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Secret Doctrine of Anahuac: The Elementals

The Elementals

Our Divine Mother Tonantzin is the igneous serpent of our magical powers victoriously ascending along the medullar spinal canal of the human body.

Coatlicue is the serpent of the abyss, Kali, Hecate, the infernal Proserpine, the goddess of the Earth.

Cihuacoatl is another terrible name of the goddess of the Earth and the blessed patron of the famous Cihuateteo ["divine women”] that scream at night and roar frightfully in the air.

In more recent times Cihuacoatl transformed herself into the "weeping woman" from our popular legends, who carries a mysterious cradle or a corpse of an innocent child and who howls in the bitter nights, bitter wailings in the ancestral streets of the city. 

In ancient times they said that she was wandering because of the crime of having abandoned in the public market the crib within which was the sacrificial knife.

Unquestionably, the gnomes or pygmies who dwell in the bowels of the Earth tremble before Coatlicue.

The particular genie of these gnomes is Gob, a very special deity known in High Magic.

It has been said unto us that the specific realm of the gnomes is at the north of the Earth. They are commanded with the sword.

Let us see now a magnificent Nahuatl epic poem related to Tlaloc, the god of water:

"The god Tlaloc resided in a grand palace with four chambers, and in the middle of the house was a courtyard with four large bowls full of water.

"The first is the water that rains in its time and fertilizes the soil so that it will give good fruits.

"The second is the water that makes the cornfields cloudy and makes the fruits to be lost.

"The third is the water that makes the plants icy and dry.

The fourth is the water that produced drought and sterility... 

"This god has many ministers under his service (the elementals of water), small of body, which dwell in each one of the chambers, each according to their color, they are blue like the sky, white, yellow, or red…"

"With large watering pitchers and sticks in their hands, they go and water the Earth when the supreme god of rain commands them…" 

"And when it thunders it is because they crack their pitchers, and if a lightning bolt strikes, it is because a fragment of the broken pottery falls on the ground..."

Finding myself one day in a state of profound meditation, I had to become in a direct contact with the blessed Lord Tlaloc. 

This great being lives in the causal world, beyond the body, affections, and the mind. I certainly felt the tremendous reality of his presence in every part of my being.

Exotically dressed, he looked like an Arab from ancient times; his countenance, impossible to describe in words, was like a lightning bolt.

When I reproached him for the crime of accepting so many sacrifices of children, women, men, elderly, etc., his answer was, “That was not my fault. I never demanded such sacrifices. That was a thing of the people there in the physical world.” He concluded with the following words, “I will be back in the new Age of Aquarius.” 

Unquestionably, the god Tlaloc will have to reincarnate in a few years.

Kabbalists solemnly affirm that the kingdom of the undines is in the west, and that they are evoked with the cup of libations.

When ancient magicians called the nymphs of rivers and lakes, or the genii of the clouds or the nereids of the stormy ocean, they cried with a loud voice pronouncing the following mantras: VEYA, VALLALA, VEYALA, HEYALA, VEYA.

When certain tribes of America wanted rain for their crops, they gathered their members and assumed the position of the toad, they imitated the toad, and then in chorus, they mimicked the toad croaking; the result is immediate, too.

Ancient Mexicans prayed to the lord of the rains, to Tlaloc, and then the land was irrigated with the waters of life.

Although Tlaloc is a king of nature, a perfect creature beyond good and evil, in his hands are flooding, drought, hail, ice and lightning; this is why the ancient magicians feared his anger. It is worthwhile to state that at the end of the Nahuatl civilization in order to appease his anger sacrifices of prisoners dressed as lumens [gods] and especially maidens and children were offered to him.

We need to clarify the following: when the powerful Anahuac civilization was at the zenith of its glory, the human sacrifices that so frighten the tourists were conspicuous by their absence: they did not exist. Undoubtedly, any dying civilization always ends with a bloodbath, and in no way could Mexico be the exception. Those who have studied world history do not ignore this when remembering Rome, Troy, Carthage, Egypt, Persia, etc.

The henchmen of profane anthropology, one hundred percent utopians based on mere subjective rationalism, have launched the absurd hypothesis that our blessed Lord Quetzalcoatl, great avatar of ancient Mexico, was also worshiped under the name of Ehecatl, which wisely translated means "god of the wind.”     

