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Mysteries of Fire: In the Vestibule of Wisdom

In the Vestibule of Wisdom

Beloved disciple,

Many books have been written about Oriental Yoga.  Yoga means “union with God.”  All the books that were written about Oriental Yoga before now are antiquated for the new era of Aquarius, which began the 4th of February 1962 between the hours of two and three in the afternoon.

This book entitled Kundalini Yoga is for the new Aquarian Era.  Through this book we teach our disciples a practical religion.  All religions teach us unbreakable dogmas in which we are supposed to believe, even when their truths cannot be seen with eyes of the flesh. Regarding the former statement, we, the Gnostics, are a little different.  We teach the human being to see, hear, touch, and perceive all of the things from beyond the grave, the divine mysteries, the ineffable things, etc.

We sustain that human beings have a sixth sense, and that through this sixth sense they can see the Angels and converse with them.

We asseverate that human beings have a seventh sense called “intuition.”  Thus, when human beings awaken that seventh sense they can know the great mysteries of life and death.  Then they do not need to study these mysteries in any book.  So, beloved reader, this book is for that purpose.

You will find terrific secrets within this book, secrets that never in the history of life were published.

We respect all religions profoundly. Not only do we respect them, but moreover, we teach our disciples how to see, hear, touch, and perceive the essential truths that all religions teach in their sacred books.  

Therefore, this book that you have in your hands is a book of terrific secrets that have never been published before.  You can develop your occult powers to see, hear, touch and perceive the Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Potentates, Virtues, etc.  You can attain Yoga—union with God—with this book.

The Holy Bible discloses great truths; thus, we read within the Bible how the prophets of God had the power to talk with the Angels.

This book that you have in your hands belongs to the Gnostic Christian Universal Church; read it, study it, and meditate on it.  This is the Yoga of the new era of Aquarius.

You will find a glossary at the end of this book with the explanation of the meaning of many words that you may not know.  Therefore, search in the glossary for the meaning of each word that you do not know. [Editor: These words can be found in our online glossary]

We are penetrating the ethereal world, where the human being has to conquer the fifth element of nature, the ether.  The ethereal world (fourth dimension) has to be the conquest of the Aryan Race.  Gross materialism must fall wounded before the majesty of the ether.  This book is for those who indeed want to transform themselves into Angels.

Root Races

Every planet gives birth to seven root races; thereafter it dies.  Our planet Earth gave birth already to five root races; two more root races are needed.  Seven elements of nature exist.

The first root race lived in the polar cap of the north and conquered the fire.  

The second root race, after having fought against the tempestuous atmosphere of the air from the second continent, the Hyperborean continent, finally attained the conquest of the air and adapted themselves to its environment.  

The third root race lived in Lemuria, fighting against the tempestuous seas, and was removed by incessant seaquakes.  The third root race conquered the water.

The fourth root race lived in the continent of Atlantis within an aqueous atmosphere.  Human beings breathed though gills; but a total transformation happened in the human physiognomy with the Deluge: the human being developed his lungs and adapted himself to the new atmosphere.  Then the human being perceived the physical world with his sight and he conquered the element earth.  

Presently we are in the Aryan Root Race, which populates the five continents of the world.  The triumph of this root race has not yet been achieved.  The Aryan Root Race will conquer the ether.  Atomic investigations will take the human being to the conquest of ether.

Interplanetary ships occupied by people from other worlds, from different planets of the solar system, will come to the Earth.  These types of ships are owned by any advanced humanity from any of the planets of space.  However, these cosmic ships have not been delivered to this terrestrial humanity for the simple fact that they will use them in order to perpetrate in other planets the same barbarian invasions that they accomplished here in their historical conquests.  

The people from any of the planets of this solar system are already very advanced and they know very well the state of barbarism in which we, the inhabitants of Earth, are found.  Nevertheless, in the new Era of Aquarius, the inhabitants of the different worlds of the solar system will establish official contact with our planet Earth.

Human beings from other humanities, like Venus, Mars, Mercury, etc., will come in interplanetary ships and many people will go aboard those ships to know the different planets of the solar system.  Those advanced humanities will teach the human being how to build those interplanetary ships.  This is how the official science will be fulminated and human pride will be wounded to death by the advanced humanities from this solar system.

In the new Aquarian Era, the Aryan Root Race will conquer the interplanetary ether, and cosmic trips to other planets will become routine.  Cultural and commercial interaction will be established with all of the solar system; thus, as a consequence, the human being will elevate himself to a high cultural level.

Later on, the Sixth Root Race that will inhabit the continent of Antarctica will conquer the Astral Light.  

The Seventh Root Race will conquer the Cosmic Mind; then, the human being will elevate himself to the Angelic kingdom.

Nonetheless, I tell you, beloved reader, that with this book that you have in your hands, right now, you can transform into a terrific divine Angel, if that is what you want.  What is important is for you to practice the terrific divine science which we are delivering to you in this book.

May peace be with this entire humanity.

Samael Aun Weor