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Parsifal Unvelied: The Marvelous Swastika

The Marvelous Swastika

Without a doubt, the sacred pool, the initiatic lake, representing the divine mysteries in the dominions of the Holy Grail, is the Mercury of the secret philosophy. It is the liquid, flexible, malleable glass contained within our sexual glands.

Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (Aureolus Paracelsus) states that within the ens seminis is found the whole ens virtutis of the fire.

After the radiant sun and its tongues of ardent fire (which sparkle within the ineffable orchestration of the spheres), the Mercury of the secret philosophy, the ens seminis, the chaotic water of the first instant, the feminine eternal element, the great Mother or nourishing Cow, is the very living foundation of all cosmic life.

To intelligently transmute these waters of life free in their movement, this Sophic Mercury of the wise signifies an intensive work in the laboratorium-oratorium of the Third Logos.

It is written with fiery characters in the great book of life that the unutterable secret of the Great Arcanum is miraculously hidden within the Jaina or Jinn cross. This is the marvelous clue of the sexual transmutation.

It is not difficult to comprehend that such a magical cross is the same swastika of the great mysteries…

While in a delectable ecstasy of a yearning soul, we can and even must place ourselves in mystical contact with Janus, the austere and sublime Jinn hierophant, who in a foregone time of our world taught the science of the Jinns.

There are two schools that compete with each other in secret Tibet. I want to clearly refer to the Mahayana and Jinayana [Vajrayana] institutions.

“Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it…” - Matthew 7:14

The Jinayana [Vajrayana] path is, without a doubt, Buddhic and Christic. It is cited in the sacred books. It is mentioned in the Four Gospels. 

Pure souls in the state of perfect beatitude can experience in a direct way the intimate relationship between the swastika and the Jinayana [Vajrayana] path.

H. P. B., the great martyr of the nineteen century, was right when telling us that the swastika of Fusaiolas is the most sacred and mystical symbol: that ineffable sign actually glows over the head of the great serpent of Vishnu, the Shesta Ananta of one thousand heads, whose habitat is in Patala or the inferior region.

While advancing with the cross on our shoulders towards the Mount of the Skulls, we come to evidence that all the nations of ancient times always put the swastika at the head of their sacred symbols.

The complete lucidity of the Spirit allows us to comprehend that the swastika is Thor’s hammer, the magical weapon forged by the pygmies against the giants, or pre-cosmic titanic forces, who were in opposition to the law of universal harmony. The sacred swastika is then the hammer that produces the tempests which the Ases or heavenly lords use. 

Its rectangular, elbowed arms in the macrocosm of infinite splendors clearly expresses with plenitude the always indefatigable terrestrial rotation and the incessant renovating movement of the cosmic garden…

The swastika in the microcosm represents the human being with his right arm aiming towards heaven while his left arm, as a fatal shadow of winter, is aiming downwards, as if it is showing with infinite pain our afflicted world.

The swastika is also an alchemical, cosmogonical, and anthropological sign with seven distinct interpretative clues.

As a symbol of transcendental electricity, it is, in brief, the alpha and the omega of the universal sexual force, which descends the golden steps of the Spirit to the material world. Therefore, whosoever achieves the grasping of all of its mystical significance remains free from all maya (illusion).

The swastika is the electrical windmill of physicists. All of the terrific mysteries of the lingam yoni are enclosed within it.

It is obvious that the exotic Hindustani sex yoga with all of its oriental perfumes, the mysterious eroticism of Kama Kalpa, the Sahaja Maithuna with its sexual positions ardent as the fire, are sealed with the swastika cross.

The vertical beam of the holy cross is masculine, virile, powerful. The horizontal beam is delectably feminine. The clue of all powers is found in the crossing of these two eternal rods.

The swastika is the cross in movement, sex in complete activity, sexual transmutation in action.

Blessed be the wise man who by loving a woman joyfully submerges himself within the sacred erotic mysteries of Minna, the dreadful darkness of a true love whose twin brother is death. This will allow him to sublimate and transmute the Mercury of the secret philosophy. 

The enchanted night of love symbolizes the vulgar infra-obscurity of ignorance and evil magic, as well as the super-obscurity of silence, and the august secret of the wise (the Yakshas and Rakshas of The Mahabharata).

It is written with diamond words in the book of all creation, “Whosoever wants to ascend must first descend.”

The conquest of the ultra-mare-vite or superliminal and ultra-terrestrial world would be absolutely impossible without the wise transmutation of the sophic Mercury.

The nubile maidens and the wise males from Amen-Smen, the Egyptian paradise, suffered greatly within the Averno, living at the shores of the Styx lake. You know this.

To transmute the water into wine such as the great Kabir Jesus taught in the wedding of Cana is something more bitter than bile.

The white dove of the Holy Spirit displayed on the weapons and embroidered on the cloaks of the knights of the Holy Grail, the sacred swan, the miraculous Hamsa, the Phoenix Bird of paradise, the immortal Ibis, marvelously shines upon the profound waters of life.

From within the profound bottom of the Styx lake, within the terrible profundities of the Averno, emerge gods who lose themselves within the Abstract Absolute Space.

The light emerges from the darkness and the cosmos sprouts from the Chaos…