The adepts of the esoteric fraternity, those sacred individuals endowed with objective reasoning, the authentic masters of Gnostic anthropology, know very well by direct mystical experience and profound analysis that the god of the wind is a deva of nature, a Malachim of the causal world, a genie of cosmic movement who is very different from Quetzalcoatl.

It is worthwhile to explain that subjective reasoning elaborates its conceptual content only with data based on external sensory perceptions, and this the reason why it cannot know anything about reality, about the truth, about God, as already been demonstrated in an emphatic manner by Emmanuel Kant in his book entitled “The Critique of Pure Reasoning.”

Objective reasoning is different; it elaborates its conceptual content with the fundamental data of the consciousness.

Therefore, when talking about the gods of the Aztec pantheon, we, the students of Gnostic anthropology, know very well what we say; we do not launch subjective opinions... we are mathematicians when investigating and very demanding in our expression.

Ehecatl, Sabtabiel, Michael, etc., constitute a true pleiad of sacred individuals from our solar system of Ors, specialized in the difficult science of cosmic movement.

The great Guruji Ehecatl very efficiently helped the great Kabir Jesus of Nazareth in his difficult processes of resurrection.

There is no doubt that under the direction of Ehecatl billions and trillions of aerial sylphs work on our planet Earth.

It has been told to us with great emphasis that the kingdom of the sylphs is located in the east.

Unquestionably, they are commanded with an eagle feather or with holy pentacles; magicians know this. 

In the vision of the harmony of all things, we discover with mystical astonishment the spiritual side of nature; in other words, we find the famous Malachim or angelic kings.

Direct contact with the elementals must always be performed through the intervention of the angelic kings of the elements in the wonderful realm of the causal world.

As with the earth, water, and air in the secret doctrine of Anahuac, likewise the fire element of nature also has a special god. The Aztecs always worshiped him with the sacred name of Huehueteotl, which correctly translated means "old god.”

He is depicted as an old man full of years, and bearing on his head a huge brazier.

It has been said that in contrast to Tezcatlipoca, who is the first one to arrive at the party of the month Teotleco, the blessed Divine Lord Huehueteotl is the last one to arrive at the assembly of the gods.

As a natural element Huehueteotl is the INRI of the Christians, the Abraxas of the Gnostics, the Chinese Tao, the Zen of Buddhism, the Agnus Dei.

As sacred individual Huehueteotl is an angelic king, someone who realized the self intimately, a Malachim under whose hierarchy billions and trillions of salamanders (fire creatures) work.

In the universal fire joyfully dwell the “sons of the flame,” the gods of the igneous element, the ancient genii, Apollo, Minerva, Horus, etc. Those ineffable and terribly divine flames are certainly very far beyond good and evil.

Evidently, the kingdom of the salamanders is in the south. They are commanded with the toothed rod or the magic trident.

In order to dominate and command the elementals of nature in a complete and permanent manner, it is indispensable to previously eliminate the animal ego.

A flighty and capricious person will never ever govern the sylphs of nature. A soft, cold and fickle person will never be an absolute ruler of the undines of the water or the nereids of the seas. Anger irritates the salamanders of fire, and gross concupiscence is transformed into a play thing for the gnomes or pygmies of the mineral kingdom, of those who want to command them.      

It is precise to be as quick and active as the sylphs; as flexible and attentive to images as the undines and mermaids; as energetic and strong as the salamanders; as laborious and patient as the gnomes. In short, it is urgent, indispensable, to defeat the elementals in their strengths without ever being overcome by their weaknesses. Remember that our motto is Thelema (willpower).

When the magician has totally died in himself, the whole of nature will obey him.

She will walk during a storm without the rain touching her head; the wind will not disarrange even a single fold of her dress.

He will walk across the fire without getting burned; he will walk over the stormy waters without sinking, he will see with complete clarity all of the treasures that are hidden within the bosom of the Earth.

Let us remember the words of the great Kabir Jesus: 

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, whosoever trusts in me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do …” —John 14:12

The angelic order of the world of natural causes or world of conscious will is that of the Malachim or kings of nature, who certainly constitute the legitimate spiritual principles of the elements.

