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Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation: Editor’s Introduction

Editor’s Introduction

The following text is transcribed from oral instructions given by Samael Aun Weor to a student. The transcribed text was initially published by that student decades ago in Spanish in the form of a narrative, and included many personal anecdotes and writings unrelated to the teachings. In later years, other Gnostic students decided to publish an edition that removed the extraneous material, resulting in a series of completely unrelated chapters. In 2008, Glorian Publishing translated and published the first English edition of that book. However, new readers were very confused by the jumbled collection of chapters, causing many to believe that Samael Aun Weor wrote the book in that form, which reflected badly on the teachings. Therefore, in this new edition, we have removed the extraneous chapters and focused entirely on the exercises. For those who are interested in reading the other chapters, they are available as online articles.

Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation: Prologue


During the moments in which I write this prologue, before my sight within this park of the city of Mexico D.F., I observe some people seated on benches contemplating the beauties of nature: beautiful trees, gorgeous fields, and some children playing in the warm rays of the sun.

Many scenes emerge from within my memory... dramas, extraordinary events from ancient times, like: initiatic colleges, solitary hermitages, where, amidst singing rivulets running precipitately along their bed of rocks, the anchorites meditated in silence; marvelous Sibyls from the druids of Europe, and from primeval times, the hermits of the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, etc.

Sacred Rites for Rejuvenation: Rites for Rejuvenation

Rites for Rejuvenation

It is necessary to know that in our human body, in our cellular organism, we have some chakras that we can qualify as specific, special for our organic vitality. They are like vortices through which Prana, life, enters into our organism. They are, namely:

  • First, the occipital 
  • Second, the frontal 
  • Third, the laryngeal located at the throat 
  • Fourth, the hepatic 
  • Fifth, the prostatic or uterine 
  • Sixth and seventh are the two related chakras located at the knees