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Mysteries of Life and Death: Karma


In the inner worlds, there is a temple where the forty-two Judges of Karma officiate. They are the forty-two jackals. They are named as such because they cover their heads with a kind of religious mask shaped like the head of a wolf dog or jackal. These forty-two Masters are the masters of the Law of Compensation: the Law of Karma.

Everything evil that we do to others in past reincarnations we must pay for in the following incarnation.

One pays Karma not only for the evil one does, but also for the good that one fails to do when able to do it. He who has the means with which to pay, pays and comes out well in his dealings. He, who does not have the means to pay, undoubtedly must pay with inevitable pain.

The Lords of Karma say:

“Do good deeds so as to pay your debts.”

“The lion of the law is combatted with the scale.”

If the plate containing bad deeds weighs more, then we can put good deeds in the other plate.


The saying goes: increase the weight of the plate containing good deeds to make it tip in your favor. This is how we can cancel old debts and avoid grief for ourselves. When an inferior law is transcended by a superior law, the superior law erases the inferior law.

Our disciples must learn to travel in the Astral Body to visit the temple of the Lords of Karma. The chief of this temple is Anubis.

The key to traveling in the Astral Body is very simple: the disciple should lie in his bed and try to go to sleep calmly. Then the disciple should get up from his bed while he is slumbering, and leave his room. If the disciple jumps slightly, intending to stay afloat in the air, he will see with astonishment that he is delightfully floating in the air and that he can travel with the Astral Body to any place on Earth. The disciple can go with the Astral Body to the palace of the Lords of Karma. In this temple, he can settle his affairs with the Lords of Karma. When we say affairs, we refer to our outstanding debts to cosmic justice. The Lords of the Law also grant credit, but all credit must be paid back by doing good works for the benefit of humanity. We must learn to go out in the Astral Body to settle our affairs personally with the Lords of Karma. When a man learns to manage his accounts, he can guide his life better.