These ineffable and terrifically divine gods are perfect humans in the fullest sense of the word. Such beings are very much beyond good and evil.

The illuminated ascetic is filled with astonishment and mystical terror when he experiences in every part of his being the presence of the bat god, almighty lord of the mysteries of life and death.

It is worth remembering that chants are still preserved to Huitzilopochtli, to the mother of the gods, to the god of fire, to Xochipilli, the god of music, dance, and song, to Xochiquetzal, to Xipetotec, the blessed lord of spring, etc.

In the moments I write these lines some unusual reminiscences arise in my mind.

Some many years ago a certain unwelcome guest lived in my house; he seemed to have no desire to leave. I took the case to Ehecatl, the god of the wind, and it is obvious that such a person hastily left my home. Fortunately I had in my possession the sum that Ehecatl demanded for his service; nothing is given to us for free, everything has it price.

These elemental gods are paid with cosmic values. Whosoever has values in order to pay does well in his negotiations.

Our good works are represented by cosmic currency. To always do good is a good business. This is how we accumulate cosmic capital, by means of which it is possible to make negotiations of this kind.

The initiate approaches these elemental beings in the name of any of the kings who govern over them.

The elemental king descends by any means to the elemental kingdoms, bringing his virility, and thus he exercises power over the elements. 

Elemental operations must begin in the world of natural causes; from that region they must be controlled... When such control is missing, black magic immediately arises.

When the elemental forces become divorced from their spiritual principles and become something different — even if doing evil is not intended — a downfall is inevitably produced, accompanied by degeneration.

When we reconquer innocence in our mind and heart, the princes of fire, air, water, and earth open the doors of the elemental paradises to us. It is necessary, therefore, that when we want to be served by the elemental forces, we ask for help from their corresponding kings.

Essentially, the region of religious mysticism is in the causal world or world of conscious will.

The Gnostic who learns how to combine meditation with prayer can unquestionably make objective and cognizant contact with the gods of nature.

The causal world is the sphere of the masters, is the eternal temple in heaven that some hand has built; it is the greatest abode of the esoteric fraternity.

Are you sick? Do you want to heal someone? Choose then as a matter of concentration, meditation, prayer, supplication, etc., the famous bat god of the Aztecs and Mayans. Undoubtedly, this great being is a master of the mysteries of life and death.

When the fire blazingly sparkles, threatening lives, homes, farms, then let the basic object of your concentration, meditation, and supplications be Huehueteotl, the old god of fire.  

The Rabbinical Hebrew Kabbalists know that the mantra of the causal world has been, is, and will always be: Aloah Va Daath. Meditating on that word is equivalent to knocking on the doors of the marvelous great temple. 

We will now transcribe a mystical fragment of a prayer to Xipe Totec, the elemental god of spring, who is also the god of merchants:


“Oh thou, drinker by night

“Why art thou difficult?

“Go in what covers thee,

“Apparel thyself in thy garments of gold.

“Oh, god of mine, thou carries thy waters of jade-stones on thy back

“Thy waterway’s midpoint has fallen;    

“It has been transformed into a quetzal-plume, the high cypress

“The quetzal-plume, the fiery serpent have left me bereft

“Ay it has been transformed into a Quetzalavevetl, with the color of the quetzal feathered serpent

now it is greening, now it is spring

“Ay Quetzalxiuhcoatl nechiaiquinocauhquet: Ay snake of fire now famine has left us free 

“Let me go, let me perish.

“Maybe I shall disappear and my “I” destroyed,

“I am the green stalk of maize

“My heart is green similar to a precious jade stone,

“but I shall look at the gold

“and my heart shall be tranquil if it has hardened,

“if the war’s lord has been born 

“Oh God of mine, make thou, at least

“to be fruitful in abundance

“some plants of maize;

“thy devotee directs his sights towards thy mountain,

“towards thee,

“I shall rejoice if first something matures,

“if I can say that the war’s lord has been born"

And when the miracle of fructification is already achieved, the grateful devotee cries out to the blessed Lord Xipetotec, saying:

“The God of maize has been born

“in Tamoanchan.

