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Marriage Divorce and Tantra: Matrimony, Divorce and Tantra

Matrimony, Divorce and Tantra

The decadence of good customs in countries that boast of being civilized is lamentable. The civil or religious formula of matrimony has been converted into a legal permit in order to fornicate for a few days, after which the couple gets a divorce. So, they marry today and divorce tomorrow. That is all.

In this day and age [1963], instead of saying, “Let’s go and sleep together,” the perverse say, “Let us get married.” Thus, this is how, by legalizing lewdness, perverts dissimulate or hide their shame a little.

Practically speaking, modern laws have converted matrimony into a new type of prostitution. We know the case of women who have been married 10 or 15 times; many of these ladies are great movie celebrities, or ladies of high society, yet nobody says anything against their ten or fifteen husbands, because when this type of prostitution has been legalized, everyone in the whole world keeps their mouth shut.


Marriage Divorce and Tantra: Tantra


We can assert that Tantra is the essence of Yoga. There exist three types of Tantra: white, black and grey. Indeed, White Tantra is unique and worthwhile, because neither the orgasm nor the ejaculation of semen exist in it.

White Tantra awakens the Kundalini, in other words, the Fire of the Holy Spirit. That fire fortifies the soul; it strengthens it and fills it with terribly divine igneous powers.

Sex Yoga states, “Poison must be transformed into medicine.” They understand by poison the lure of women and of spirituous beverages. In alchemical terms, we would say that it is necessary to transform lead into gold.

Indeed, Yoga is worthless without Tantra. Yoga is worthless without its sexual essence.

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