

Analysis, experience, and superior logic permit us to comprehend that there exist universes that travel in time in a distinct manner from our own, are constructed in a strange way, and are submitted to different laws.

Worlds that are located in other times, that are strange and mysterious for us, travel throughout starry space.

Nature plays multiple games in infinite space, but the puncta are the living foundation of any type of matter.

The last treatise of physics has never been written in any corner of the universe, and if, perchance, Einstein were to reincarnate in some galaxy of antimatter, he would astonishingly recognize himself as being illiterate.

Pseudo-esotericist and pseudo-occultist authors have written a great deal about cosmogenesis, but in infinite space millions of distinct and different micro-physics and Cosmogonies exist.

It is urgent to analyze, to judiciously observe, and to pass beyond the particles of modern physics, if we truly want to know the primary elements, the fundamental puncta.

It is the hour of transcending naive atomism, and to profoundly study the puncta and the secret laws of life.