“In the place where the flowering trees stand,

“The God ‘I Flower’

“The God of maize has been born

“In the place where water and humidity spring,

“Where the sons of men are begotten

“In the precious Michoacan.”   

These ineffable prayers are rather of Toltec origin, and are very well written in the esoteric Nahua-tlatolli language.

The legend of the centuries states that Johannes Trithemius, the magician abbot, that sage who in 1483 governed the Benedictine abbey of Spanheim, thoroughly knew the esoteric science of the elements.

It is stated that Trithemius evoked the specter of Mary of Burgundy before the Emperor Maximilian who had begged him to do it, and it is clear that the august shadow advised the emperor to a new way of behaving, and revealed certain facts and commanded him to marry Bianca Sforza.

All the scholars of the Middle Ages were incessantly passionate for magic, and many of them worked with the elementals of nature.

Some magicians, with great religious fervor, cried out calling for Cupid, so that within the magnetized mirror he would make to appear before the astonished devotees the figure of their beloved.

Bless my soul, oh God, and Hail Mary! How many wonders Cupid made by means of the elementals! The Abbot Trithemius considered himself to be a disciple of Albert the Great; he never denied that the most holy of holies practiced magic.

Albert the Great as well as Saint Thomas affirmed the reality of alchemy. His treatise on this subject was always on the table of the abbot.

Trithemius recounted that when William II, Count of Holland, dined in Cologne with the illustrious and illustrious sage Albertus Magnus, he commanded a table be put in the garden of the monastery though it was midwinter and snowing.

As soon as the guests were seated, as if by dint of magic the snow disappeared and the garden was covered with various flowers. Birds of different colors were flying deliciously through the trees, as in the best days of summer.

The monk students of the mysterious abbot longed to perform such prodigies, and Trithemius hastened to say that the master achieved the performance of these wonders by means of elemental magic, within which was nothing demonic nor consequently evil, reprehensible, or execrable.

It is evident that Faust, Paracelsus, and Agrippa, the three most distinguished magicians of the Middle Ages, were disciples of the Abbot Trithemius.

“'Recite for me the four elements of nature,’ the abbot commanded his monks in the middle of the class.

"'Earth, water, air, and fire."

“‘Yes,’ the master continued, ‘earth and water, the heaviest, are drawn downward. The air and fire, the lightest, are drawn upward. Plato was right when blending the fire in the air, which becomes rain, which becomes dew, then into water that when it solidifies becomes earth…'"

The mystic who truly yearns to be transformed into a Malachim, into an angelic king of Nature, must first become a king of himself. How could we command the elementals of nature if we have not learned how to govern the atomic elementals of our own organism?

The atomic salamanders of our blood and sex frightfully burn with our animal passions.

The atomic sylphs of our own vital airs, under the service of our mechanical imagination (do not confuse this with the objective cognizant imagination) play with our lascivious and perverted thoughts.

The atomic undines of our sacred sperm always originate frightful sexual storms.

The atomic gnomes of our flesh and bones indolently enjoy our laziness, gluttony, concupiscence.

It is urgent to know how to exorcise, command, and subdue the atomic elementals of our own body.      

By means of the exorcisms of fire, air, water, and earth, we can also tame the atomic elementals of our own body.

Unquestionably, such prayers and exorcisms must be very well learned by memory.

Exorcism of the Fire

Exorcise the fire by throwing into it salt, incense, white resin, camphor, and sulfur, pronouncing three times the three names of the genii of fire: 

“Michael, King of the Sun and Lightning,

Samael, King of Volcanoes,

Anael, Prince of the Astral Light,

I beg ye to hear my prayers. Amen.” 

Then the devotee mentally formulates the request.

Exorcism of the Air

Exorcise the air by blowing toward the four cardinal points with faith and saying the following:

“Spiritus dei ferebatur super aquas, et inspiravit in faciem hominis, spiraculum vitae, sit Michael dux meus, et Sabtabiel servus meus, in luce et per lucem.

“Fiat verbum halitus meus, et imperabo spiritibus aeris hujus, et refrenabo equos solis voluntate cordis mei, et cogitatione mentis meae et nutu oculi dextri.

“Exorciso igitur te, creatura aeris per Pentagrammaton et in nomine Tetragrammaton, in quibus sunt voluntas firma et fides recta.

“Amen, Sela, Fiat, Let it be.” 

Then, concentrated on Michael and Sabtabiel, the devotee makes the request.

Exorcism of the Water

“Fiat firmamentum in medio aquarum et separet aquas ab aquis, quae superius sicut quae inferius, et quae inferius sicut quae superius ad perpetranda miracula rei unius.

Sol ejus pater est, luna mater et ventus hanc gestavit in utero suo, ascendit a terra ad coelum et rursus a chelo in terram descendit.

Exorciso te, creatura aquae, ut sis mihi speculum del vivi in operibus ejus, et fons vitae, et ablutio peccatorum, Amen.”

Then, concentrated in Tláloc or Nicksa, the devotee makes their mental request.

Exorcism of the Earth

“By the pole of lodestone that passes through the heart of the world, by the twelve stones of the holy city, by the seven metals that run inside the veins of the earth and in the name of Gob obey me, subterranean workers...”  

Then, concentrated in Gob, the devotee makes the request.

In their operations of elemental magic, ancient magicians used smudging with laurel branches, mugwort (artemisia), rue, sage, pine, rosemary, etc. Such plants were burned on burning coals.   

This observance is magnificent. The air is filled with the smoke of plants, the exorcised fire will reflect the will of the operator, and the subtle forces of nature will listen and respond to him.       

In such moments, the water seems to shudder and boil, the fire casts a strange glow, and in the air unknown voices are heard; the very earth seems to tremble.

At such times when the magicians of the Middle Ages succeeded, the elemental genie Cupid, besides becoming visible in the magnetized mirror, also showed not only the figure of the beloved person but, what is more interesting, the events that fate always reserves for the beings who adore each other. 

The gods of fire, Agni, Huehueteotl, etc., the Elohim of air Paralda, Ehecatl, etc., the deities of water, Nicksa, Tlaloc, etc., Gob and other subterranean deities, always attend the mystic who invokes them with wisdom, love and power.

It has been told unto us that every magician who works with the elementals of Nature can become invisible at will. Unquestionably, like  any other faculty, to acquire such a power is only possible based on supreme sacrifices. Evidently, sacrifice clearly signifies the deliberate clairvoyant choice of a superior good in preference to an inferior one. 

The coal that the locomotive engine consumes is cruelly sacrificed for the power of movement so indispensable for the transportation of passengers. Indeed, sacrifice is a transmutation of forces. The energy latent in coal offered on the altar of the locomotive engine is transformed into the dynamic energy of the steam by means of the employed instruments.

There is a psychological and cosmic mechanism concurrent to every act of sacrifice that comes into play and which is then transformed into spiritual energy. This in turn can be applied to other various mechanisms in order to reappear over the planes of formation as a type of integral force quite different to what it actually was in its origin. For example, a man can sacrifice his emotions for his career, or a woman her career for her emotions.

Some people are willing to sacrifice their earthly pleasures for the joys of the spirit.

Nonetheless, it is very difficult to have someone willing to give up their own sufferings, to sacrifice them for something greater.

Sacrifice the very natural supreme pain resulting from the death of a loved one and you will have an incredible transmutation of forces, whose consequence will be the power to make you invisible at will.

Doctor Faust knew how to make himself invisible at will; it is clear that the cited magician had attained such a power based on sacrifice.

The medieval sages had a wonderful incantatory formulae by means of which they became invisible.

It is enough, according to the rites and invocations in use, to magically know how to use the following liturgical formula: 

“Athal, Bathel, Nothe, Jhoram, Asey, Cleyungit, Gabellin, Sameney, Mencheno, Bal, Labenenten, Nero, Meclap, Helateroy, Palcin, Timgimiel, Plegas, Peneme, Fruora, Hean, Ha, Ararna, Avira, Ayla, Seye, Peremies, Seney, Levesso, Huay, Baruchalu, Acuth, Tural, Buchard, Caratim, per misericordiam abibit ergo mortale perficiat qua hoc opus ut invisibiliter ire possim. Amen.”

These kinds of magic formulas have as their basis a real and unbreakable faith. Such faith has to be manufactured by means of an in depth analytical study and direct mystical experience.